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I know there was not any new post for quite a long time, but I have this massive update. By massive, I mean that it includes quite a lot of developments. Without wasting any more time, let us begin with it.
First off, this update is related to the bug encountered in the previous post, which was well..., you should read the previous post. I cannot repeat that here again, just kidding. The bug was related to the place the stone was being thrown to. Now it has been fixed. See the video below.

So, as the video shows, the bug has been fixed! At this point, the combat mechanism is stable.

Onto the next update!
This update is also for the combat system. If you noticed, the number of stones that can be thrown, after collecting just one stone is unlimited. As you might have guessed, this update will fix that! Again, here is the video.

As the video shows, now the number of stones present in the player's inventory decreases whenever he uses it. The same goes for the arrows. This adds a more natural feel to the game. It also adds a sense of restriction.

Now, time for the next update! Yes, there is one more update.
This update is on billboarding. Billboarding in a game means to rotate something normal to the direction of the player's camera. This makes the thing to always look at the player. I have used this for the panel which pops up from an item when the player goes to collect the item. This makes collecting items a lot easier. See the video.

So this update was related to the inventory.
This is going to be the end of this post.

♦ I hope you enjoyed this update and would keep on following this post and are curious about further updates.


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This post introduces something exhilarating to this project, combat!
I am not aiming towards a shooter game so there are no guns, at least not now and, I do not think I would add them anytime soon. The basic idea for the combat system is, have the player use primitive objects like stones and arrows(that's primitive for me, hehe, I just wanted to test some arrow mechanics). The player can..., wait, first here's the video.

So, if you saw the clip, then you must know what the player can do. Fear must be making you sweat. Kneel before the Almighty for the player can now defaecate, wait, what?!
Yes, so before I could create some working mechanism, the player had to defaecate. Enough of that, the thing that seemed to be the player's waste product was supposed to be a stone which the player could throw towards different objects but, maybe the stone is thrown towards a wrong point, but no need not worry. I am just consolidating myself here. I know the future, so I know what is going to happen next.


♦ I hope you are going to wait for the next post. Make sure to leave your predictions about the cause for the error below.

Happy New Year!


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This post also builds upon the Inventory system from the previous post. I thought about reducing the frequency of posts and combining a few developments together to help make the process more interesting(no worries, I would not decrease the quality but rather increase it. This post is about, well, here is the video.

So, as you might have seen in the video. The bug from the previous post has been fixed. Originally I was only going to include this much in this post but that's way too less! So, part 2 of the video, was supposed to be a trilogy, with the third, being the chosen one to end it all, alone, once and forever. By now you might have been able to guess what the previous line was for, if I am not wrong, you were not able to guess, hehe. It was as usual a line meant to sound dramatic, ha. I should just stop trying to be humorous when I am this bad at it. So, the point is that now I can use the items I collect as well, by use I mean to basically just remove it from the inventory, at least till now that is the only thing that happens. But it will be expanded in the coming posts. 
No one seems to be reading the devlogs, it hurts, here, in the chest, at the center, at the heart, just kidding but, it really does. Hope someone will show this lost-lamb genius the path to gaining some audience. Oops, I just let out the true objective of this devlog, hehe.

♦ Mechanics- I am not going to write it as it justs makes the post longer(though today it is quite long already) and I do not feel it is useful either.

♦ I hope, really hope, anyone(if there is someone) reading this, is finding it enjoyable and is going to continue to follow it(and make to sure increase the views, hehe).


This post expands on the Inventory system, I told about in the last post. Specifically, it focuses on the bug that I encountered after creating the UI to display the inventory.
♦ The bug is related to the removal of objects from the game after the player collects them. Just see in the video.

So, as you may have seen in the clip. The removal of an object is wrong. I had an idea about the source of the problem so that would be resolved in the coming posts. So tag along with me till the thing I began, ends, yes it was meant to sound dramatic, hehe.

♦ No mechanics to discuss for the same.

♦ I hope you are finding this devlog enjoyable and are going to continue to follow along and share your opinions as well as recommendations on the same.


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Those are pretty good!

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So, if you were able to guess what I was going to do in this post, you are most likely wrong(for even I think, "Who would do this right after completing some basic movement!?"
Now. Time to draw the curtain, why am I trying to make it dramatic? Well, the thing that I did was create an Inventory System. For anyone who does not know what an inventory is, it is basically, wait let me Google it, hehe. So, it is an item or a good that the player collects in the game(like for example- wood). Good, I learnt something new, hmm.
Here the clip showing the inventory system.

So if you saw the clip(I will try to edit the clips from now on to make it easier to comprehend), as I accept an item it gets added to the Inventory showing up on the right corner of the clip(sorry again for not editing) and no longer remains in the game. If the inventory gets full I show a message for the same in the lower corner of the clip. Some items are for immediate usage(like food that would increase the player's health, etc.) which are not stored in the inventory but rather utilized instantly.

♦ Mechanics- I check if the player has come in contact with the item in the game or not and if he does then I show him a panel for his consent on the same and depending on the choice I take the further steps.

I am not going to tell the dates for that feels unnecessary. If you want the date, reply for the same, yes it is an order, reply! Just kidding.

Well, that's all for this post and I am going to keep updating it as frequently as I can without compromising with the quality(as I did this time and did not even do the slightest of editing).

♦ I hope you are still finding this devlog interesting and are curious about what is to come next. Make sure to share your opinions.


This happens to be the second post on this devlog. As you might know from the previous post, the movement was implemented and jumping was next on the list. Without much talking, here is the video for the jumping part.

I know, I know, I am terrible at humour(if you saw the video clip). Well, as you can see I can now jump off the ground and fly to heaven. Well, this update goes back to the 23rd of October 2020.

(Skip this mechanics part)
♦ Mechanics- Not really much to say here so I am going to skip this part for this post(it really is going to sound like what the previous post did so I am not writing anything here).

What do you think I would be doing next(even though I know what I did)?
♦ I hope you are enjoying reading this post and are peppy for what is to come next.


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Latest Post #7(Major)(Scroll down)

No, the title of my game is not "Untitled". I haven't thought of a name yet. I refer to my game as "Beginning" which represents the state that my game is at.

I began developing my game around October 2020, which means that around 2 months have passed since I began developing the game. I have made quite a lot of developments during that time period but I am not going to show them in a single post for it is going to be hectic for me to do so. I would try to maintain quality and a sense of uniformness in my posts to allow anyone following the devlogs, keep up easily, and help increase his/her interest gradually as I upload more posts. So, that was a huge introduction, let's begin!

This first post is about an event from the past brought to light for you, who lives in this era of modernity, just kidding. This post goes back to October when I began with my game. I created a repository(something I never really did before) for my game on GitHub which is set as private. Why am I talking this much? Let's just begin with the post.

This gif shows the movement that I completed on the first day, that is, on 21st October 2020. I know it looks jerky but it is because it is a recorded clip that slowed down my computer while recording which has caused it to look that jerky but the gist of it is that I was able to develop the movement and rotation(being able to look around). I was wondering a lot back then as to what should I choose, a physics-based controller(rigid body controller) or a non-physics-based controller(character controller) and after a few searches I ended up with the non-physics-based controller(character controller) which needs all sort of physics to be implemented separately. I think it might be good for an experienced programmer to use it but I was able to get what I wanted from it. The next post would be a short one in which I would include how I implemented jumping in the same.

♦ Mechanics(kind of) for movement(read if interested)- As you know I was using a character controller, but I never really had used it before which you might have inferred from the above text. So, I searched on the internet and was able to find the answer to it pretty easily which was to just move the character based on the input(wait isn't that obvious, ha). But, yes it is just that. I am not going to explain it for I am not the type of person to be able to pull that off, why you ask? That's because I am a genius, just kidding.

♦ Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and would like to continue to follow this game as it is developed. Thanks


I have sent you a mail.

You can tell your opinion using the voting option above.

Thanks for your reply!

I wanted to ask if it is allowed(or possible) to add a poll on my project page. I want to use the poll to get quick response because many people do not have a account and sometimes do not have time to write a comment, so, the poll would make it easier to get response.

Thanks a lot!!!!
Points related to the database and uploading of the scores was something I didn't think about. It was a very valuable piece of information that you provided me with.
Your evaluation of the game's design(about the texts, buttons, alignment and more) was something I highly appreciate. It gave me a good idea for improving it.
You were correct about my game not being able to adapt to different screen sizes(ratios). I am trying my best to re-design the UI completely and have it work properly on all devices.
I am really, I mean really, thankful to you for noticing each and every smallest detail in the game and providing your opinion as a user. I highly appreciate the time you gave to my game and analyzing it.
Really, thanks a lot!!!!

I released this game a while ago but I haven't got any feedback about the mechanics, logic, working, etc. so any feedback is welcomed.


♦ Really, that was an interesting trailer. I could feel the horror element from the intro alone. I would really like to download the game and play it but I am not into the horror and visual novel(I don't know if I am right) genre. But at the very least I can say is that your game seems pretty good from the trailer(sorry for not playing it), not to mention the thrilling audio. ☺

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I am a novice(;-;)

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I feel like I played pretty well!!

I like the unique(because, well, I haven't actually played that many games) concept with the Pong.

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I loved your UI style and it was giving pretty good response as well.


Not sure for I am a poor gamer ☺

Good! Although I wasn't able to destroy more than 2 enemies :-(


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Can you tell me what it is?

You seem pretty interested in making pixel based game!!


No new game this month sorry as I am working on a domino game that will be out soon.

The game is available now on the page

The game is for people who love FPS as who like something else as in the game first you need to run from the enemies and then you would get the gun.

Well I am making a multiplayer game and I have got the match-making done as well and I am going to make a database for the game but I just checked the rates for multiplayer and they were $0.49/GB and they are fine if someone helps me out in that as I don't have any kind of budget for that so I need support on Patreon so as I would be able to complete that and I bet that you all will like that game once that will be out. So there's a tip as well that before you make a multiplayer game you need to set the budget or some way of funding that. I hope I would receive some support and you all can check out my previous games as well as assets that I have uploaded on my page.

It is a board game that I launched a few days ago and I was waiting for some feedback but I didn't get any. So I am here to know what you all think of the game.

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Did anyone like this game??

If you do or not then too please tell me about your experiences whether good or bad.

So finally I completed it yesterday with the sound effects and now uploading it on my schedule of uploading an item in a month on 7th of the month or 24th of the month.

So here it is a board game on business and I was not pretty sure about the rules so if you find any mistake make sure to tell me so that I could fix it.

Get it for android as well as pc on the link below....

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Enjoy and tell me about your experience in the game...

Thinking of releasing it on 24th as tomorrow I would complete it.

Its for both Android as well as PC but not for Mac

Well I began on it a long time ago and now something left is only the sound effects. Here are a few images for the game.

Main Menu

A few images of gameplay


I won't say much but you can see the images of the model down below.

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If you were looking for a unity game programmer or a 3D modeler to model a few simple things then you are at the right place.

Hi I am looking for a project and I am pretty good at c# in unity and I would take a project at a very low rate and that is as advised by you but more than $0 and that's all you can hire me after the month of July as currently I am having my exams.

You can check my games on the webpage - Here

UNITY + BLENDER + PROGRAMMING......                                                                                               3 in 1

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In the game you are the player and a friend. Your friend has got a severe wound which could lead to his death and in order to save him you need a medicine. There the game
begins, the land where they were stuck was full of zombies and they have killed each and every person and you need to find the medicine in that land.

LINK TO THE GAME - RCZ - The Lost Part

The game is almost completed and something left is the cut-scene and adding voice. Here are a few images :-

I hope you all will support it and I would make a release announcement for that as well.