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I love the concept of this little book and its all rly cute :D

so cool

hello- thank you for the comment and for the jam, it was lovely; I love how much sensibility you put in it, you rock too!

As for the game, there's still some kind of hidden things, some things I did not want to put in the description cuz, well that's part of the whole idea! hihi, I hope to hear more of you, I didn't have much time after the jam but I'm gonna check out the other poems in the jam ;)

Take care, and I hope you do well in your life now <3 have a nice day!!

no its completely okay! i feel rly happy that u took my work for that ! <3  i'm doing fine and i hope u re also doing well!

yeaaa BgThief is so cool ^^ 

tthank you nurbrun <3 I hope ure doing okay in this complicated times

Wow, thanks a lot ! I was quite unsure about this one, but m rlly rlly glad it inspired you! <3

Genial ver mas poesía de autorxs no binarios en español acá!!!! (seguiré repasando la colección por un buen rato, pero es que me ganó tanto la emoción!!!)

Ha ha ha Thanks!     

(I like your profile pic a lot)

thank you c:

Damn, I really empathize with the art student one (as an art atudent myself, that spends multiple hours a day complaining woth thwir friends about it). Seeing people only talking to you if it's profitable for them and if you ve got the right narrative that sells, the classes just supressing any form of expression that could be different and needs to be expressed differently under the mantra oof "learn before subverting". Aaagh you really condensed it well in that poem. 

 I wanted to add since I just started talking about my life like that (sorry):we also had ideas of inciting people to do this poetry, or illustrations, or whatever they wanted for themselves and or put it out there too, not only in publishing professionally but really just for fun, but I must admit we've failed a lot xD mostly because we don't really know how to talk and engage with others I guess...

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I don't know much about micro-presses and stuff (I must admit, the links you put on the jam were my first exposure to all of this, I normally just assumed that neocities where I could put my stuff in a way that was far from the popular writing platform game of meritocracy and that always took the form of long winded analysis, usually apolitical, and yeah coming from white occidental men for white occidental men and in a very 'academic' form (since I also write critique besides poetry)), but the fact of having 'notes' or other stuff have a form that can be read and spread in different ways and to different people seems really cool. With a friend we've been planning on putting stuff in our university that mostly just has this horrible propaganda pushing students to be entrepreneurs and really shady stuff, like just very flat representations of what otherwise is a really cruel state of affairs we see our friends at a pretty young age just exploit themselves for this entrepreneur ideal, and and Idk... our university is also just very stale... we wanted to also put poetry and stuff like that in the classrooms or in the city we live in, for those people I guess. And that means getting out of the internet and acting on the physical world so, I think that would be cool to make on a chapbook. But I also guess it is somewhat expensive to print? In any case, what I meant is that I see value in my stuff taking multiple forms because I think that although the virtual spaces like here or neocites are very cool I would like to touch these other people that don't know this very niche spaces. And so I see value in my work taking either a physical form or not just interactive/web based form, and also, of course, being isolated because of my language or other stuff really feels like shit. So yeah, it would be great to do stuff together, (and you helping me with the translations is also a big help) if you want to and have the time and specially like doing it of course!

Edit: I'm also interested and what you say about translation being the future of poetry. Most of my influences were only possible to be part of my life through translations of others that put so much time in translating. But I don't know if you meant something different? Anyways I won't bother you with that x) 

 That would be so fantastic! for the translation and the chapbook! I was mostly planning on doing a english version of the same website. But I like intermediality or like, works taking different shapes and not just being one thing. 

 I don't know much about designing chapbooks (I'm supposed to be learning InDesign actually but I have to admit I am very slow with this stuff), but speciallyy I'd also love to see 'notes' take a different form than the one it has now, and it would be very exiting to work with someone else on a translation, reinterpretation/recreation of it! 

Hey! Thanks a lot for organizing this jam and all the effort you're putting into this.  As a person that is usually very far from any creative community, mostly because I am shy and in my university nobody that I know seems to really care about poetry or, and also because  I don't have many Spanish speaking friends that like poetry (and 95% of my stuff is in that language) I've been pretty alone in here, haha! So now seeing nice people trying to really engage with my stuff (even if the language barrier is still there), well, it's really cool!  

Thanks for the comment too :) !! I gave myself the task to at least make a rough (with my limited english) translation but I have to admit that it it's not really easy :c



 wow Thanks a lot for checking it out and everything! I like your interpretation of the layout of the website, for me it really was about trying to know myself better as the poems were made through all of 2019 and it was a year where I changed A LOT , so seeing that you got that  similar feel too makes me really happy :))) 

I actually was considering making a full translation in English and maybe other languages in time for the end of the jam (although I don't know if my English level is high enough for such a task).  And yeah Seeker of eternal death is one of my favorites, at least for me it is about imperialism through culture devouring other cultures in a search for immortality/self perpetuation. 


Mercii beaucoup! C dommage le truc du copyright avec youtube, mais j'ai bcp aime live!!! <3

Lordy Lord, lordy lordy lord

I... I can't believe you! No!

There's alot to say about this game, it's really cool; and the music is fantastic!

I haven't played earthbound or Mother 3, but everything in this little game fills me with warm feelings, it's beautifully crafted!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

:O, j vai checker ça! merciii <3

Merci bcp!! Ouai, j voudrais faire un truc pour que tu puisses bouger avec tous les wagons, mais sa reste cool x)

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Thank you! <3 Be sure to check the album!

Yeah, in a way I agree with what you're saying, games have to put new rules that can actually make us empathize with people that are different to the typical white dude in his quest for glory or some already established notion of what is "good". I guess this is why a community like and other places are needed, so we can get to experience existing in the body of different kinds of people and get to understand them better.

About "freedom".... Well firstly I think that true freedom is only reachable is only attained when you recognize the world you're living in and the game recognizes you (a game like GTA for example, doesn't make you free, as it makes you the master of the world, you can't be free if you re not existing in it), so being truly free, by definition, is adhering and seeking to understand the world you live in. 

What I do think games have, is that they are not perfect systems with rigid rules, they can be break and change in various situations, the game can all of a sudden change the input  of the keyboard, or change completely it's internal rules. And this "specificity" that games have over the world, can be used as a way to criticize or subverse our already established notion of rules and systems in real life,. What scares me specially is that this is largely discouraged  by our ideas of "good game design" and "game feel" that most of the time want you to live this fantasy of power and so on.

Your comment was very insightful ! Thank you.