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That's a cool concept, the generated island looks nice a varied. It's a solid base to build upon, Keep it up !

I digged the vibe a lot, I think it has a lot of potential. The controls scheme was a bit tricky at first (kinda like some first person games on ps1), but when you get used to it flows nicely. Keep it up !

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on the game :)  New DS-like games are on their ways too eheh

Oh, Thanks a lot ! Glad you liked this little atmospheric experience :) 

Awesome mood. I really loved the concept and I think it's really well executed. I'm looking forward for your next games !

Thanks for playing ! To answer the question that you left in the ratings : yup it is possible to finish the game without collecting most of the statues, but some are needed to unlock the ending and access the final zone.

Really powerful atmosphere. I really liked the tension when crawling around hoping for something not to jump on my back. Well done !

Thanks for your support, glad you liked it. Don't worry I'm already working on my next game, as it's a slightly bigger project I've planned a release around september.

Yup, I feel the same about old animal crossings (up to Wild World), might be due to the isolated villages and the passive agressive villagers. Theses games starts up as your typical horror movie with a person going in a remote place with no possibilities to go back ahah. Thanks !

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Hello everybody,

I recently published a new game for the latest 32bit jam, it was made in 14 days and was ranked 1st.

Vacation Island is a short atmospheric/horror experience, with a tiny open world to explore, a story to figure out and some stuff to collect. I drew inspirations from N64 games and old Animal Crossing games. 

It plays like a 3D First-Person platformer. I tried to have an open approach to level design with various way to access the various places of the game and hidden shortcuts looping around here and there.

It takes around 10-15minutes to complete and is compatible keyboard/mouse or gamepad.

I would really love to get some feedbacks on it as I want to flesh it out into a slighly bigger project.

Here is a link to some snippets of the game.

And the game is available here :

Thanks in advance for your time :)

Thanks a lot! You are right about the keeping track of the villagers left aspect. At some point there was a count on display but I threw it away thinking that the villagers following the player would be enough to count them along the way, maybe I was wrong ahah.

That was the point, friends for eternity eheh

Thanks a lot ! Nice catch for the kill zone, I'll definetly add one in a post-jam update with other small fixes/polish additions :)

Nice one ! I Enjoyed the easy pick up and play aspect. Everything felt reallly intuitive. I also liked to fast paced stealth type of gameplay, I think it has a lot of potential to grow in a killer full fledged game. 

One aspect that could be improved however is how the camera is handled. I  found myself relying  a bit too much on the minimap to progress efficiently, some time not even watching my cute ball roll and dash around, which is unfortunate.

Congrats !

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The improvements you made to the game over time are pretty impressive ! The world you are creating is very appealing and begs to be expanded. Big plus for the cutscenes and the audio are great, very polished stuff. Congrats on this !

Maybe if had one point to tweek a bit it would be the overall speed of the main character, on foot, on air and while climbing. Slight augmentation could add some dynamics and wouldn't be too off knowing how fast can be the bees at times :) 

Keep it up !

That's a nice one, I'm impressed by the overall polish level. Everything feels coherent in the universe. Gameplay wise it has potential, I like the old school way of moving the camera with L/R triggers. The various characters available are a nice touch too.

 Maybe for a scoring game it lacks a bit on the juice side, but It could be due to the overall speed of the game and the relation with the music ingame. On the other hand the game fit perfectly the  late 90's gamefeel, so what I mentionned could totally not be an issue. 

Well done !

I think you have here an interesting base for building a special game. I loved the design of the main character. It has a strong 90's commercial icon flavour, a bit in the pepsi man style. Keep it up !

I remember playing the original game this summer during the HPS1 gamejam. The game progressed a lot since that time, congrats on that ! I don't know why but it reminds to me the era of flash games in the early 20's. Those games were often really strange and I think it's interesting that your game leans toward that. 

The game is still hard has nail but more balanced than the old entry. I noticed that sometimes  enemies not killed and off the screen  can still shoot me, don't know if it's a bug or intented but it's ads a lot of tension to the fights :) Keep it up !

This has some great potential ! It looks very pro and polished. Really hard to score high, but maybe I just suck ahah.  I couldn't go really far into the track so I don't know how it evolves along the way. It could really benefit the experience to smooth out the difficulty curve a bit. 

Overall I enjoyed my time with your game :) Congrats on this !

Nice one, Iove this kind of atmosphere. Huge architectural structures set in ethereal worlds. The platforming while being simple was smooth. The robot was really cute with those little wings opening when jumping. The sound design was great too, with some nice Carpenter vibes on the music. 

PS : a few month ago I released a game with some similar themes/visuals, it's on my profile (Essence//Structure), maybe we share some references in common so it could be cool to chat somedays :) 

Well done, the sound design of the game was really immersive. The environement was also interesting to look at with many small details (maybe a bit too dark). On the puzzle side it was simple but effective. Congrats :)

Hey thanks for the input ! Glad you liked the visuals. You are totally right, I had some collision detection system for the following NPCs but it wasn't good enough to be released and I got  time constrained haha. I 'll work on this in the future :)

Thanks for your report ! Could you share with me your computer's specs  please ? It could help to fix this issue that some other people have been experiencing too.  

Also if you could send me your player.log found here :  "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\XenaSoft\BlutClub_2003\Player.log" 

Thanks in advance for your time !

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Just finished playing, I wanted to try it for a while now. I had a great moment with the game. I particularly enjoyed the ost, I think it captures well the moodyness of the place. Congrats !

I love the overall mood of this demo, I'll keep an eye on this ! Well done

What a pleasure to throw a king around like a ball. Interesting concept overall, I struggled a bit with the keyboard controls, with some controller support the experience could be so cosy. The difficulty setting desgin is clever, replacing the classic overused "easy, normal, hard" was a nice touch. Well done !

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What a polished experience, I was playing headphones on and got hooked instantly by your careful sound design. You managed to pull off a convincing and unsettling setting with the design of the house, which reminded me the best moments of Gone Home. Visually the game has the charm and the strange coldness of early ps3/360 games, i don't know why but this plus the overall mood gave the game some kind of forbidden nostalgia ahah. Great from start to finish, congrats.

Thanks you for being here on each release ! Means a lot !

Thanks a lot, i'm glad you digged this small game. I'll be scanning through the entries of the jam really soon and yours seems dope, can't wait!

Thanks a lot for the feedback and glad that you enjoyed that small experience :) 

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That's strange, what resolution is your screen running on ? you might have to run the game in max resolution 1920*1080. That's the resolution it was optimized for due to time contraints :)

Edit : I fixed the issue, can you tell me if if runs correctly now please ?

You mean you get a pink screen on the phone screen ? If so try restarting the game or your computer. I've tested it on different setup and I didn't get this bug. 

If anyone reading this get the same bug, up this post so I can see the ratio :) 

thanks a lot <3

Unfortenately there are no alternate ending, maybe Daemonikle took the original ending for an alternate one hah

Wow, you managed to complete the game without using the First Person view once aha, well done ! For info pressing Select (on your pad) or TAB you could switch views :) 

That was a cute little story, really digged that old XP vibe <3

Wow, I wasn't expecting to get hooked that much as I'm not really into text based games but yours was really simply but well made. Every bit of dialogue felt authentic and captured a specific vibe. The theme you choosed was on point too. 

Great piece ! I would be interested to collab on some small game jam project in the future.

That was an interesting minimal experience, the lack of everything made me really feel alone in this place. I liked also how to trees animate only when you are near them, it gave a strange vibe. Also digged the old school control scheme where you can't look up. That's a nice spot to expand upon !

Hello everyone !

I just released a game in the context of the Dying MMO jam and I wanted to share it around to get some feedbacks. I built the game as an obscure Nintendo DS MMO that is still running nowadays for some reasons. It has some light platforming elements, divinities to collect and stuff to discover.

I leave a link here :

And some short gameplay snippets : 

Thanks in advance for your time, and I'll be around to read your thought and discuss :)