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Eeeh, not really, no. As far as genres go:

Otome = GxB, targeted at women. Yaoi (Boys Love, BL) = BxB, targeted at women (the whole "durhuur, boy on boy is hawt" thing). Bishojo = BxG, targeted at men. Yuri (Girls Love, GL= GxG, targeted at men (ultimately, the whole "durhuur, girl on girl is hawt" thing) Yuri did originate in female-targeted fiction, maaaaany many years ago, but for decades (and to this day) men are the target demographic. Bara (Mens Love, ML) = MxM, targeted at men.

There are further sub genres of each of these listed, but these are the basics.

All that said, nothing prevents anyone outside the target demos from reading/playing whatever they wish, but I'm kind of tired of people using terms incorrectly, and this really should be flagged as yaoi, if anything.

Went through everything I could find, and I'm looking forward to the full release. Good stuff.

Noticed you asked someone how they felt about horror/dark romance... I'm biased towards such things myself, and an actual horror otome/otome with horror elements would be wonderful! I'd buy that in a heartbeat, and I know I'm not the only one; there's a market for everything, after all, and there's already so much fluffy fluff everywhere. It has its place, sure, but I'm quite tired of it, honestly.

That said... write what you want to write. Please don't feel the need to change your VN because someone is overly sensitive and thinks it would be "better" without them. The reverse is also true here, as I feel you shouldn't change things to appeal to someone like myself, either. Too many times, on many sites, I've seen people poke and prod a creator until they got the changes they wanted (I'm not speaking of constructive criticism, as that's a completely separate thing), and the end product was worse off because it tried to be too many things at once and as a result, didn't succeed in any of them.

While this didn't quite happen with a VN called Rock Robin (really good, imo) the writer was told by some that she had to change the protagonist, because said character was "a complete bitch". No, she had an actual personality (with development!) and was honestly the most real protagonist I've seen in a female-targeted VN, ever, and the player isn't forced to pick from a bunch of options that are basically a slightly different way of saying "I'm sorry" (otome protagonists are always apologising for things they didn't do, and often apologise to the person treating them like garbage! wtf). The writer realised changing Robin would result in a VN she didn't want, and thankfully ignored the naysayers.

While Ambrosia is obviously not Robin, nor would I expect her to be, this is only the demo and I have no idea what you plan for her down the road. Really, I just felt the Robin example was relevant to the whole "write what you want" thing.

TL, DR: Write what *you* want first and foremost, and don't cave to "polite requests" (I find most are quite passive aggressive, actually) to change something. Don't let me, or anyone else, influence you into making something you don't want. I'll be playing the final product regardless, looking for every possible path.