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None that I know of off the top of my head, but I'm sure someone has written something on the matter. Bear in mind that GameMaker Studio isn't made for point and clicks out of the box, so everything needs to be custom coded.

This was one of my first projects so it wasn't very refined. But it was still a fun learning process figuring out how to build things from scratch. Stuff like: collision detection, pathfinding, clickable regions, text boxes, cut scenes, etc.

Yes, I did.

Thanks for playing! Haha, yeah it's either the dog or you; its fireballs are pretty deadly.

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I think the lag issues should be resolved now.

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Yeah, the lag is always an issue with HTML games unfortuantely. I think I know a way around it, but it requires a bit of manual work, which I might do later to make the proof of concept more playable. Glad you enjoyed the mechanics!

I'll keep my eye out for that! :)

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I checked out again on a whim and saw some major updates to your game! Thanks for providing hours of fun. I just donated :) Best of luck with your Steam release!

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Hey Fluffy! So excited to play your new prototype!

I had some first-time experience feedback which you may find helpful:

The music is great!

The lighting and dust particle effects are delightful.

So When I left the house the first time, I tried pressing down, but didn't understand why I wasn't moving. Then I realized there was a fence there. (Didn't see it at first.)

Similarly, when I started exploring the caves, when I went up/down the stairs, I sometimes wasn't sure where to move my eyes to find where the player was on the screen.

So it might be a matter of making it obvious where the player ends up on the screen after transitioning to a new map.

The checkpoint sprite felt a bit out of place, maybe because its texture was so grainy and sharp. Maybe if it were like softer balls of light floating up, it would fit in more. I felt like there needed to be some feedback to the player that something happened when you stepped on it (like a sound effect, or a flash).

The rocks blocking the path are a nice touch, but I felt they needed a reason for why they disappeared after a story event.

It wasn't immediately obvious that the mom and dad sprites are the player's parents. Perhaps they can be taller, or the player shorter or more childlike.

All in all, I started playing and was instantly hooked!

Just watched your Devlog--this is exciting! I remember finding Magirune 1 to be very addictive. :)

An older version of my game has been stolen by some of the same culprits you list. But then I discovered sitelocking and it's been fine since then.

To my understanding, you just have to check what domain your game is hosted on. I don't know what framework you're using, but in Game Maker Studio 2, what I do is first grab the domain using

domain = url_get_domain();
if ( domain == "" || domain == "" || domain == "" ) {
    legit = true;

Then I ask the game to run if "legit == true", otherwise, display a UI that shows my game's logo, URL and an explanation that you can play it on "" is the domain to check for for

Hope that helps.

Nevermind, I just realized it's because HTML5 games need to be downloaded and installed locally to play it through the app. It seems that my music mp3 assets are exposed. Is there anyway to obfuscate that? (Or is there something I need to do outside of prior to building my files?) Because I spent a lot of time composing and producing those soundtracks. Would be sad to see them get stolen and used elsewhere.

Hi there, I'm trying to sitelock my html5 game so I made it only run if the domain is "" which works in the browser. But today I installed the itch desktop app for fun and noticed the game does not run. Are there any other domains I need to check against?

Thanks! The theme of the game jam, if I remember, was mystery or "that escalated quickly".

Thanks for stopping by to check it out :D

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Check out the @NymbleGame soundtrack

Check out the music I composed/produced for @NymbleGame on Soundcloud

Hi everyone, I specialize in orchestral music in the style of Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and John Williams. I'm especially interested in writing music for RPGs. As a concert pianist, I have a deep understanding of music theory and how to use pitches and timbres to convey emotions. Hit me up if you wanna chat. Thanks!

Play it here:

Nymble is a turn-based puzzle game. You play as Jack, who jumps over things to interact with them. Search for the seedling, plant it in the soil, and advance to the next level!

Watch trailer:

Fun facts:

  • I designed and programmed the game myself.
  • I am also a classically-trained composer and music producer, so I also created the music for this game.

I got into game design because I wanted to gain more visibility as a music composer/producer. Because music is a non-visual art form, I have found it is difficult to appeal to game developers (with the intent to eventually get hired to compose/produce music for their game). It just so happens I also have a computing science degree and work in user experience design, so I utilized those skills to create a game, which would then act as a vehicle to showcase my music in a more entertaining way. (More on this in my case study.)

Anyway, please give this game a try and let me know what you liked/disliked. My future goal is to start a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of a GMS2 mobile license, so that I can put a full-length mobile version of this game on the App Store. Cheers.

No prob, thanks for the fix ! :)

Hey, so I'm experiencing these bugs:

  • can't walk onto the stairs tiles
  • audio not playing in Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Been following the progress of your game quite closely and have to say, the addition of sound effects really adds depth to your game. I am wondering if you have plans to add background music in the future? I'm curious because I happen to be a classically-trained composer and music producer. (Incidnetally, I am also working on my own game as a hobbyist on my spare time).

Normally, I offer this as a paid service, but in some cases where I genuinely enjoy the game, I would be happy to volunteer my skills pro bono (at least to start). If you are interested, please check out my portfolio: You might have already heard my soundtrack for the game Nymble that I am working on. :)

If this doesn't interest you currently, or if you already have other plans, no worries. Feel free to reach out at later time.

Just noticed it was a LudumDare submission, so I understand the entire game was created in a short period of time. Despite that, your game has animations, music, sounds, narrative, graphics--so it's quite an accomplishment, I must say.

Well, the sound effects and background music are awesome in setting the mood. The thud sound for a card being placed on the table was well chosen. I felt the rain sound effect had too strong an attack, so I interpreted it as a keyboard typing sound at first; when the gameplay started, it became slightly more obvious it was describing the rain. The music with sustained strings feels mysterious and matches the visuals nicely.

However, I couldn't quite understand how to play the game. Maybe a bit more in-game onboarding might help. Perhaps try introducing one mechanic at a time if that's possible?

Anyway, great job again with the atmosphere.

I just finished the game--very cleverly designed puzzles! I couldn't stop playing. I think your game has market potential. At times, I was reminded of how Zelda levels are designed: where the player can see areas they cannot yet access, which makes the player want to figure out how those areas can be later reached.

That box pushing puzzle on floor 21 was cleverly designed. At first, I thought it was something I was supposed to skip over and come back to later once I gained an extra ability. But after exhausting all options, I decided to go back and re-examine the puzzle, as well as how it connects to adjoining floors.

Ah thanks! Now I'm even more determined to figure out the right strategy to beat the game. :D

Not sure if this is a bug, but it looks like the spiders don't take any damage. Or do I have to get to a certain level first before I am strong enough?

Cool, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to your next update!

Hmm, it must have been someone else's game you are referring to, as I haven't released anything for sale yet. :)

Fun Game! The concept and controls are simple and intuitive on keyboard. I really enjoyed the feeling of exploration when you enter to the next room via stairs.

Idea: If you make the healing potions heal a large amount of HP, then that might force the player to strategize how much damage they should take before they drink a potion. For example, if I see up ahead that there are 4 enemies blocking my way and my HP is 80% full, I might choose to save a potion for later.


  • Will this eventually be made mobile-friendly?
  • Do you have plans to implement smooth movement?
  • What are your long-term plans for this game?

Very cool! I know of Construct, but not familiar with its framework. Nice that you've found a workflow that is suitable for your needs.

Interesting you mentioned the "stop others until the turn is done" because that's exactly one of the problems I knew I had to also solve. My approach used an integer variable "timer_is_paused" initialized to 0 that would increment whenever an actor needed to pause the timer, and decrement whenever an actor has finished their action. Before an actor performs an action, I do a check to see if timer_is_paused equals 0.

Ah yeah, I've done something similar for the animations. So each animation is stored as an object that shows specific frames of a sprite and plays sound effects at certain points of in its lifetime. And once its internal timer exceeds a duration, then the object is destroyed. So whenever I need to display an animation, I ask the object to create an instance of the animation at a specific location on the screen.

The XML approach sounds pretty logical. I am entertaining the idea of using something more human-friendly like a CSV opened in a spreadsheet editor.

Any future plans for this ATB system you have created?

Nice job! The controls are pretty smooth and mimic the Final Fantasy ATB system quite closely. I am also trying to build something like this for an RPG project; using lots of state machines and objects for drawing the panels. What were some interesting things you encountered during your process?