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Thanks for playing jdogz! No there’s only one ending, but if I had more time for the game jam, it would have been cool to offer multiple endings.

Hi everyone, I've been getting this error when running my HTML5 game in Safari since around May 2018:

audio_play_sound failed. WebAudio Context suspended - user must interact with the page before audio can be played.

I think it's due to recent versions of Safari requiring the user to click on a canvas before audio can play. But the error persists after I click on my game canvas and there's still no sound. I did some poking around and it seems HTML5 games are wrapped in an iframe. So I opened the frame source in a new window, where sound will play after I interact with the viewport.

So I don't know, if it would it be possible for the team to render the HTML5 game directly on the page? (Without the iframe.) I'm sure there are reasons for using an iframe ...

In other browsers, it seems to work fine (audio will play after the user clicks on the canvas).

Thanks for checking it out.

Thanks! It has been quite the learning process for me. Glad you had fun.

Thanks, glad you had fun!

Really fun concept! I played an earlier build a while back I think, excited to hear it's being made into a full game. What platform will it be for?

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game. :)

Wow, cool concept! So as the player, I basically need to plan out what order I choose the cards in so that my net health always remains above zero, is that right?

Looks like you're well on the way with progress and you've already released it to the app store. Congrats!

Sounds cool. I can imagine how the stars/coin idea gives incentive to the player to take the more challenging route, effectively increasing screen-time, which is great. I also see that you're also using Game Maker Studio. For the inventory, some kind of resizable data structure would be my first instinct. I haven't looked into the data-saving functions yet, but the new GMS 2 IDE is pretty slick so far.

Looking forward to more!

Interesting concept--from reading your description, I gather that the goal of the game is to find the key and make it to the door. And enemies and objects also occupy the tiles on their own layer (so they are placed independently of the pipe layer).

As all of this information could only be known from reading your description, I found it was difficult to know what the goal of the game was from just playing the game, so it was a bit discouraging playing it the first time. So I might suggest making your game UI more informative by having a more guided on-boarding experience. As a specific example, for the line-up of pipes, at first I didn't even know it was a line-up, and thought all pipes had equal significance. Maybe if you allowed the pipe icons to animate and move along a path, that would show the player that once you use a pipe segment, more pipe segments will come in (maybe even show a fifth pipe segment that is unselectable).

Secondly, it's awesome that you're making a hybrid of two different genres. Because the main game layout is designed as a pipe mania type of game, I think it's a good idea to introduce the dungeon crawling component gradually, both in a gameplay sense (e.g. introduce one type of object in the first level, then more in later levels) and also in the project timeline (e.g. in your first build, introduce one dungeon crawling element like the key and the door, then more elements in future builds).

Anyway, nice job so far. Looking forward to more updates!

Thanks, glad you found the puzzles challenging!

Thanks for trying the game!

For the pixel art, I used GIMP (a free alternative to Photoshop). The game is coded in GML (Game Maker Langauge), and put together in the Game Maker Studio 2 IDE.

Thanks for your feedback!

Right so, the block-pushing speed is something I'd like to keep rather slow so that it leaves the player vulnerable to attacks while pushing. I might change the speed if I get more feedback from others. I'm also trying to figure out how to push the slimes "out of the way" if they are blocking the motion of the pushable block.

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Graphics and sound effects are amazing! I love the art style. As @danmakesgame remarked, I also think different controls would be more comfortable. Suggestions.

  • Tap left twice or right twice to dash.
  • Tap down twice for meteor slam.
  • Z for jump. (twice for double jump)
  • X for attack.
  • Space for interact. This would be consistent since you already use Space for dialog advance.
  • Shift + arrow keys to walk slower (facing same direction), which would also cover the backstep.

I found a bug: after I fall from the ledge where there's a slime enjoying a cigarette, I land on the spikes and get stuck.

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Thanks for your feedback! The pathfinding is a bit tricky, but it's something I'm working on. I'm also a composer and sound designer by trade, so adding audio is definitely in my plans.

I'm interested to hear more about the GDWC; is this the website: