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Holy shit I did it.
Beat the secret Insanely Hard Mode.
That was just... ludicrously bullshit hard, occasionally even unfair during the final bossfight (mostly thanks to Azure), but hey, bragging rights!

Protip for anyone else who wants to try this: Regeneration is your best friend. Even though you only start to get even a single Stamina per turn at 3 stacks, and don't get an extra point per turn until 5 and 8 stacks... that is enough. And the Health regeneration is actually enough to let you survive a single Sigma Attack, despite it doing as much damage as your default max health on this mode! And even 3 Stamina per turn can let you keep Stunlocking on opponent every turn for quite a long while (which you will need to do a lot, again mainly thanks to Azure).

But uhh... the reward feels a little... lackluster? A mere 5 bonus commands, plus some extra thing that can only be accessed externally, via emailing a secret phrase to the author. I love most of what this game does, and am at least willing to tolerate the parts I don't love, but... external rewards, especially ones that would get my email involved, are kinda... how about no.

Yeah, I just got this bug too... in the final boss fight. On Hard Mode. Kinda put a damper on my victory (no triple subjugate for me). Especially since, Hard Mode apparently only gives a mere 4 bonus points (plus a hint for something extra), which is just 1 more than Normal Mode, and... this time around, I had to spend that 1 extra point just on stripping Olive.

Incidentally, on the subject of Olive and ridiculously hard to get extra secrets... what exactly is the thing that you get if you tie her at Rock Paper Scissors and then get a 10? I stumbled upon that as well somehow, but never got any sort of explanation for exactly what the secret I supposedly unlocked was.

The blue one's 3x damage attacks are dangerous, yes... but also, they can easily be turned to your advantage, via the damage-converted-to-healing skill. Generally pretty easy to get a full heal from that.

But despite this, the blue one is still the most dangerous... because of her ability to randomly seal off a third of your skills.

However... I actually don't recommend going after her first... or after anyone first. Try taking them all out at the same time, or at least within a few turns of each other.

Bugs found:

Entering Liz's room when she is in it alone and awake has no text to back out, so the interaction can not be completed; you have to Undo to get out of this.

No known way to increase Liz CL to 1; I suspect that one of the interactions was meant to increment it but didn't.

When entering Bathroom in morning, variables are missing; obvious errors like "There isn't a temp variable named _which_girl in this place." or "There's nothing before this to do (else:) with." appear.

Starting a New Game results in incomplete intro; several parts are inexplicably skipped.

Various typoes throughout.

I know it says Alt+Enter for fullscreen, but on the Linux version at the very least (don't know about other versions), this does not work. At least, not for me. In later versions, even if you figure out how to fix this, could you implement an in-game button somewhere as an alternate method of toggling it?

I had a similar problem. Not sure if the same one as Go player here or not. Playing in browser.

At one point, not only did the buttons disappear (though it still made the sound as if they were there), but everything stopped progressing; I couldn't do anything, but my opponent didn't do anything either. It was as if I was simultaneously taking and not taking my turn? Not sure what triggered it. There was no way out of that situation, so I had to stop playing... luckily I was still pretty early on and hadn't done much yet. Will try playing this again later, after updates.

I don't often check the patreon updates, since I'm not a patron (sorry), but looking at the list of Fixed things... I notice the absence of a couple other bugs I have noticed on the Island:
1. Cassie, when licking, drains her own stamina; from the comments by the bartender, and common sense, I am assuming it is supposed to be the player's.
2. If you have a cock, whether you can insert it is based on your opponent's lust rather than your own; I am assuming this is a bug because it is only at 50% lust that cocks become erect, and you need to get your opponent to 50% lust to insert it but your own stat is irrelevant. I assume this is because of Rinny potentially being a futanari; for that, it makes sense that she needs to be at 50% lust to insert it. Have not tested the effects/requirements of futa-on-futa, as that is not really my thing.
3. In the rare cases where you manage to join in a battle in progress and gang up on one to pick who wins and who loses (I have only managed this once so far, the other two times I tried, I was the one ganged up on), only one participant got the point for it.
4. What position "Take her down" and "Take her down (rear)" results in seems inconsistent and hard to predict, and is based on what position you were in before... I think? This one, I feel like I might just be missing something for.

When I try to start it, I get an error message saying "response.body is undefined". This is not unique to this game, I use a slightly unusual browser (Pale Moon, which is a fork of an older version of firefox from before firefox became completely terrible). So, some browser games just don't load for me. Plenty of others do, though. I figure, since this game is really early in development, it is still plausible to maximize the number of browsers and systems it is compatible with.

Despite what some of the people here are saying, the green guys CAN be killed... but, only if you were already shooting at their lane when they spawned. They are impossible to react to. Which, is a problem since they so often appear alongside 2 spike walls; if you weren't lucky enough to already be shooting at them when that happened, whoops take damage now, no way to avoid it!

Anyway, I am unclear on what unlocks more characters... after the first one (Alice), I got two more (Nichole and Sasha), but no idea why. Both are objectively just plain worse than Alice, though; both of them have less health (which, is really the only important stat), though Nichole has a double shot that makes her hit harder it is too slow to be worth it, and Sasha... I am not sure what her shuriken are supposed to be doing, they seem to move in weird ways after hitting an enemy, but so what?

Three (or more) somes in general throughout would be a nice addition, really. Currently, I can think of like, one brief scene that had two major characters directly participating in the sex scene at once? Other than Sana and Miki I mean, since those two are practically one character. Come on, you just know that Rinny would jump at the chance for this!

Nope, her story is still currently unfinished.

Sometimes I find a really good porn game, but I only give it 4 stars, and I wonder if I am being too critical and have unreasonably high standards... and then I remember the existence of games like this. Best porn game I have found in a while, definitely 5 stars. Sandbox games are always appreciated by me, and this one has an especially nice variety of scenes and fetishes throughout. I don't intend to get every scene, but unlike in many other games of this type, I didn't ever feel pressured to find them all. It's not perfect, there are several things I can think of to improve it, but several of them already sound like they're planned for future updates (expanding the amount of stuff you can do with Priscilla, for instance), and the good stuff is so good and so expansive that the game more than overcomes its flaws. I was surprised by how engrossed I got in the main story, and how original it was... finding that I had suddenly reached current the end of it for this update really hurt. The branching choices are especially well done; I can't ever think of a time where there was a clear "right" and "wrong" choice, it was always more like choosing between equally good/bad options, which would nonetheless have clear consequences afterwards. The main protagonist is great; she's a perfect mixture of unapologetically extremely perverted, yet still highly driven by other goals, yet generally extremely nice and cheerful, yet willing to be tough and stand up for herself and others when necessary. Playing as her and seeing the world through her eyes is probably the main thing separating the setting from being mostly silly and fun with some occasional dark parts for contrast, or instead being oppressively all-encompassingly painfully grimdark.

Found a really neat bug! One that I am almost hesitant to fix even though I know I should, just because it's cool.

Step 1: Ask Rinny to follow you, thus getting the Companion Rinny status.

Step 2: Do the hypnotism scene with Alissa. Afterwards, you will be deposited back at Cassie's safehouse.

Unlike all the other times you leave Transylvania... Rinny will still be your companion! She'll even participate in combat occasionally! ...but wait there's more!

Step 3: Invite Cassie to the basement, thus getting the Companion Cassie status.

(possibly unnecessary Step 4:) Go to the bed, and it will still have Rinny as the acknowledged companion for the session. Release Rinny and finish the session.

You will go right back to Cassie's spot at the table, with her still there... but she'll also still be your companion! Along with Rinny, still! Unlike Rinny though, far as I can tell Companion Cassie status has no extra effects.

I have also tried to get Linda and Fawn the same way... but Fawn takes precedence over Rinny in the dungeon, and leaves as normal afterward. Linda's behavior in the starting area is also unchanged... though in combat, both she and Rinny will occasionally assist you (though never on the same turn, as far as I can tell).

Haven't yet done anything that would make Rinny leave like normal, but I am guessing that if I did I would then be able to get Cassie to leave as well, and everything would go back to normal.

Imps seem just a bit too strong, the trunks are much easier to the point of basically being free (none have ever even managed to HIT me, since if I'm past the cave, I'm more than strong enough for the last area), and the final boss dryad is pretty weak too. Also, I can not see any way to get the last sword and accessory, unless they're just ridiculously rare drops from something. Also, the pause code should be reworked so you can still check and equip your items. The way a bunch of stuff just suddenly appears in a row right on top of you or each other is kinda annoying. Oh, and the quest log is slightly glitched, starting with the crystal collection quest; I can see what I need to do for it, but not what the reward is or if there is anything past it (yes I know it can be scrolled down... but only slightly, not enough to actually see what's at the bottom). Other than that though, a great start; good art, and as a game it is much better than most h-games I have seen on this site. I look forward to seeing what this becomes after updates.

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I can only find 3 potion effects:
Red+Blue+White: Larger breasts (3 doses max)
White+Green+Yellow: Cow Girl (2 doses max; one gives tail, one gives horns, order is random)
Pink+Yellow+Cyan: Blonde Hair

I think a logbook to keep track of what potions you have tried and what they do would be a nice addition. Also, if enough potions are added, maybe make it so that the order matters. Or at least, for things like the cow girl, with multiple possible effects that stack, make it so the order of the  colors can make the order of the transformation non-random.
Other than that... I think you've got a decent prototype here, but will need a LOT more content for me to determine what the rating should be.

How do the arena handicaps work? I know that going in nude results in occasional lust buildup from the crowd, but I haven't seen any other differences, from the blindfold for instance. Did I just miss it? What other handicaps am I missing? How do I get that extra dialogue from Lin Lin shown in the screenshot above?

Seconding the thing about options for making text go faster, as is I can't even get through the intro. Also, maybe make it so there is a bit more of a difference between quality settings, as is the Low setting is only a slight improvement over the High setting. This otherwise looks pretty promising, though... I look forward to trying out a future version of this with text options.

...I could be wrong, but I think "the fishgirl" refers to Arlene, the psychotic police lady. I play with furry mode turned off, so she isn't a fish for me.

Understandable, but for a better look at exactly how cool she is with it, try capturing a bandit girl. Or building the dungeon in Cassie's basement; Cassie doesn't seem to mind you bringing Fawn or Rinny down there from time to time.

If you do go back to it, maybe add some more ports while you're at it, so it can be played on Android or Linux/Mac without an emulator. (Bringing the emulator thing up because, for some reason Wine either doesn't work on or is especially difficult to set up on certain versions of Linux)

Did you do the research on magic after initially talking to Rinny about learning it? If not, go to the library in the succubus tower and look around. Once that is done you should be able to get Rinny to teach you.

Yeah, in fact I'm not sure if there is any mutually exlusive content. In fact, a couple characters' routes are only opened up by progressing far enough with some other character's plotline.

Forest park is actually just one possibility, out of a few; she could also be in jail in the city, or in Transylvania in the upper right part of town. Possibly one or two other places as well, can't say for sure, but those are the only three I've gotten; it's random.

Well, I can't say for sure since gay male stuff isn't my thing so I haven't actually watched the scene, just noticed that the option was there, but I think there's one if you recruit some bulls for the farm and buy the cock milker?  And beyond that, I think there are some for defeating certain male random encounters, such as the incubuses? Beyond that though, there just aren't many male major npcs in the game... yet.

(1 edit), I did a double take when I saw this. It's been over a decade since we've seen a game starring Linda here. Beach Linda came at the dawn of the golden age of Flash porn games, and now she's back after Flash got murdered.

Umm, anyway, seconding the general sentiment of what's been said here already; a good start, but work on the text display and user interface, but it's amazing that it is even this good considering how much you've apparently been going through lately even by the standards of modern times.

Good update, glad these many bugs seem to be fixed. Have noticed one new one, though: those guard orbs in upper new ark are broken, if you become indecent/nude and they catch you, now the game just freezes rather than giving you a chance to fix it or run or fight the guard.

In addition to that, now that there aren't so many serious bugs all over the place, I finally did stuff with Sana and Miki, and noticed a couple small issues there. One is, if you talk to one of them while naked, after displaying their appropriate message for that, they will then also display the "Hi, [name]! Did you come to visit?" message. The other is, during one of the sex scenes, it mentions "pebbled pink skin"; no part of my character's skin is pink, so that should probably fixed with some reference to the actual selected skin color (white/light grey in the case of my character).

For those who want to play flash stuff like this but don't know how:
Note that this won't let you play it in a browser, unfortunately; you'll have to download the swfs. But despite my utter contempt for adobe after they timebombed the real flash player, this is still better than any of the emulators, sadly.

After restarting my phone, it eventually worked... BUT, I still can't play it; it crashes as soon as the intro cutscene ends. Consistently; have tried it 3 times. It always breaks in the same spot, right in front of the destroyed castle which I'm assuming is where I'm supposed to be getting control of my character.

Downloaded it on android, but am unable to install it. When I try, it gets most of the way through the installation process, then just stops and says "app not installed". It gives me no further details than this. I don't think there is anything unusual about my device, so it's presumably something that you'll need to fix in a later version. Regardless, any tips for getting it to work for me now? Or failing that, ways of forcing androids to actually give me any goddamn information on this sort of thing?

Additionally, the Electric Shock spell is extremely useful against it. And Angel and Devil Milk heal for 10 I think (twice as much as stamina drink, half as much as stamina drink +, but much easier and faster to get). Really though, you might need to just get higher stats... Res in particular, but also Mys and Str. Oh, and going into the battle with buffs may help (eating food, getting a massage, going to the span or watching a strip show for example will all provide a bonus to useful stats).

Having pens and counterfeits on hand (I always keep  around at least one spare of every consumable I can, just in case), going to one of the tinkering spots, and trying absolutely everything together to see what had results. Got some other good stuff this way (fairy dust in particular has several uses), but the high quality passes is by far the best use of these spots. Knew about Bearmarshal's Lin Lin solution too, and did that one the first time, but doing it yourself is far, far cheaper.

Another bug report, this time with literal bugs! After doing the event with beating those stingers in the forest for their venom, and getting stung in the process (won 3 fights against them, thus collecting 3 bottles, before surrendering to a 4th one), I got the hypersensitive nipples status after sleeping. Did the scene to get it fixed when I turned in the quest. The problem is... after sleeping again, the status comes back again as if I'd gotten stung again. Went back to upper new ark to buy the other scene to fix it, but it wasn't permanent either. I guess, whatever flag you have to check if the player has ever been stung never gets unchecked?

I wasn't even aware any of the counterfeit passes could ever work; the way to get into Upper New Ark consistently is, after getting a counterfeit pass, also buy some pens at the hardware store, then tinker the two items together at certain spots (cassie's safehouse has a spot for this). If you succeed the stat check, you'll get a high quality counterfeit pass that always works, and if you fail, all that happens is you lose the two items (which, you would have lost the pass anyway if you tried to use it I think, and the pens cost almost nothing). Note that you will need to make a new pass every time you want to go up there though (at least right now).

Still having issues with panties causing the game to freeze. It's fixed for normal cases now, but after getting cumflated, it breaks.

(1 edit)

Can confirm, some of the Lower Undies items are now broken. Possibly all of them, I've only tried 3 and they all froze the game up. Black leggings is another one, as is regular black panties. Also, the graphics for the shibari rope appears glitched; it doesn't cause a crash, but it's clearly using the wrong pose.

Is... there a way to turn off the huge intrusive message telling me to just check out the patreon version?

Great improvements since previous versions! Can confirm what others have said about Dark Fairies being overpowered, though. I suggest giving them less MP, so they can use their sleep move and heal move less often (or alternatively make those two cost more of their MP). Also, Evie's heal skill needs to scale in power better; at level 25, it seemed about on par with what it was during the first boss fight at level 5. Other than that, I would say... finding gold and silver treasure chests is still pretty annoying. It's no longer virtually impossible now, I got a few golds, but even with +15 luck (I upgraded the luck boosting item with my second nugget from one of the gold chests), and that treasure chest finder item equipped, even silvers are obnoxiously hard to find even if spending all day in one area doing nothing else.