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I actually had a hard time getting it to look pixelated. Thanks for the comments and thanks for playing!

very challenging good job

very challenging. Good job

It is very challenging.  Nice job 

Nice job it is very  entertaining.

Very creative, nice work.

Very challenging, nice work

I like the background. Very fun  

It was very challenging i liked it, Nice job

I like the idea of the game. Nice work

Nice challenging. game. Good job.

Good point! I'll think about that!! -Thanks!

Thanks for all the positive comments! I played your game and it's also very well done!! I like the intro!!!

Very cool!!!

I like the music and the game is very challenging. Nice work  

Best game I've seen on the Game-Jam!!!! I'm glad I got to play it before I see it on the Game-Jam Video!!!! Congrats!!!

Nice challenging game!

Nice bouncing around game!!! Very challenging, but I think that was the point!

I LOVE IT !!!!!   It is so much fun, I enjoined the background, I enjoined the music , I enjoined the tasks it is so funny, and I enjoined that I got to see your dog at the end . I LOVED IT.

I like that there was a tutorial so I could  understand how to play.

Nice job 

It was SO much fun, I enjoyed it, I like that there was instructions at the beginning and whenever the controls changed it told me that I was doing it wrong, and the background was SO good. Nice job     

It was really fun. I enjoyed it. The music was matching the scene .

I loved the music, Nice work

Nice challenging game! It seems to me the "random speed" is really dependent on the location the character is on... right??? Anyways, I like it!

Nice story! Awesome wolf!

Controlling the snake is hard, but I think that was the point, right? Very cool idea!

Controlling the snake is hard, but I think that was the point, right? Very cool idea!

Very cool! The graphics are great!!! The colors are amazing! I think advertising/making-clear the keyboard keys explode could be a good selling point! I kinda like the way they puff-off! 

Nice graphics!! I'm not good with platform games, but I did like this one!

Nice graphics!! 

Nice challenge. I wish there was a way for you to control the sound of the shooting space craft.

Nice wave of fire!!! Very challenging! I like it!

it was hard to control, but I like the graphics!!!

Thanks so much!!! I actually did spend just as much time brainstorming as I did coding the actual game. I try do avoid pitfalls in paper, before I get into a coding-road-block I can't get out of. In fact, it's really fun to see a well-written/scoped-out idea drafted in a piece a paper gain shape and actually reach a functional state on the screen! Fun stuff if you as me! Thanks for the comment.

Interesting... not an easy concept, but I like it.

Nice twist on getting your bullets to chase you down!!!

My highest score was 5 - is there really a way of getting of higher score? I mean, those bugs are faster than the frog's tongue.... there's only so fast this frog can eat. Good game!

It's interesting how removing the visibility of the entire game region makes the game really difficult to play!!! 

Nice puzzle game!!! I like the attack sound effect!

Very entreating!!!