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Can you please add an ingame timer for speed running like in Karlson 3D?

Thanks for playing! I will most definitely check out your game!

Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback!

I will most definitely check out your game (And will give feedback) once I next get a chance.

Thanks for playing!

I have fixed the enemy colider so now it now doesn't kill you if you hit the side, top. 

I also fixed the glitch with the invisible obstacles. It was indeed a tilemap glitch. 

Thanks for the feedback and once again, thanks for playing!

three endings?! No! Lol

Thanks for playing the game and thankyou for your feedback! I have already been working on making the game better and yes that is supposed to be the lie but I ran out of time to properly show that so the story was sorta rushed.

Oh I'll keep playing then :P

An amazing game that has very effectively utilised the theme. Its a cool little puzzle game and was overal really fun to play!

(I completed it first try. not bragging or anything :P)

Interesting use of the theme and good sound design! 

Very fun game with nice sounds and graphics although i am unsure of how the theme is used?

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The graphics are amazing, the music is also amazing and the concept is really cool. 

However, i don't really like the controls. Because of the speed of your car, it is very hard to know if any obsticles are coming up. Also a few times my car toppled over and i couldn't get it back on its wheels. Perhaps a respawn button would have been good. 

Also I get that its the point of the game, but something about not being able to win really leaves me with a bad feeling :P

The game is fun, the theme is well implemented and the controls are nice and smooth.

However, the game is kinda short and I personally found it really easy and finished the whole game in just a few minutes. The music is very repetative and annoying.

Thanks for playing it! Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback.

I was hoping to get more story done that way it would be more related to the theme but I was running out of time and so I focused on getting the gameplay done.

Really clever usage of the theme!

Sorry for the late reply.. Thanks for playing! :)

add that to the rules perhaps

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Since 10 years is a long time,  (13% of the average human lifespan) the theme should be age.

Perhaps a life simulation such as the sims or even a story game about reaching a certain age or what happened at a certain age.

Very Cute game! The gameplay aspect is simple but very fun! The art style is very cute and the idea is cute as well! Nice work!

I'm so glad you liked it! :)