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Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. I shall check out your game.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and thank you for your feedback, I am honestly not sure why you can walk witht he arrow keys. I guess I forgot that I made it so that the arrow keys also controlled the walking. It was also a thing that I encountered just today when I showed people at school my game.

Thank you for playing. I will definitely check out your game.

Thank you for playing and thank you for your feedback. I apologise for the jumping. I messed up the ground detection. I hope you had fun nonetheless.

Thank you for playing and thank you for your feedback. I messed up the ground detection which made the jumping really bad. I hope you still had fun either way.

Thank you for playing my game. I'm glad you liked it.

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Thank you for playing and thank you for your feedback. I realise now how bad the ground detection was which is what caused the issues with the jumping. Also the reason why I made a simple game is because I wasn't able to work on the game that much on the weekdays due to school. I'm glad you had fun playing!

Thank you for playing. I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you liked my game and I apolagise if the jump sound scared you!


Thanks for your feedback and thank you for playing my game.

The game had really nice player and enemy graphics and good background music. At first I was sort of confused about what I was supposed to do because I just pressed start game rather than how to play so maybe there is a better method of teaching the player how to play the game. I also think the attack button should have been a mouse click rather than Q but it's fine either way. The game was fun but it got overwhelming very quickly. The enemies spawned quite frequently and it made it kind of hard. I'm unsure if there is a reason to this but I found myself losing health despite not being near any enemies? I liked the implementation of the theme and I hope you continue developing the game.

I really liked the graphics of the game. I was kind of confused at first at what I was supposed to be doing. The game was fun although the music was kind of annoying because it was short. (Also is it "human music" from Rick and Morty?).

I hope you continue developing your game.

The game was really fun. I liked the art and the sound. The controls were a bit weird and therefore hard to remember. I think you should have allowed the player to set their own controls or have them displayed in a corner of the screen. The game used the theme well. I hope you continue developing your game.

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I liked the character graphics. The game was fun to play. I found the shooting a bit hard. Maybe checkpoints are needed. The sound was good and the levels were well designed. I liked how you named the file "thanks for tuning in at brackeys.exe" although it probably should have had the same name as your game!

I hope you continue developing your game.

The game had really nice art and was really fun to play. You uploaded the developer version so it kept spamming errors in the bottom left. You could also only store one meat at a time so it just overwrote the existing meat when you collected more. I am unsure of how the theme was implemented. The rewinding shuriken thing didn't make sense to me.

Overall the game was really fun to play, had really nice art and sound and the attacks that you could do on the enemies were cool.

The art style was really cute! I really like the idea of recording the sounds and then playing them back. It was a really good use of the theme. I did encounter a glitch that didn't let me play back the lightning sound to the sleeping guy. (all other sounds worked except for that one).

Overall the game was really fun and I hope you continue working on it.

The art was really good. I really liked the time travel feature. It's a really cool idea and was well executed. I encountered a glitch where you could shoot while the introduction was playing.

Overall the game was fun and I hope you continue working on it.

The game was fun. Graphics and sound were cool. I am however usure of how the theme was incorpirated. 

Very good use of the theme. Maybe the rewinding could have been faster though. The levels were well designed and the effects looked cool.

The graphics were really good. Very nice level design and story. Difficulty increased at a steady rate. 

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The graphics were cool and the sound was good. The rewind orb thingy felt almost impossible to dodge. The second level was very hard so perhaps a slower transition in difficulty is needed. I like how if the orb touches the broken bricks it fixes them.

It's a really nice little game. Easy to control, good graphics, cool idea, interesting take on the theme. I also really liked the cloud transition effect. I hope you continue developing your game!

The rewind effect was very nice. The game was quite challenging and I found myself struggling on level two so perhaps a slower increase in difficulty is needed. The game is simple but it is fun!

I found the graphics hilarious. I loved how the guy slapped the desk when you get an answer wrong. The music was cool and fitted the detective style well. 

The theme was kind of subtle however. 

Overall it was a very fun game and I hope you continue working on it!

The idea was interesting although i wasnt sure how to move at the start because I couldn't read all of the text on the camera. Once I figured it out I had some fun! 

The game had an interesting concept although it was sort of confusing as first. The art was good and so was the music.

Super nice little game. Amazing graphics and a really cool idea. Clever use of the theme. Hope you continue working on it!

Very fun game! Good job.

It was really fun. I really liked the upgrade song. Vibed to it whenever it came on! Sort of upset that Australia is worth less than the rest of the world but I'll forgive you for that.

The art was good and I really liked the music. Good job! :)

The game was fun, the art was really good and so was the music. However I think there were too many post proccessing effects. It kind of hurt my eyes. Also sometimes I couldn't move the triangle objects. I don't know if there was a reason for that or if that was a glitch.

Overall the game was fun to play and I hope you continue working on it. Good job!

The game looks really cool and was really fun to play but the rewind feature was sort of just annoying because I had to manually reset the level. The effects were really cool and I loved the little cutscene at the start.

This game was stunning! Amazing use of the theme and very fun to play. I also love how the terrain changes as you rewind time. It's a nice detail.

Only thing is that it wasn't very obvious what objects were affected by the rewinding.

Nonetheless an amazing game!

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This was an amazing game! I loved the music. The sort of remixed asian music was so cool. I loved the art. It looked very clean and the style was great! I loved the idea. It reminds me of Overcooked which is a very good game too! I loved the use of the theme. Very original. 

This is a super cool game and it was so much fun to play! 

Do you guys have any social media pages where I can see more of your stuff?

The game is absolutely stunning! The idea is really cool but I found the game really challenging even in the first area.  I think it should start off easier and progress in difficulty as you go along. Very good game, had fun playing.

The game had a really cool it had a great atmosphere, I love the paranoid look the character has. The monsters were very creepy! The theme wasn't very obvious, I had to look at the reason given but it is actually a cool use of the theme. Definitely thought outside the box.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!

Thank you. This means alot to me. Thanks for playing my game!