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Oh, good tip! That looks pretty nifty. I'll give it a try

Great little tool. This helps a lot when needing to fill in a level with some random objects quickly! 

The one feature I might like to see is an array of input objects, instead of only one, from which the tool randomly picks one and places it.

That is an awesome idea!! Glad you liked it as well :D

This made me laugh so much, all the way through. Really fun idea for a game and just hilarious to explore 

Hahaha glad you liked it. And yea we kept level 4 as quite hard, so you have a challenge to try and beat ;). Otherwise the game would be quite short

Definitely good suggestions! We were talking about how the car might tip too often already, but in the end I had to prioritize other things that were more critical first. Glad you liked it though :D

Of course very well executed given the theme and short time. But the one thing I loved most out of this game is that the character actually learns from your input. That just really sold the concept to me and made the character come alive! Really well done! Adding this to my watchlist :D

You should make sure that blocks also spawn on the sides of the level. I was able to just move to the left and didn't have to dodge anything anymore. Also after passing about 1300 points, the blocks just stop spawning. 

Not bad for a first 3D game though. Good luck on your further development!

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Really cute puzzle game! The last level actually had me stumped for a while. Loved the music. Great job!

Hahaha, don't you dare xD. I haven't been able to best it yet, but I'm definitely trying!

Nothing to be sorry for mate! You made a really nice, promising game in a really short amount of time! 

If you do end up working on it post-jam, I'd love to see what you can come up with and where you can take this project. I'll be keeping an eye out on your game page for any new updates! 

Stay awesome!

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Loved it! A really challenging game that keeps you on your toes. You can't rest for a moment because enemies are swarming in from all corners! It reminds me of OSU in the way that you have to take in information at a very fast rate while reacting with very precise mouse movements. I saw it on the GMTK stream and was determined to do better than him. My highscore is 92 so far, but I'm sure I can do better than that. 

The thing that kills me the most is if I'm on a good run, the screen is so full of dead bodies that it's hard to see which enemies are still alive and which are dead. But that also adds to the challenge at the same time, because I need to detect movement better, so it's not a criticism per se.

One thing I would like to see different is that after you die to not have to reset to the main menu, but to just have a 1-click respawn. Since you die pretty quick and often, it becomes tedious to sit through those 3 screens every time. I definitely don't think the design was bad or anything though. In my opinion it's geared towards a specific fast play style and while things could be added to make it a bit more forgiving, I personally enjoy the hardcore nature of it.

Also please add a highscore server or something! I'd love to compete against friends in a game like this. I think it has a very competitive nature to it and I'd love to score off against other people.

EDIT: 135!! Come at me nerds!!

Love the idea, really nice art too! Some music/sound would've really nailed it

Haha I did try to make a little bit of a creepy atmosphere. Glad that turned out to work :D. I never got around to making a proper ending. Maybe I will patch that in at a later date.

I hadn't heard about GDWC before, but it sounds awesome! I'm not sure if my game is up to the quality of some of the others that are on there. But can't hurt to join the party. I'll make a submission!