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Thanks man!! Glad you enjoyed it :D

You did an amazing job with this! The voice acting was great, there was a nice story in there and I thought the mechanic of moving modules was a lot of fun and tied in very nicely with the theme. Kudos!

Yea, exactly! I also use it to "transport" data between scenes without having to save it using PlayerPrefs or such. It's a very useful tool and one I should've looked at sooner in hindsight. Glad you can make use of the code. Good luck with it and your further development!!

I would personally just not have the music cut out, fade out or pause ever. The way I did it in my game, is to make a separate empty object in the first scene you load, usually the menu. Then put an AudioManager class (or whatever you want to name it) on that object and add DontDestroyOnLoad(this); in the Awake() function. This way the class is never destroyed between scenes and can just keep playing music. Then add an AudioSource component on there and just cycle randomly through an array of AudioClip elements, which you fill with all your music tracks. Here's the code for that if you're interested:

But, of course, that's my way of doing things and the way I prefer. Ultimately it's up to you what effect you want, but maybe this gives you some ideas ;). I only learned of using DontDestroyOnLoad recently and it's been a gamechanger for me.

Add a high score table to this and you've got yourself a Newgrounds hit! Great job :D

Fun shooter! It runs super smooth, very entertaining. I like your use of the theme, although I feel like the player isn't quite involved as much with it as much as I might've liked to see. Since there's no ammo count or anything (as far as I could see), you can just keep shooting whatever is currently ready to fire instead of having to think about what's currently rotating.

Still, very nicely done though. Good job!!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Yea, that's fair. I definitely would've liked to add a hint system if I had some more time. Maybe later! :D

Very fun interpretation of the theme! Nicely done. 

One small tip I'd like to give you for next time is to not have the music start with the loading of a new scene. Especially the menu, which is barely present anyway, has really nice music, but gets cut off instantly when you start the game. Also when the song is going strong, I would like to not reset it by restarting or playing again.

Just some food for thought. Otherwise really fun and well done! Great job!

Glad to hear that! Thanks for your reaction and your kind words :)

I'm so glad you liked it!! I did try and make some fun setups where you could look through windows or open cabinets and find the right angle. Happy to see that paid off. The sound effects (namely the alien and the commander) were actually voiced by me with a little pitch filter on top, which was the first time I really tried anything like that, so I'm super happy to see you liked those too! Thanks for the kind words :)

Thank you so much! Those are very kind words and I appreciate them!!

Yea, I totally get that. A hint system of some sort would definitely be welcome. If I'm going to further develop it I will look into adding it for sure.

I'm actually not entire sure where the size is coming from. This definitely isn't my first rodeo by far, so I'm pretty good at efficient code/architectural structure and I'm definitely not hardcoding 20 scenes. My best guess is because I just loaded in all of the asset packs I'm using or thought about using into Unity, that it's just compiling *all* of those assets into the final build. I'd have to do some testing to confirm that, but you know how game jams are with time... I figured my time would be better spent improving the game than optimizing the file structure behind it ;).

Also agree on the camera controls. Ideally I think I'd want to have the mouse play a much more vital role, so you don't have to rely purely on the keyboard for the controls. And maybe even look into more of a free mode of such. I felt like I couldn't really change it too much without going too far away from the theme, but in a future update I might be a bit more loose on that. And this was also another case of time constraints, where I didn't want to spend hours with the control scheme instead of spending that time developing levels and content.

Thanks again for all your insightful feedback! 

Haha that's very fair! Nothing is everyone's cup of tea and I totally get that. Thanks for being upfront about that and still appreciating the game even though it's not your thing! 

I loved the scale you put into the game! Nicely done. Very chill and relaxing exploration game.

Lovely interpretation of the theme! Music is great and the visuals fit very well together. The sound effects are a bit rough in my opinion though, especially the one that plays when you select something really "cuts" into my brain every time :D. 

Other than that I think you did a great job though! Well done.

Music is really good, but I would've loved a little tutorial or at least controls overview. Took me about half my health before I figured out how to place objects and pick others from the list ;). Also I found it hard to implement any sort of like tactic because the game ramps up quite fast and since it's not wave based, you don't really get a breather ever.

I must be doing something wrong, because I can't seem to move for the life of me and when I do suddenly move it seems entirely random, because I just did the same without any effect :P

Very creative and unique take on the theme. Well done!

If you add some music and/or sound effects the game is perfect for a nice and chill game. Also I'd add a little hint like "you need to build this high" in the first levels, just so people have a better understanding of what to do.

Very fun interpretation of the theme! It was very satisfying to grow in size and gobble everything up.

One little thing about the "Whoosh" sound effect when picking stuff up though... It's already a tad louder than the other sounds and it can stack up particularly quickly when you grow bigger and suddenly pick up a lot of stuff. 

Other than that it was a lot of fun. Well done, good job!

Very fun little game! It felt very satisfying to try and speedrun it by jumping over certain platforms to skip them. If only the game had a little more tight controls it would be perfect. 

For something like the jumping I'd implement a "ghost" jump like they did in Mario. Don't make the player jump from a pixel-perfect surface, but add like 100ms or something of being able to jump after you've touched a surface. It might seem like cheating, but it'll make the game feel a lot more fun to play I think.

Overall super well done though! Great use of the theme. Well done!

You're very kind! Thanks for playing. Glad you had fun :D. Good luck with the second area!

Great to hear! Glad you liked it. Thanks for your kind words :)

Awesome! Glad you liked it. I was quite happy with that effect myself, so it's good to hear I wasn't the only one ;)

Thanks so much for giving it a try! Glad to hear you liked it :D

Quite an interesting spin on the Flappy Bird formula. The visuals looks great, I loved the use of the light coming from the top pipe and the background slowly scrolling along. Nicely done!

Very fun take on the theme! Visuals look great and the music is really nice and chill. I didn't seem to be able to move more than 1 tile at a time, which might've been a nice quality of life improvement if you wanted to develop it a bit more. Also the "move to random tile" spell seems very hit or miss, which might be the point, but in a puzzle game you'd want to have a more dependable toolset I'd say. 

Overall very well done though! Great use of the assets!

Insanely well polished title! Looks really good and plays great. Also leans very well into the theme. Don't really have any further feedback, you just did a stellar job. Very impressive! :)

I'm using Google Chrome!

What an amazing concept, I love it!! Super original too and the presentation is amazing. I had some difficulties learning how to beat even the first AI, but after I got the hang of it I managed to beat him.

Only... When I did beat him, no further levels unlocked. I even beat the first level twice and still nothing unlocked. I assume that's a bug, in which case I'd love to see you fix it so I can try more levels ;).

Great job! Really fun and original game.

I love it! Visually looks stunning and the sound track is great. Also the way you incorporated the theme is very cool, I didn't expect that at all when I started playing. 

If you're looking to improve it I'd love to see more things. Maybe some powerups that you can use, or even coins to collect that give you more of a goal than just dodge things. Also I ended up dying because literally all 3 lanes were blocked at the same time. There was no way for me to dodge that, so that would be one thing you could look into ;).

Other than that, super well done! Great job!

I love the idea you were going for! Very unique take on the theme, with a nice amount of strategy in there as well. If you want to improve the game I think adding a tutorial would be really helpful, instead of having the player just instantly drop into the world. It definitely took some clicking around before I realized what I could do, and even then I didn't get all the interactions that were happening.

It seems like a game that can have quite a lot of depth, so I'd love to see some more work put into teaching the player that depth and having them appreciate it more. Really well done overall!!

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Nice take on the theme! I love your visuals. Even got 2nd place on the leaderboard when I played, although I suspect when more people start trying it out, I will slip down in that ranking ;).

I did have some difficulties gauging the depth of the objects coming at me, especially because they also all differed in size. Maybe using 3D objects instead would've helped here, but nonetheless it was a lot of fun to play. Great job!!

Lovely little game, very nicely done. Graphics look nice and music is nicely fitting.

In terms of balance, the projectile is very overpowered. Especially combining it with damage upgrades (like I did). In fact, it was so powerful that I never even saw what kind of attack the mage type enemies do, because I would kill them before they even did anything. To balance this better, I'd make the mages attack from a longer distance, so you actually have to consider them a threat. 

Adding a dash or other movement based abilities would be a nice way to make the combat more dynamic and varied. You could change up the terrain to make movement more interesting, like adding pillars or spiked pits so you can't just move anywhere you want. 

The upgrades were a nice idea, but I would try to steer away from just changing around numbers. As far as upgrades go, those are by far the most boring kind. Less passive and more active would be my suggestion. Add more things to actually do with the upgrades, more abilities, more weapon types, etc.

Abilities could be like, dash, blink, teleport, turn invisible for a few seconds, block the next hit, do a spear jab, throw a net, throw your weapon (which you then have to retrieve), dual wield weapons, basically anything that changes up the gameplay. 

Best of luck!

I'd like to see a bit more feedback about interacting with the game world. For example the fact that you die after hitting a red square isn't directly clear. Initially I thought the only lose condition would be when two of the collide.

Also I would maybe spend some time adding art assets to the game and building some kind of reason why you're doing the things you do. I found that adding a lot in my own game and I think it would lift yours up a lot as well. 

The game looks great, but the biggest thing I'd like to see is a tutorial or something to get you a bit used to the mechanics. Without reading the instructions on the page I had absolutely no idea what to do and even after that I was still struggling. Maybe something as simple as some button prompts would've helped a bit more with that.

Very nice puzzle mechanics and an amazing interpretation of the theme! Very well done!

The sound effects were a tad loud, especially compared to the music. But other than that, I really have no feedback. Each level was clear, the buildup was solid and I had a good time.

It's a nice little timewaster, but the movement definitely took some getting used to. Also the difficulty seems to spike pretty dramatically at some point, going from a very relaxed pace, to a more high speed dodging game. 

While it was fun on the higher difficulty, I felt like the only reason I was losing was because of the limitations on my controls. Not so much my lack of ability to dodge incoming blocks. I understand that you might feel the game becoming too easy if you remove the delay, but I'd suggest finding other ways of increasing difficulty rather than adding a movement delay. In games like these, having a character that feels good to control is key to making the game feel fun and in this case, the delay is actively detracting from that in my opinion.

Other than that there's not much too say, the game is nice and simple, easy to understand and the music is a good backdrop for it.

Thanks for your feedback! 

Do you have suggestions on how I could make the game less repetitive? The only way I can really think of is to add more and more mechanics, but that has the difficulty of coming up with those in the first place and also might make it too much all at once. Although in hindsight I could've shifted some of the mechanics I add later on to the earlier levels.

I am aware of the scaling issues, I built the game for a 16:9 resolution and haven't spent too much time making it compatible with others yet. This is something I'll fix in a future release!

I am definitely planning on adding an undo button, which should make it easier to clean up mistakes throughout a level and the level 7 might be a bug, I'll look into that. But it would seem you're one of the players that just clicks very well with the mechanics. Most people I've heard from have taken the tutorial to the full length. That's always hard to balance though, so I suppose that makes sense.

Thanks again for your feedback and insight, really appreciate it!

Thanks for your feedback! How far did you manage to get into the game? Because I had added a bunch of extra challenges the further you get down the road, which should shuffle up the aspect of it becoming more than just the numbers.