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I just tried the latest update and it definitely was that last little icing on the cake that the current version needed. Nice job!

That's fair. I'd love to see what you can do with this title later on though, if you're still willing to return to it later on. I'm still sticking with my earlier comment of really enjoying the management style of this idea. 

Best of luck with Slimebound and I wish you all the best in your game development journey!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to beat my high score of 28 that I got in the game jam, but the game has improved a lot! I love the restructured UI, the log being removed.. Everything feels much clearer and more intuitive to play. You did a great job with that!

What kind of plans do you have going forward? Do you want to expand it further with more mechanics, or are you mostly just looking to polish it up and make this version be the best it can be?

Thank you for your kind words! I was actually planning to add a few options like that to offset the current RNG influence on reward, so you're spot on with your suggestion! Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

You're definitely spot on about that hover-highlight. That's something I also noticed and am planning to remedy. The pop-up window not working as well on the edges is also known, but I figured since the edges are mostly not the ideal locations for towers anyway, I can leave it for now in the game jam release. I'm not sure what you mean with the turret firing at the closest dice, they should always fire at the dice which is the furthest along the path. Maybe you encountered a bug there, I'll look into it!

I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it so much though, even though tower defense isn't your go-to genre. Thanks for playing and thanks for your insightful comment!

That sounds awesome! But maybe I'm biased because I made a tower defense myself this time around. Would love to see where you take it though. Best of luck with any further development!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it! 

I loved it! Reminds me of Slay the Spire. Really impressive what you managed to put together in 48 hours. The art style is really fun too, gives the characters just enough animation to feel interactive. Nicely done!

What an amazing art style, really loved the little stick men and how surprisingly animated they were! Gameplay was fun, although I wasn't entirely sure how the attack values and such were calculated. Are the other 2 dice that you don't pick the strength of the power you do pick? Might have been nice to include a little tooltip in the game. But still, was fun to beat around a stick man. Nicely done :D

Holy shit this was amazing! The art is incredible, the story is great, the gameplay is fun. I'm blown away that this was made in a 48hr game jam. I guess if I had any feedback I would say to tone down the dialogue a bit, especially when visiting an area for the 2nd time. But that's really all I can say, the rest is just amazing. Super nice job!!

What a super unique and interesting puzzle game! I really enjoyed the mechanics when switching between the different climates and trying to figure out what each of them does. Rolling the die was a bit hard at times, maybe a little jump or something would've helped, but I still had a lot of fun in trying to figure it out. Nicely done!

It's a bit technical to get the game to run. It might be useful to include a .bat file or something that takes care of the terminal work for you. But that said, I think the concept was quite fun and I would've love to see what you can do with it if you keep working on it. Great job!

The art style on this is really good! I love the game over screen as well with the *poke* alien. I didn't entirely get how to win though, I just kept losing to multiple aliens in a row. Maybe I just suck at it ;).

Super polished game! A lot of fun to play, very satisfying to knock the dice around and use the powerups that you're given to enhance the rolls. I really enjoyed it. Good job!

Unfortunately I did run into a critical bug when assigning powers to my dice. Here's the stacktrace for you:

ERROR in action number 1 of  Step Event0 for object oGameController:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [10] out of range [6] - -1.buffslot_assigned_index(101754,10)

at gml_Object_oGameController_Step_0

Dude, I just love the sound effects, they're amazing. Made me smile right away. Also the music track just made me walk to the beat right away, I guess that's where your title comes from ;). Really nicely made, good job!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it. Glad you had fun and thanks for playing!

That was quite fun! Didn't take long to understand the rules and the dice shooting across the screen really added to the suspense :D. Nice job!

Man that was fun! Quite hectic too, trying to drag each die as quickly as I could to the incoming enemies. If you'd add some more dice like maybe turrets or other structures that you could place around the battlefield, I think this could become a full game quite fast. Nicely done, I really enjoyed it!

I love the visuals. It's quite challenging too. At first I wasn't entirely sure how the dice mechanic functioned, but that became clear fast and then it just was a matter of rolling the grenade launcher over and over again :D. Final score came out to 15600. I'd love to see a leaderboard or something to see how I stacked up against the other players!

The drawings are adorable. Really nicely made! I loved the little story intro too, really helps give the game some context. Well done!

That felt amazing! The game is really well polished, moving around and attacking feels very solid. The sound effects are super punchy and the animation is great. I'm impressed! Also the defeat scene is really good. Well done :D

That was surprisingly tactical. Nice take on the theme too, very unique! The art style was fun too, matched the game nicely and really connected it all together. Nice job!

I loved your art style. Very nicely made. The puzzles were quite challenging at times, but I managed to beat most of them. Good job!

That was a fun game! I tried to get onto the leaderboards, but others were simply a lot better at this game than I was. Nice job on that leaderboard btw, getting that into a game jam. Impressive!

Man, what a fun and creative game! I finished all the levels and spent a good amount of retries on the last one. Sadly it just froze after I beat it, I would've loved a little satisfying victory screen, but hey it's a game jam game so I can hardly fault you for that. 

One thing I would've *really* liked to see is some sort of free form camera though, or a top-down view that I could toggle. Anything really that would allow me to get a nice overview of the entire playing field. As it stands I had to memorize the locations of some of the enemy pieces when the field was big enough that I couldn't see them.

Still though, I had a tremendous amount of fun. Really one of the standout games of the jam for me. Excellent presentation, engaging gameplay and a good challenge. Excellent job!!

Very fun and creative game! It looks great too, very consistent art and color scheme, really well done. The only bug I found was that the dice kept not registering when I dragged them in, which sometimes left them stuck and I couldn't drag them anymore. But, a simple re-roll usually fixed that and I still had a lot of fun. Good job!

Thanks for your insightful comment. I'll just say that the 4 tower types are definitely not evenly balanced in terms of effectiveness and the end of level reward system can also throw your run for a loop sometimes. That said, I do have some ideas on how to balance both better and will be working on that in the future. I'm really glad to hear you had fun even though this isn't your genre. Thanks for playing!

Nothing to worry about mate! Taking critique is hard, especially if you've spent a lot of time and energy on something. I'm not always the best at that myself, so I can't blame you for how you reacted. I really admire you coming over here and being such a good sport though, that shows real character! Massive respect from me. 

And thanks for the kind words, I know my game isn't perfect either, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Best of luck with your future gamedev projects and I hope to see you again next year!

Well executed puzzler! A slight stylistic note is that I find it easier to "read" a d6 when it's just dots and not numbers, but that's just a subjective thing probably. Other than that the music and visuals were on point and I had some fun puzzling through it. Good job!

Fun puzzle idea! Not the most unique once, since every jammer seems to have stumbled upon this puzzle, but still fun to play. And very nicely polished too! Well done!

That was fun. Simple, but fun! It reminded me of some of the old Flash games I used to play. If you could add some upgrades to this, like allowing a double jump mid-air or some upgrades to how well the dice flies or bounces, it could have some more longevity. My high-score was 289 after a few times btw, curious to see what other people have managed to achieve. Nice game!

I felt like the enemies were coming in far too fast, with no room to maneuver out of the way of them. Resulting in immanent death. Also my projectiles were going so fast I barely noticed them on the screen half the time. I can see the core idea and the potential, but it seems to me it just needs some more polishing to really shine. Good effort though!

At first I thought the control were a bit finnicky, but after playing for a bit I really got the hang of it and was enjoying myself quite a bit. Nice and unique take on the theme, I haven't seen a control scheme like this before. Had a lot of fun with this, good job!

Nice idea, I like the concept. It does get interesting when you can't just jump over things, but the blocks are actually moving quickly and you have to dash in between them. I'd love to see some extra mechanics added, because the base is pretty solid. Nicely done!

Very unique and good looking game! I think there were some bugs with the UI though, when you lost there seemed to be no text at all. Also I felt like I didn't have that much control over the dice, but I still had fun trying to protect my little dice tower. Nicely done!

Man, what a deep game. I did not expect this at all from this jam. Very impressive and super creative. Well done, I enjoyed that a lot!!

Awesome to hear, glad you liked it! I know the RNG can be against you sometimes, but I'm happy that you took it as a challenge and managed to beat it anyway. Nicely done and thanks for playing!

Very kind of you to say, thank you! And I really appreciate that you took the time to write such an in-depth comment! 

I agree that I could've been a bit better with communicating your options for upgrading/selling, but this being a game jam I simply was hoping people would stumble upon it because I just didn't have time left for a decent tutorial. 

The current strategic element is mainly to combine high fire-rate, low damage towers with the inverse of those and with that create a mix that is able to kill both small and larger units. But I agree with you, a slow down tower or any other similar towers with a more synergistic element to it would be good to add. 

I also have an idea of how to make it more clear how much money you actually gained from this wave and how to offset how much it affects the difficulty curve. So I'm glad to hear that you pointed that out.

Thanks again for the nice comment and thanks for playing! Have a great day!

Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I can congratulate you on being the 2nd person to find the game easy by the way. Most people find it really challenging, so you're either very skilled or just super lucky with the RNG :D. And you're totally right, it can definitely get out of hand, but I just wanted to see what would happen if I left it in. I've already got a few ideas to remedy the impact it has, without removing the satisfying effect altogether (which I'm happy you enjoyed btw). Thanks for playing!!

Excellent puzzle concept. Really original and super well executed. Impressive job!

A very unique entry in this jam I feel. I haven't seen that much dice-based destruction yet anywhere, so very original! There are a few points where I feel like it just needed a tad more polish, like how the camera follows the dice (it's often not visible for a while and the dice often moves faster than the camera) or how the dice rolls around. Also I feel like it would've been more fun if every dice side had an effect. Rolling a *nothing* seems a bit any-climactic. 

I still had a lot of fun with it though. Trying to roll the different effects and seeing the destruction it caused were a lot of fun. Very cathartic. Great job!