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Neat idea. Would have like to be able to go full screen to play and sometimes I was going so fast I literally had 0 time to avoid obstacles so it was a bit of random luck :)

I liked the idea, and the artwork, music and sound effects worked together well. My main frustration I suppose was the fixed camera as I felt I kept getting hit by things that were off screen!

Seemed kind of interesting, kind of like a 3D gooey There weren't any other players around unfortunately so I had nobody to eat...

There was a fair bit of camera clipping through the terrain which was a bit disconcerting and I ended up getting stuck in the leaves of a tree and being unable to move, but an interesting (and ambitious!) concept.

That was as fun as I thought it would be :) Didn't score a whole lot of buckets but manage to shoot myself through the hoop

Got catapulted off into the oblivion on some of the coloured blocks... wheeeee!

Looks and sounds great and a really neat concept. I did have a little bit of trouble with the controls, I'm not used to using ASZX so would often get confused about what I was doing, but I liked the game, thanks.

Great, pretty well polished little game. Nice music and sound effects. I loved the upgrade interface.

I found a few minor issues with the colliders, I sometimes seemed to lose a life when there was still a small gap between me and enemies (i.e. they weren't touching me) and the enemies sometimes seemed to get caught on corners as well when pathfinding.

Awesome work, thanks.

Great work Ske, really polished and an interest mechanic. The goop sound effects are great.

Interesting! Don't know how you managed to develop that for three days straight without losing your eye sight... Was different and fun but I kept losing track of where I was in the maze and dying horribly. :) Thanks.

Neat idea. I just spammed space and had critters everywhere. It was pretty entertaining :)

Haha, yeah I never promised the AI was smart :)