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The art is really lovely and the sound is fantastic, although a little annoying after a bit. The clumsies are really cute, although the rules of the game aren’t really clear and there’s no tutorial or explanation about the “shop” phase. Overall I liked it, although there’s something off in the experience, but I cannot say what that “something” is (not because I don’t want it, but because I’m not entirely sure what doesn’t feel right).

Anyway, good job!

I really liked the art and the take on the theme! The rules are still a bit unclear to me but I managed to win the game! Too bad that proceeding with the game I almost got number cards only, which basically forced me to guess everything else from the second customer onwards… I don’t know if I was just unlucky or it works as intended!

Anyway, great job! By the way, on my first attempt at the game I got stuck after the first customer with no messages or game over so I really don’t know how to point you in the right direction, sorry! The only thing I can tell you is that my customer was the pirate-looking guy with the parrot

This was actually extremely nice! I loved the idea and the sound, and the puzzle where challenging and fun! I’ve finished the game pretty easily, but I felt smart while doing it, so great job! Maybe the best entry in this jam!

Nice job! The setup is hilarious and I can see that a lot of effort has been put in the design compartment. Unfortunately I’m just bad at playing this game, since the controls are a bit clunky for my experience and I felt a bit frustrated :( But good job nonetheless!

I didn’t get it :|

It was…. Soothing! I liked the audio the most, reminds me of last time I went to a spa (pre-covid, sigh). The art is nice and seeing our little astronaut giggle when a level is complete is oddly satisfying! In my opinion, the game could benefit a little more level design, because there’s no real challenge to the levels… Unless you wanted your player to have another type of experience playing your game, which is totally fine.


Nice Job for being a solo developer! I suggest you put a bit more effort on you itch page, though, because there’s no way someone would know even where the controls are if you don’t explain them… That set aside, the gameplay was a bit too easy and out of theme, in my opinion, but you managed to put some consistency in the game and that’s a good starting point!

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I can see that you’re really good at narrative, since the story looks pretty promising. But, I’m sorry to say, the gameplay is actually.. well, I don’t know how to say it nicely: it’s boring. I’ve went to Tuesday and then I decided to drop off, since there was actually nothing I could do apart from progressing the dialogue: no choice, no exploration, no clues, no anything… It seems promising as an audio-book, or a short video, but as a game… I don’t know. You can surely put your narrative skills to better use if you team up with someone else next time, in my humble opinion. But hats off for trying to do all by yourself!

EDIT: I’ve felt that my judgment wasn’t fair enough, judging without even finishing your game. I’ve played it again and completed it, and I can confirm to you that this is a nice incipit for a heavy narrative-based game, but you need to work a bit on giving the player some choices.


Nice job!


Nice mechanic and representation of the ghost, I liked it! The final puzzle was a nice add, too, but it was a little buggy and I had to hack a bit to get back the pieces in the correct order. Good job!

Nice idea, and great job for being a solo-dev submission!

Keep it up!

Unfortunately, bad things could happen during a game jam and you should not feel bad for that. This is supposed to be a positive experience, so don’t worry if you didn’t manage to make something bigger or more complex, you have gained experience even from this. And believe me when I say that I can imagine how you’ve felt and that’s not worth it.

That being said, considering that you’ve made this game in only 4 hours is a big accomplishment by itself! Good job!

I’m a fan of platformers, and while the body count rised, suddenly my experience became less fun and more frustration. Don’t get me wrong, the idea is great, but the traps are way too punishing and the jump isn’t too responsive, at least on my keyboard (which is a mechanical one, but I digress). The problem is, the bodies of my previous attemps more than once acted as a hindrance more than a little help, and I often got stuck in my own body and started to feel frustrated. It’s a great entry for only 2 people, but please, for the love of god, make it a bit less frustrating :D

Nice idea, although… It could receive a bit more love: either by polishing up a bit the UI, or giving some sort of feedback of how much you’ve stayed alive before running out of stamina (because, honestly, you’ll practically never die of arrows unless you actively try to catch them), or by increasing the number of arrows after a fixed time period, or by implementing jump and putting obstacles along the way… The possibilities are so many, give your design muscles a chance to flex a bit more!

Keep it up!

As expected from you, the technical accomplishment in this entry is astounding, considering that you do everything by yourself! Bravo! The idea is nice, and handling the split screen and the second player is the nice touch! To be honest, though, the various power up functions are unclear, and having a second bar under the boost bar (which I deduce stands for the health) and with the same color is confusing at best. Anyway, great job!

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Oh my god Sir you just made my day! Seeing you have fun playing our game is the best!!!

Hey there, thank you for your feedback! Yes, we wanted to give the feeling that the sword was big and difficult to handle. As per the growing factor, it is an intended feature to somehow give the player a soft death timer: every 3 seconds you get a fragment no matter what you do, as soon as you destroy the stone statue at the beginning of the game

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Hey man, thank you for your time! We hear you, and in fact my wife had the same struggle you had with the controls. Apparently for someone they are easy and for someone else they’re not. Maybe we’ll add an option to choose which movement system to use, since we implemented more than one version of it in the earlier iterations. But, if you wanna give it another shot, think of riding a bicycle: the tip of the sword is the handle and decides the direction! Cheers!

Hey mate, thank you for playing our game and for your feedback! As you might have seen, we are getting a lot of discordant feelings on the controls, and to be completely honest we had some doubts ourselves in the earlier iterations, but I’m glad you enjoyed the “final” (at least for now) decision! Ad per the tutorial, there’s one at the beginning of the game (only at the very first time), but you’re right, we didn’t include an enemy… We’ll think about it!

Thank you, both for your suggestions and for taking the time to play our game! Appreciate it!

Well, this is what really fuels me into spending my free time in game development! Thank you so much for your review of our game, it really made my day!

Thanks mate, we really appreciate it!

Thank you for your feedback! We actually tried this control scheme in our earlier iterations, but clearing the game was too simple and we decided to try something different. But maybe we’ll tweak some other values and give it another shot!

Thank you very much for your feedback and your support 😊

Nice job! The audio was really on point with the settings and the general idea of the slime was fitting the theme well. The game is a bit bugged, more than once I got stuck with the wizards in a way that didn’t let me die or restart the level, so I had to reload the page.

Keep it up!

Brilliant! I’ve enjoyed playing it and had a sound laugh at the first attempts! The audio fits really well, and playing with a controller is really satisfying. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but I think the number of passengers and their position is completely random, so some levels can actually be impossible to clear without leaving someone behind. I had to try 3 or 4 times before actually getting lucky and getting an extremely easy run. Nonetheless, I had fun! Good job!

It’s really a simple idea, but I’ve found myself hooked in playing and trying and retrying until I got to the end of the game. That being said, the lack of music and even a bit of UI to tell how far you’ve gone really stands out and kinda ruins the experience. I’m sure that you can expand this a bit and, with some love, it can turn in a nice hypercasual game.

Keep it up!

Hey! It’s impressive that you managed to do all this by yourself, kudos to that! As others mentioned, the mage is clearly superior to the knight, but otherwise I like the idea and the responsiveness of the controls! As mentioned before, the knight could receive a bit of love like increased health/armor/damage or be rewarded later by unlocking stronger abilites.

Keep it up!

Really nice work! I liked the artwork and the design idea! it’s been fun playing this game, and the different background sounds tied to the paintings are a nice cherry on top! Only thing I’d like to point out, how to reach the space painting wasn’t clear for me AT ALL, even though I’ve played countless adventure games… Maybe you could put a little hint somewhere? Aside from that, great job!

This game is definitely my favourite of the jam so far! The music is soothing and fantastic, and even without tutorials or control you instantly understand what you have to do to progress in the game. I loved the visuals, and the fact that I was pretty nervous before starting to play, and calm and relaxed immediately after, is the cherry on top!

Kudos to all of you!

I really liked the idea of solving the clues, but that strict timer didn’t give enough time to appreciate all the text and dialogues, forcing you to rush through it… And often the character would be stuck right after a dialogue, requiring a hard reset.

Lastly, I can imagine that you overscoped a little, because despite all the content you put in the game, there were some unintended behaviours (like Amy’s room being open before obtaining the key?).

Having said all that, I think there’s definitely some good narrative underlying the game, keep it up!

Really cool idea, I liked it really much! I don’t know if it’s my headphones or what, but most of the time the voice recognition didn’t work properly for me, which somehow ruined the experience :( BUT the idea was really cool, and the randomization in every sessions keeps on your toes!

Great job!

Surprisingly funny, I’ve appreciated the idea! The only bad thing I’ve found is the fact that the speed rapidly increases, so much that I couldn’t read any of the tasks (which were really funny)!

Good Job!

I really liked the homemade sfxs :D The story is good and the ship wiggle is a nice idea, although a bit strange. I’m a bit curious about the bullet implementation, though: did you create them from scratch, or did you use a plugin? They look incredibly familiar :)

Anyway, good job!

Thank you very much for your feedback! I’m glad you liked it :) We’ll definitely try out some more tweaking on the swing and the camera sensitivity, although you can adjust it a little by yourself in the options menu.

Grazie :D

Well, overscoping is often the main reason behind a personal project failure :) It’s always a good thing to note that you overscoped, so you can adjust accordingly in your next project!

Anyway, if you feel proud of what you’ve accomplished, that’s great! My feedback was meant to convey the message that there’s always room for improvement, and if you give any of your projects enough love it’s going to be a blast!

I loved the visuals and the use of audio, They’re great! It got me a while to guess that you just need to survive the attacks to win the fight (I’m still not there yet), but after noticing the background and the change in music, the smile it put on my face is a great indicator of a job well done (imho). Definitely gonna try it again later.

As someone else already commented, the story connection between pantheons is a bit weak and the introductory part is a bit too long, but neverthless very interesting! Maybe you can make the font a little smaller and make less cards, but I’m not sure it’ll help in making the player feel the introduction is shorter.

This game really piqued my interest! The idea is brilliant, and although I hate FPS games, I found myself trying this repeatedly! The alarm sound is a bit annoying, but the bgm is very nice! The fact that this game has been done by only one person is astonishing, well done!

If I really have to point some flaws out, I’d say: never put a HARD quit on the escape button, I have the bad habit of hitting it unconsciously whenever I’m testing out different approaches to a puzzle to reset the level as soon as possible.(and a think a lot of players do as well)

As a side note, I didn’t get past level 3, where the ricocheting bullet is almost unpredictable and most times it will bounce off the targets in a way that doesn’t even get to the third one (so, unless you know precisely where you are and in which way you shot in the previous attempt, you’re gonna be stuck there forever), where the game got a bit frustrating.

And I’d say that you should add the RUN function on every direction possible, not only on forward, because you’re tempted to look at the target while running to keep track of the bullet, and you can’t reach it if you don’t run straight.

Good job overall!

Nice concept, I liked the small guy art and the lore idea. I suggest you put a bit more effort in the aspects of the game more related to the user: like adding an option menu for lowering the volume, or simply an exit button. That gives the idea of a much more polished game and will never hurt you :)

Keep it up!