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This is really well done! It's like a completely new game, not something made using rpgmaker. The story is great! Especially the one in convenient store. I can really relate to that.

The details on each events made us really immersed to the story.

After reading the comments, I realized I missed some contents.. I'll come back to that.

Thank you for playing my game!

Thanks for pointing out the bug. I played it a couple of times before submitting it to make sure everything goes well. But I admit my switches and event pages are kind of a mess. I think I'll redo the whole switch management from the start. The temanco is from before I get hans's face, I must've also forgot to fix some old events. I'm sorry about that.

Also, thank you for the mapping feedback, I thought the stairs was cool, but yeah, now that I look at it it looks weird to have in town. I'll delete/fix it. Also the passability. The portal is as you've just guessed. I was playing around and thought it can be used for later events and thought it was cool to left a magic circle in front of a magic shop. But I guess it is missleading. I'll hide it.

Yes, I do need some proofreads. As for the writing I made it that way to show that cent shows different behaviour in front of his friends and in front of his sister. But I guess that also a bad idea. I'll make it more consistent. 

There is a plugin to read external txt files?! I'll look into it!

Mixing the rtps does come out ugly, It'll come with more custom faces and blank npcs next.

You have no idea how much this comment means to me. I know about this gamejam halfway through it. Bought the rpgmaker, learned and tinkered with it, and made "Heroes of Adoria". Although I enjoyed every seconds making it, I have no idea how well/bad it is. After the deadline I played others works and they all so good and well made. With the lack of comments I thought it was a complete failure and giving up on it.

I'm really happy to hear that someone plays it, quite enjoys it and say that it has potential. I will continue this project!

Tp is used in the game when facing the behemoth. Cent unlock his tp skill. I'm quite proud of that battle arrangement and my bug prevent people to access it. I'll fix it ASAP.

I find myself keeps playing this one..

So fun! So cute! Here! Have my vote!

I'm a sucker of a unique battle system... Instant vote from me! :)
And.. It's beautiful, it's really well made, I hope someday I can make something like this out of RPG maker..

Mangstuupp!!! Now downloading!

I got this error

Cannot read property 'pages' of undefined
for more information, push F8"

I'm using win10

It looks so interesting, though. :)

I also love DnD. As a player, not as a DM, though.. Hahaha..

Got bit by a snake, poisoned throughout my first quest, barely survive back to get healed at the inn.

Just like one of my campaign with my bad rolls.. :p

Great game! I'll continue for the big mission later.