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Nice job on the presentation. Sounds and visuals are all really tight.

Was confusing at first, but once I knew the controls, it was enjoyable. Turns out I know less about industry players than I thought I did, though. :(

Really impressed, nice job!

Damnit! Intro had me laughing, and I love the simple art style. Really wanted to play this, but didn't work on my PS4 controller!

Dialogue scroll was really neat, although at times it was hard to keep up. I wish I were able to control the scroll myself. For what I got out of it anyway, well done!

Something about that just felt surprisingly good to control. I thought the drones were awkward though, since the jump attack didn't seem to damage directly upward, and that's where they always were. Took me a while to realise I could, in fact, kill them.

Really nice job on the controls though, and the animation is really smooth. Those portraits of the crew were....interesting to say the least, haha. Well done!

Like the style and sound. I did feel like at later speeds, I didn't have enough control to play any strategy other than letting luck sort me out, but it was interesting seeing which ways I could manoeuvre the vehicle to maximise my chances of winning! Nice work!

Couldn't seem to run this properly in either Firefox or Chrome. There were issues with sprites not rendering.

Loved the character select and Brad DLC, though, haha. The style looks cool, and it's tantalising, since now that I've seen it, I want to play a GiantBomb beat 'em up!

Really nice presentation, man! Love the slow rise from the podium. Dialogue gave me a good laugh too.

Surprised at how varied you managed to make the minigames. Had a lot of fun trying them all out. Definitely most creative entry I've seen!

I'm a bit sad that I just couldn't complete Clown Swarm (must have tried about 20 times), because I'm genuinely interested to see what happens after the games!

Damn, I ran all the way to that imposing figure in the distance, hoping I'd get some clue of what it is, but the mystery must remain. Not a lot to do, but the figure piqued my interest and the lighting effects were pretty cool.

Wow, that was really solid stuff! All the way from presentation to feel. Every weapon was satisfying in its own way, and I found myself switching through them a lot. Love the touches at the start with character customisation. Didn't expect that level of polish from a week's work.

I would say that everything's a bit dark and it was hard to tell what could and couldn't be traversed, so I found myself backing into corners wondering why my guy wouldn't move.

I feel like if you had an icon in the corner displaying the current gun, I would have been able to tell what I was holding from my periphery, rather than taking my attention away from my enemies to look at my character.

I will be loading this up again, because I wanna feel that shotgun. Really great job!

@MiniChimera Yeah, sorry about that and thanks. It would have been nice to have a simple 1 player mode so people could at least check out the game in some form. We'll have to be content with people checking out the screenshots, haha, and yeah, that'd be awesome!

I think this is my favourite one so far, so well done! I was expecting some feature with the Japanese script, whereby some power-up would translate them and allow me to type them out, but I got a good laugh out of it anyway.

There was one issue where two ships were in a single lane, and I could only attack the topmost one, meaning I just had to concede the lower one. But yeah, really solid typing game, and really well presented. Good job!

Neat little concept. I'd say the speed at which characters deplete is maybe just a bit too quick. I felt like 4 stars was easy enough to get, but I don't know if I even came close to 5. (Maybe I am just terrible, though, haha).

I don't know that there's a restart button, so closing and restarting meant retrying was difficult, which means I didn't spend as much time with it as maybe I should have, but I enjoyed getting to see 4 out of the 5 screens. Lots of character in such a little game.

I left a comment here last night, but it seems to have not sent(?)

Was just saying that I'm impressed at how much gameplay you managed to fit into 'Press Space.' The ice blocks were pretty inventive, and I felt clever when I realised they could be used to my advantage. (I should probably feel stupid for not realising it in the first place...)

I was confused when I failed on the ice level a few times, because the white timer is completely invisible on the white background. I did think it was a bit that failing on the fire level brought you back to the very start of the game, but I did get a case of 'I'll just try one more time...', haha.

Also, exploding was an appropriate way for the character to die, so well done!

Looks really effing nice! Got a laugh out of the VR zombies, the last scene, and even 'More stuff would go here if I had time.' Well done!

This game is my kind of crude. I thought it became a bit too hard to follow when the enemy ships came in, but I like what you're doing.

@joystickhero I know, sorry about that! If it's any consolation, it was very difficult for us to play and test it ourselves!