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Yeah I tried making small "manageable" games like everyone says you should for a year, but it's hard to make ambitious games that made me want to make games, and that's what keeps me motivated.

I would offer to collaborate on this project, but my only real skills are designing and implementing core game mechanics and I have a feeling you got that shit down and mostly just need artists.

I'm not sure that would be that much easier. For me the hard part about making RPGs is the NPC AI, open-ended systems, demand for lot's of content and  accounting for all the player's choices.

You said agenda 2042 is more manegable, out of curiosity what exactly is the idea for it? 

If it's  working as I described then you don't need to give me anything, you can just have fun turning it into whatever you want!

If it's not working as I described then I should fix it

Does this happen when you jump on top of them? If it is happening when you drive into the side of them then it is functioning as intended. I intended the mushrooms to be more like stationary enemies or obstacles, that can also me used as jump pads. Of course you can use the character controller to make your own game that works however you want :)

Wanting a game to be easy doesn't make you a "casual". My favorite game of all time is Divinity Original sin 2, but I can say without shadow of a doubt that the difficulty belongs at "adventure", if not "story mode". In my experience the only thing that higher difficulty does is make everything take longer. I guess if the game's gonna be short then that's alright though. 

The tricky thing with the CRPG market is that there are the players who play it for the strategy and challenge, but then there are also the players who are just as "hard-core" as the first type, but it's Role-Playing that they're hard core about. And they would rather think about what their characters would do than what is smartest strategically. But I guess you can't please everyone can you? 

I've only played for about 30mins, and I already love it! I've never been so impressed by even just an options menu! The attention to detail and reactivity in all the games menus are, dare I say... Juicy?

My biggest complaint is that I wish there were a little less monsters, or there were safe rooms where I can take a little break. As it is the constant onslaught of weak enemies swarming me just makes the game tiring to play. And so even though I enjoy the game I can't see myself playing for more than 30mins a day.

Maybe you break the map up into regions and after you kill a certain number of enemies they stop spawning in that region(Or maybe that's already the case and I just didn't notice), or you make the monster's AI less proactive and only attack if you approach them?

Either something that is unique in style that it stands out, or pack that's so extensive that it covers all of my basic needs in one tilesheet, with a consistent art-style. Having the full Characters + UI-elements + Environments + Misc-items in one art style at a consistent scaling is a dream!  

As for uniqueness, I know my eyes kinda just pass right over most pixel art assets cause there are just so many of them.

I'm not sure if I'm qualified to give advice, I've only been serious for a year now, trying to do solo-gamedev + youtube, and have gotten almost nowhere with it(3itch followers, 12YT subs). But I can say 1 basic principal I have found, that I guess should be obvious to anyone who's been doing this for a while: YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT IN.

Phoning something in is as good as not doing it at all, and even after something seems to be a complete failure, there's always something you can do to make things better even a little bit, even months after the fact. Don't just release something and see how it does, then be like "oh well, I'll try better next time" when you're disappointed with it's performance. A YouTube video is under performing? Spend a morning rethinking the thumbnail & tittle, then share it around on a social-media  platform you haven't shared it on yet. A game isn't getting any traffic? Redo it's tags and maybe give it a clearer cover image.

Some time ago I spent a month or so making a really stupid novelty programming language that was terrible. I made a youtube video about it just cause it was kinda amusing, almost no-one watched it. I was burnt out and figured no-one really cared anyway so I didn't actually release the language itself anywhere. About a month later on a whim I spent a day writing up a manual for the language and released it onto sure if anyone else has ever released an esso-lang on itchio), and the page quickly got more views than my other projects at the time, and by proxy that video got lots of views(lots by the standards of a 12suber), and is still the most viewed video on my channel.

I know it could be good with week more time, but I just bit off way too much and my experience making it was so bad that I don't think I ever want to see it again.

Wow this is so polished!

Yeah for some reason the colors looked different in the browser than when I tested it on my machine. For me it showed up brighter though so I darkend it. Guess that was a mistake. Thanks for playing it!

Thanks for your feedback. I wanted to allow leaning / rolling as it's own thing separate from moving. Maybe it could be E and Q to lean but it could make it hard to move and roll at the same time. 

Wow we have soo much in common

Looks like something I made...


tried to play with muh bro and he has all like "this is too hard and it doesn't make sense...".

me: so you wanna stop?

bro: no one more round...

bro: crushes me for 3 rounds in a row.

Anyway why is the mobile version premium and the itchio version free?

Cool atmosphere. At some point you run out of smaller entities to eat and can't do anything but run though.

WalrusWilram#7026 just sent a friend reques

I'm decent at programming, terrible at art, and am on Japanese time zone. If anyone wants to team up with me let me know but we running out of time

Coding and making pixel art is kinda everything so what can you do? All that said I'm game to team up but time zones might be an issue

railkill thanks for the feed back.  The whole idea that started it off was that I wanted to try making a game where all the characters are rigid bodies, which in the godot engine meant that there was only so much control I could take over the movement and rolling in code. The sling-shotting is actually just a "feature"(bug) of the physics.  Over all I should have spent way more time on the movement.

Yeah... how far did you get?