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The jump is very floaty, it feels like you're on the moon, but maybe that's what you were going for!

I liked the music and the idea of it, just not the way you jump in it.

Cool small game, however the jump feels very weird and then enemies feel inconsistent in terms of where they are(walking enemies walk on air).

Hey, I think you forgot to publish the zip which contains the game, so I can't really rate anything on it except the provided screenshots.

Uh, there is no game here?

Cool small puzzle game, I like the character designs!

Good game concept, however the game is lacking in terms of enemy variety, or maybe even a difficulty curve to make sure the player doesn't get too OP.

Good game, there's a few glitches here and there, but not much to ruin the experience, i like the ghosts acting as a sort of guide through the levels, and btw what was the intended solution to the 2nd to last level, i think i kinda cheesed the puzzle

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Hey! Cool game! I think I encountered an issue though, the first enemies in the game don't seem to kill me and my character is like stuck.

Also you can go out of bounds on the library part, and the shooting doesn't seem to work for me.

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A simple platformer that features a cat thing trying to find  its loved ones!

all credits are in the main page. 

suitable for all ages

GMT +1

Thank you for the feedback!

A simple platformer, there's nothing much to add.

Any feedback would be appreciated!