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Hey jonas can you show us the game stats on itch

Holy god that graphic is good the game play was good as well i gave it a full 5 star 

oh no i just jokingly made the game paid and expensive because no one played it anyway when it was free

i loved the game it looks really good

this is amazinng 

why do you like every youtuber i like we are way to much alike 

ok this game is good but has some problems first collisions it's so badly detected that i can hardly walk in the game. second item's i cant use them, background when you get to the edges you can see the default unity background, the water is pointless and i can walk on it like Jesus, some collision's are so bad that i cant even get close to some character's and talk, but i liked the game's graphic   

i sadly don't have the money to purchase the game but i have seen a video(i have also seen the devlog's) on it and it's such a amazing game 

you got it right MickLeinbach

 I liked it but the levels are a bit hard

tnx for explaining

yo I liked the game but I didn't get the game and the control's were a bit funky

and hard except that I liked it