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I used to think that the Sumireko game was the toughest. I was wrong...
Btw I wish I discovered the attack key earlier

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Great art, but the character feels very wonky to control

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The game freezes after completing level 1, is it supposed to be like that?
UPD: wait i actually just had to click the fairies

Great use of theme, but character movement feels really unwieldy, especially when you have to control 2 at once

Play this version of the game if you feel the light radius is too small

Hitting space alone certainly should not restart the game, maybe in web version pressing it somehow trigers a button press. The game has 4 levels, feeding the last cake shows the victory screen.

I agree, I really didn't get lighting intensity and overall geometry right.

The game looks nice but it's currently suffering from a few weird colliders (got stuck several times) and 2-3 sec freezes out of nowhere

Really great music

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A great twist on the original gameplay

Really liked gameplay mechanics

Weird, i thought i've fixed that bug when the game completely fails to move the player to latest checkpoint and just leaves him where he died

How do i run it?

How do i run it?

Great game