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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the feed back and for playing!

Thank you so much! I'll go check it out! 

Thank you so much!

A very polished game overall. Well done! It was a little challenging to control but quite a lot of fun. Your characters are very cute too! Congrats man! 

Would be great if you could check out my submition as well!

A very polished game overall. Well done! It was a little challenging to control but quite a lot of fun. Your characters are very cute too! Congrats man! 

Thank you so much! 

Thank you so much! 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the feedback! And thanks for playing! 

Thanks so much for playing! Yeah the sprites were supposed to disable on animation but we ran a little short on time haha. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback. There are 20 levels if you don't mind skipping through a few levels with the next level button I'd recommend playing from level 10. There are a couple of cool mechanics hidden around. Sorry about the music. It was a little last minute haha! Thanks again for playing!

Hi, sorry you didn't enjoy the experience. the first 5levels are tutorial levels.  If you don't mind playing a few more there are new mechanics. Pressing the next level button will skip the level if you simply want to skip ahead to the harder levels. 

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Thank you!:p

You didn't quite make hit the theme but I really enjoyed the randomness. The game was fun and creative. Congrats! It was a lot of fun. 

It would be great if you could give my game a look and let me know what you think!

Fun concept but a little hard to control. I like your take on the theme. The randomness factor really made the game unique. Well done! 

It would be great if you could check out our game and let us know what you think!

Thanks so much! The game is quite luck based so it gets pretty hard! 

Solid attention to detail in the animations. Loved the music and sound design. The dialogue felt really natural too. Well done on all fronts! 

Okay, I love this game. The writing was spot on, the music was such a jam and the game felt really solid to play. My only gripe is that there's quite a lot going on on the screen. Amazing work man! 

The controls were a little bit janky but overall, it's a pretty cool concept. I love that you gave each character a personality! 

Didn't really follow the theme super well but it was a cute little game. I enjoyed the art and especially love the music. The controls could use a bit of refinement but I appreciate the controller support. 

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks! Aww heck, what a silly mistake on my end, thanks for letting me know! 

Thanks! The cart sprite was supposed to reflect the number of corpses but unfortunately, that mechanic broke at the last minute and I didn't have time to fix it :/

I love the piano and strings combo. It's light and airy. When those bells came in I got chills. Well done on this! It sounds amazing!

I love the harmonies you have. It feels longing yet triumphant. Definitely epic and definitely going on my playlist! 

Your music sounds like the start to one hell of a fun adventure! I love the synth-pop vibes! I get old cartoon feelings from it. Early ps2 adventure games. Incredibly well produced! Well done! 

I really felt like the music was taking me on a journey. Like I was supposed to be looking for something. So immersive and I am a sucker for voices in harmony! Sounds amazing! Well done!!

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for the in-depth response! It's great to get such clear feedback! 

Thanks so much for your comment! Really glad you like the music and the plot!

Thanks so much for rating and comenting. Glad you enjoyed it! 

I love love love Mushroomland! The sound paints such a vivid picture! I felt like I was running around an epic wonderland while listening! 

Impression: I loved it. The theme feels like it was made for an epic adventure and surely is a journey to remember! 

Creativity: Super creative well done! The music is unlike anything I've heard before! It feels truly like something that belongs in a super cute adventure game! I love the shift from happy to intense! 

Quality: Fantastic. I had no issues. The track is mixed wonderfully and the harmonies are beautiful! 

Correlation to the theme: I feel like I could see your music being used by the picture theme. It suits perfectly! Well done! 

It would be super cool if you could rate my submission as well:

I could 100% get behind listening to this in a mining game! 

Impression: Your music instantly reminded me of an 8bit mining game. Something cute and 2D. Love it! 

Creativity: I loved how simple the melodies are. It really feels like something that should be playing the background of a game. It felt unique and helped me imagine a great game!

Quality: The music is mixed perfectly and all of your sounds harmonize and resolve amazingly! There is almost nothing you could do to make this better quality!  

Correlation to the theme: I can kind of see how this could correlate to the theme quite well bit I did struggle to see exactly how the music fits the theme. Regardless of this I still absolutely loved this! 

Well done!

It would be super cool if you could check out my submission too:


I started listening to your music when lone rabbit first compiled the Soundcloud playlist and I loved it! 

The whole track feels super cohesive and sounds nothing like anything I have ever heard before! Well done! 

Impression: I immediately fell in love with the music. It really took me on a journey. My favourite track is definitely The Willow! 

Creativity: I really like your game concept. Each track felt unique and a little unnerving. Suits a horror game really well! You have a very unique sound and your use of dissonance is super creative. (the laughter jump scared me)

Quality: I had a few peaking issues but other than that the tracks were really well put together. 

Correlation to the theme: I definitely think you got the feel of a journey down! 

Well done on this! 

It would be super cool if you could check out my submission too:

I love the epic feel of this. Really feels like an epic montage or boss battle. It feels a bit more cinematic maybe something for a cutscene or really intense moment in the game. 

Impression: Loved the orchestra and arrangement. Your harmonies flow so well and the whole piece just feels like it fits together. It seems to melt in your head as your music comes to a close well done. 

Creativity: I really like your use of arpeggios near the end. It felt dreamlike and tied the whole thing together. Your arrangement feels super unique and creative well done! 

Quality: The track is mixed super well. None of the instruments feel overbearing. The sound quality is also amazing well done! 

Correlation to the theme: At first I rated this part quite low but listening to the whole thing kind of feels like a journey. You've managed to capture the heroes journey in 3 minutes and that is so impressive. From the setup all the way through to the crescendo and the resolution I really felt like you were telling a story. Well done! 

It would be super cool if you could pop over to my submission and give it a rating too:

It's a fun little game, But it didn't really fit the theme. Some of the falls also felt a bit unfair because they are so luck-based. Well done on this game, the graphics are great. 

It would be cool if you could check out my game too and give it a rating.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! I'll check out your game asap! 

Hi, thanks for playing! The game should give you feedback when you click on the circles/ press e to sing.  If you didn't finish the game you can listen to the final song here: