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Hi. Sadly I had to stop the development for Estigma, so it still on alpha stage and options menu was not finished in time. I believe Alt+Enter still works for changing between Fullscreen and windowed. 

It was made using Game maker Studio 1.4.

Hi. There still keys available (Itchio says it has 229 left), I request more when they're near to end. If you run into a problem let me know. ;)

Hi. That's odd. Every room should have a variable that defines the clone detonation time for that room. Also, some rooms have a more limited timer, and some puzzles works more like a speed challenge. If this was a glitch (It's also possible) maybe a room was left without that variable (and this made the game loads the last visited room value), you can try returning to 'level select hub'. There is a portal that makes you continue playing the last visited room (next to the Patriarch portal that transports players to that pyramid man). If this is a variable problem this should reset the timer to it's original value.

Also, there is an alternative to slow time on options, this enables the reset button to work as an on/off slow-motion (reset still working when the button is held).

I'm going to check the game again and look for left values, and thanks for playing :D

Thanks for the information. I've found the problem and I'm working on a update that will be online today :D

Maybe I'll send a limited number of keys after Steam release. I'm just waiting for Steam confirmation.

Oh Hi. The password is hidden in the game. It's not that much hard to find, but it contains some spoilers.

:D Thanks for playing and writing a review + suggestions. This will definitely help me improve my future releases. 

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Thanks. I hope I can release something soon. :D

Thanks Boi :3

No plans for VR. Just a minor update (1.1) and I'm going back to another game I was working.

:3 Thanks! Love the video and thanks for the feedback.