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Took me a while to get into it (ie to stop placing tiles any old where and focus :p) but when I did I found it a really neat puzzle. I don't think I've seen this kind of placement puzzle before and it was quite involving - choices to make about what type of tile must go in what location to win, learning about what kind of tiles work in the middle, on the edge, etc. Really good :)

Fun idea! I liked the blue potion effect. Game stopped responding when I unlocked a void door and tried to go through it :(

Super addictive! Really hard at first but once I figured out a winning strategy I made it through to the end. The lack of inventory outside battle was frustrating at first, but I came to see it as part of the puzzle to strategize around and began to enjoy it. I do also like how you can just about escape the enemies by maneuvering round the maze.

Great game, feels really fun to play! I am so bad at it though :(

Simple idea that works great! The void effect is really cool. The whole game felt centred around that effect, I like it.

Loved the chill atmosphere, and satisfying bike riding. I broke down once so it was fairly easy but I think that works better with the atmosphere. Glad you got the working build up so I got to play it :)

This looks (and sounds!) great. Cool to read that you used Shapes for this. I'll look forward to any updates.

I did die quite a few times :D The experience seems like it can vary wildly. My first run I got so many doubloons, the second run I saw loads of ghosts and mirage people(?). The next one I did not find very much. It's neat that there are all these possibilities.

I liked it! Quite addictive! Only thing I would add is that having to wait for enemies to show up at the start is a little frustrating.

I love the idea, it fits the theme really well! I find it quite difficult though.

I played puzzle mode apparently but that seemed frenzied enough already! Great idea though!

I added a new version just now, which is a bit longer and less trivial.

I suppose the idea started out from a different direction, but in the current version the constant spinning would be the "out of control" aspect. If I had a little more time I would probably work on the enemy movement being more unprediactable as well. There's also the idea of you being thrown off in a random direction when you clear an encounter as well.