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Thank you so much! Yeah, I guess it's because I used unreal engine 4 and it's hard to optimize for 2d :')

Thank you!

Sick animations!

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Nice graphics! Cool combo and interesting concept. Could be really interesting with more attacks and stuff. :)

Nice concept! I would suggest reducing the vibration effect tho :)

Fun physics! :)

Hey. Nice little platformer! You should add checkpoints, or health points :) Nice level design.

Cool concept! Nice visuals and gameplay :)

I think turn-based gameplay could work too, because it can be hard to follow currently. Still nice regardless :)

Very fun little concept! It's not much for now, but I liked the interactions :)

Very fun game! Deserve more ratings.

The idea behind the island is really good :)

Hey! Good job with all the mechanics ! I survived 3 days.

Nice game :)

Left mouse button to interact! :)

It's okay! You did a good job with the mechanic.

Thaaaank you :)

Hey! Thank you for featuring my game! The inconsistencies in the witness testimony  (having lunch at 6pm) are part of the game, and a few dialogues after you have to forge evidence to prove the inconsistency in his testimony. You have 3 choices, which are to Fake fingerprints, send a letter or put witness blood on a knife. 

Sadly, my game doesn't really suit a video since it's basically dialogs. I didn't manage to include as much gameplay as I wanted.

 Would love to see you play other jam games.

Took me a little while, but once you remember the commands, it's all fun! Good job :)

Amazing game. The graphics are so good, everything look very polished.

Good job! :)

Wow! Very smart idea guys. Nice and polished :)

I liked how you have to control 3 ghosts! There are interesting puzzle ideas, like when you have to stack the 3 ghosts together. Nice job!

The idea works well! Sadly, I think I softlocked because the red square is stuck...

With more time, you could turn it into something really cool!

Loved the models ahah. Fun game :)

Fun boss fight!

The fireplace is such a deep character, I loved it. :P

Really good idea! Finished the game with the dwarf remaining.

Nice pixel art, by the way :)

Hey! Nice concept idea! I like how it becomes harder after a while.

Could me very fun with more mechanics!

Ahah that's great!

I look forward to your next games! :)

Hey! Played until the level with 4 players, bridges and buttons on the right.

Awesome concept! You really did a good job :)

special mention to the monster animation

Cool idea. Wish there was more obstacles!

Guys, I have nothing to say. The art is really good, I love the idea, the sound fits in well. The turret enemy is really cool.

I had fun while playing alone. Great job!!

Nice take on Tetris, gg :)

Interesting concept :)

The game over screen made me laugh so much. Fun game! I don't know if you can do something else than parry, though.

Hi! Nice concept and nice art! Wish there was more levels.

Hey! Good gameplay idea! Could be expanded into something interesting.

Thank you! Might continue the project 🙂

Ah too bad, I should really stop using Unreal Engine I guess 😅

Yeah, it's the last level. I think jumping again on the red button would trigger the event correctly. There's nothing to see after, really! 

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Thank you for your comment! 

I actually tried to draw an arrow toward the direction the red star is going when launching, but couldn't get it to work sadly. So I scrapped it. 

There's four level in the game, so I think you reached the last one. 

I noticed the problem with buttons too late after uploading the game, but yeah it's weird. I actually set them up weirdly. Anyway, jumping again on the button fixes the problem. 

Thank you for you feedback :) 

Sounds good ;) 

Would love to see this expanded! Nice idea :)


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Hi! Very good puzzle ideas!

Don't really have anything to recommend, ahah. Good job!