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The sound effects are a step in the right direction! Add some visual feedback on click to make the game feel more alive. For example, when you click a circle, it can jitter before disappearing, or change size and pop. Think creatively about how you communicate responsiveness to your players.

Have you thought about making this for mobile? The touchscreen controls would work well here, and perhaps you could adapt it so that rather than clicking, you can drag and draw a line around the balls to create shapes, which reward the player with a nice visual update on completion

Interesting concept but just when it started getting good, you made me quit the game! What were those black lines all about? Don't make the player quit the game, think of a way to rope them back in.

Repetition is good, but after the first run the game breaks. Instead of clicking buttons, what other interesting ways can you allow your players to interact with your game?

Slenderman style game which is cool, but think about what makes Slenderman a success (pacing, atmosphere, visual cues).

I'm not sure this game fits the theme of ritual though. What interesting ideas are you trying to prove/disprove with this game? Have you thought about when/where/how you'd like your players to interact with this game?

Interesting game but I wonder if there's a way to condense it down. Maybe don't have the map as long? I liked the continuous change as the zombie grew each day. The zombie taking over in your sleep was okay but it would have been a better payoff to see the zombie wandering the grounds first, and then it eats you. This game is missing something to hook players in. Think about ways to condition the player to keep them playing

Capitalise on cat-like behaviour to drive this game! Make the cat pur, give the cat a name, make them meow at you as you're frantically trying to open the tuna can. Add some additional gameplay elements to help with systems immersion (glue your player's eyes to the screen!)

The game looks great but it's very empty. The core gameplay wasn't immediately clear either. Reduce the size of your map and really focus in on your gameplay. Get the gameplay feeling good and working well, then make a nice looking level

The arrow on level 2 doesn't work. Looks like you're going for dexterity as a physical skill check which is good! Think about the end goal. This could be like the old flash games of reaching the highest level possible as a sort of high score. You could also tie in time taken with this, so you have both highest level + fastest run. This will then let people compare their score to their friends.

I can see this game as one of those time wasters students play in secondary school (I know I was one of those students :D )

As a concept it works but the challenge needs tweaking. Maybe have a bag that you have to rummage through for example. Give the player something to do that gives a sense of urgency as the bar decreases

Cool concept, have a think about what happens over time with this style of game. Is it a survival type thing where the player has to keep the bar filled at all times? Or is there some other goal in mind?

If you're going to use daily objectives, it's not enough to have them on the top left. You need to add functionality that actually ticks them off. Otherwise the player will feel like they've never completed them. In addition to this, there's no direction here. The whole point of a daily is that you get some sort of reward. What rewards are you giving out for each objective? And what's the payoff for getting all objectives done? Chopping trees and burning the traitor don't make any sense. Why is there a traitor?

Also, it needs to be a loop. Right now it's one set of daily tasks and then you make the player quit the game. It's much better if you let them sleep then you give them new tasks to do

I'm not sure how this game fits the theme really. It's a maze type game where you run around without much direction. The player is left brute forcing their way through.

If you want to go down this route, have a think about games that have jump quests. Maplestory, for example, has brutal pixel perfect jump quests that are tied to certain in-game events. Back in the day, every day, a guild would face the boss Zakum. In order to face this boss, you first had to complete the jump quest. This creates a ritualistic behaviour of having to do the quest at the same time each day. It also has direction and a goal, as opposed to a 3D maze where you can't see the end goal.

Ask yourself, what interesting ideas are you trying to prove/disprove with this game idea? Specifically for this week, when/how did you want your players to interact with your game?

There is a bug where, if you click the new sacrifice button, it continuously spawns the three entities at the top. Once you slice their heads, you're actually slicing many more than just 3, which makes it lag like crazy!

Still though, I thought the idea of cutting heads and filling the cup was fun, but it ended a bit too early. How can you turn this into a loop?

The maze vs theme are unrelated. I like that the progress saves as I switch back to the person's info, but I don't understand why I have to navigate a ball through a maze in a detective style game? Think of how you can keep the gameplay on theme 

Takes the theme of find and click quite literally! The only thing I'll say about this game is that there's no direction. All players must brute force the search process to find the button. What can you design that gives some sort of guidance to the player?

For quit buttons, they are slightly counterproductive in terms of player retention. You don't really want players to quit your game, you want them to keep playing!

Your treasure is in the same spot so after beating the game once, there's no incentive to play again. I like the navigation stuff but there's more you could do with it. The art and sound effects are completely unrelated to the game, which makes the overall direction whacky and odd. Why should I find the treasure anyway? I can't do anything with it once I find it. What ideas are you trying to prove/disprove with this game concept?

I like the idea of escape rooms! There's so much you can do with them in terms of gameplay, pacing, theme etc. Unfortunately in my first playthrough I found the key and won the game within the first 10 seconds! Maybe I'm Lord Speedrun supreme :) 

For escape rooms, you'll want more than the one item. You can create a sequence of events that unlock as you collect each item. Maybe there's some allegory (hidden meaning) in your level that the player must work out. Get creative and have some fun with it, beyond the win condition! A lot of the time it's the experience we're after, not necessarily beating the game

Interesting game! Right now, the game is very chill and doesn't have much in the way of challenge or much gameplay. I like the idea of throwing cubes into each section. Think about how other games accomplish this sort of thing. In Spyro 2, there is the level "Idol Springs" with the minigame where you have to shoot the correct coloured fish into the Idol's mouth. Shoot the incorrect one, and the idol gets ill and throws half the fish up! This creates a situation where the player has to manage their own twitch instincts and patience to win. In your game, maybe test with 1 zone and have the colour change with some sort of time limit. Could add to urgency. Or no time limit and no urgency, but then design for different skill checks

Sometimes the faces don't register that you've  clicked them for some reason, but I like the idea of target/distractor items and looking for the right one. In this particular case, you have one target numerous times and a distractor item. Since there's 1 of each, it's very easy for players to identify the one they need, and dismiss everything else. This leads to a very quite search because they are guiding their search to the item they need, and automatically processing out the other item. You can see the same sort of thing with colours. If a player has to look for blue items over red, the red will get filtered out. 

Have a think about how you can add challenge to this experience. Also once the player clicks all the faces, the game stops. There needs to be some sort of win screen or way to progress in the game. The score is nice, but the score in this case will always be the same for all players. Which means there's no highscore option for replayability. How can you modulate this? Maybe some sort of time attack that makes the player want to beat their own time?

Interesting game! I didn't really understand the circle puzzle at the end, I feel like the locations of the squares were offset and that was leading to me clicking the wrong squares. Rewarding the player for turning on the light is cool, maybe have the game begin in light and then make the player memorise locations? Think about what mental and physical skill checks you're asking of the player

Cool game! Searching for the target is hard as you're combining serial search (looking at each individual item and dismissing each distractor) with tunnel vision, which means you can't rely on peripheral vision for any sort of processing. I think having some sort of cue to aid the player will go a long way, as right now it's very hard to find the real target. Once you find it, it's obvious, but you don't want to lose too many players early on! Visual feedback on click would help, other cues would help (audio when you find the target for example)

Fits the theme, I like the idea of a messy room. It doesn't give me the same vibe as when I lose things in real life. Maybe try to emulate that without annoying the players too much? Maybe add additional items?

Cool concept and unique  that it's a mobile game! For accessibility, you can also package the game up as a web build or something.

To keep the game fresh and interesting, try randomising elements and perhaps creating a way to rotate the scene, or even using tools unique to phones to drive gameplay (gyroscopes, rotating actual phone etc)

Interesting concept! Perhaps, instead of revealing the murderer at the end, have some sense of urgency by having the murderer actively track you down. Think of games such as Slenderman and Alien Isolation (and, in a way, Warframe). This can incentivise the player to want to navigate through the house, get the item, and get out before they get caught! Maybe look to other sources of inspiration as well, such as The Blair Witch Project

Have a think about your in-game item's inherent value to the player. What do they provide that incentivises them being picked up in the first place.

I like that the timer doesn't begin until I leave the wooden zone.

Physics is all wonky and doesn't lead to an enjoyable player experience. Tweak values

Weird locations for items. Have a think about how everything integrates in your level design

Game is too difficult, consider adjusting

Make scene setup less in your face

Consider making gun fully automatic, or add something to reinforce clicking behaviour

Need the .exe file AND the folder you built the game into

Good game, instructions panel not needed

Victory screen could be better

Think about level design and how you are integrating the game's mechanics with the design of your levels. Level 1 and 2 are great but the others are hit and miss. Do you want to go for pixel perfect jumps? Or encourage feedback during gameplay (e.g. Celeste)

I personally enjoy smacking the fruit around more than putting them in the bin. Have a think about tweaking the game's mechanics so that they are more fun. Is adding fruit to a bin, fun compared to throwing fruit?

SFX would be nice

Menu button is redundant

Encourage replayability

Great game!

Great replayability and use of the game's mechanics to keep the player hooked. Bit clunky/unresponsive, needs more feedback. Visual feedback would be great but so would sounds

Add highscore on main menu

Consider polishing it up for a neat little portfolio game

Great concept but at least for me the game was impossible!

Have a think about your game's difficulty and adjust it

Think about replayability. Score? Tricks? 

Need the .exe file AND the folder you built the game into

Have win/lose conditions more explicit (actually include timer, include win/loss screen)

Improve payoff (turn off particle effects until I hit balls into correct slots, then turn them on)

make the game more responsive to player interactions. If I hit the ball into incorrect zone, make the game do something.

Plane can be smaller

add kill zone to respawn player and balls. 

Add walls?

Fix resolution (change Free Aspect to a target resolution). UI component setting change from constant pixel -> scale with screen width

Make sure your game loops back on itself (don't make the player force quit the game). 

Add sense of player agency (think about the gameplay and how you might encourage the player to think beyond brute force pressing all buttons)

Add sense of randomness (change correct button each play through)

Nice aesthetic and gameplay! Second text screen is unecessary, third one is debatable. Love the sound effects. Thunder is awesome but underutilised. Jumping could be emphasised (add squish sounds etc).

Cool mechanics! I think the block pickup mechanic was introduced too late though. By the time I had to move the block I had forgotten that I could even do that. Sometimes you can move huge blocks as well which doesn't fit well with the size of your character. I liked the past/present transition effect but make it faster as it felt a bit clunky. Overall, it was pretty good!

Great concept! The game feels very complete and the sort of thing you'd see on the Play Store. I liked that the tutorial was very "do don't tell" as well, as that's a great way to engage working memory! Have you thought about what sounds and music would work with this game?

The paddles feel very powerful! This is good and bad because it felt satisfying to shoot the ball into oblivion, but it also felt imbalanced. Would be cool to add some visuals to give indication of how fast the ball is moving (maybe a trail renderer or something). I didn't really get the point of the doughnuts. They could have been replaced by anything, and serve no real purpose. Think about endogenous value and how that factors into your pickups

Really nice visuals! Could do with some sound effects though. The character gets stuck a lot, and pressing left control is a bit wonky to dash but feels okay otherwise.

Fun game! No real clear goal but I like the chaos. The SFX are pretty satisfying. I didn't realise the 2x was actually a button until my third playthrough, so that's something to consider (think back to concepts like gestalt principles)