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I should point out to thos eo fyou who got it when it was free, I think you have to redownload to get all the updates heh so tryu it again if you can :)

exceedingly lmao

there are soem weird html tags or something in this lol

Yep ended yesterday at noon (twas free for 2 days), i am not affiliated with the websites that repost when games are free so, if my game is still listed as free wherever you found it you will have to talk to those people.

Its worth it at full price though. I did get a massive amount of positive feedback when i made it free heh. Do keep an eye out i put it on sale frequently (not free usually but on sale heh)

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Promotion ended a couple hors ago (Forgive me for not google translating this reply into Arabic)

Yeah ended a couple hours ago

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I can! I have now sent you the email.


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Someone on reddit tried . It seems like itch only allows "purchases" to get the keys. Probably a measure against key farming bots.

I was kinda surprised by this TBH.

It is set up to give keys. But it seems like when you make it free it doesnt?

I turned on comments let me know what ya think :D

This is cool and you pagr gives off a very retro vibe. Too bad i suck at minesweeper lol


I would, indeed. I already externalize some stuff.  (If you look at the 'raw' folder)

Im seriously considering making a steam version so, maybe.

Indeed. Once i can figure out how to make docking with space stations work lmao

Yes, but there is also an obviously inaccurate very tiny amount of drag in space in the game

Tis fun

i never stopped lol, dr4x dev has just been most/all of my dev time


Ahh thanks :D

seems like you found the answer :P

Its facinating!

I wouldnt say i fully understand how the miche inspector works but its cool

I also accidentally made a tree 

I'll check this out after work.

This game is the jim pickens basement prisoner simulator everyone deserves. 

Thansk for the answers! Looks like I will start doing that than!

That is hilarious

Check out my other game DR4X!

I changed it to jpeg for now but the loss of quality is palpable lol, but that pngcrush one looks much better

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Hey there, I am having a minor issue:

Id like to update the screenshots on my page to my much nicer new art. But i get an error "3 mb too big"

Do i just need to reduce the clarity/size of them or is there an option 

New screenshot example!

Funnily enough i've already made some color choices that make the intro screen look kinda vaguely like a ukrainien flag so it fits :P 

If you are taking late submisisons here is mine! I get it if you arent but its a good cause and I know someone from ukraine if that helps anyway :)

God i wish i had seen this earlier

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So, I was browsing itch and I realized: "Wait, I never posted a release anouncement for my game DR4X, on the forum dedicated to just that" So here I am.

DR4X is a fast paced early access turn based strategy wargame with a fully voiced campaign, assymetric gameplay and massive amounts of customizability!

Notable Features

  • Fast paced gameplay!
  • Single player campaign with fully voiced briefings!
  • Highly customizable skirmish mode!
  • Asymmetric gameplay!
  • Faction specific goals and win conditions!
  • Voice acted units!
  • Unique and memorable OST!
  • Many...dimensions to uncover.

My favorite song from the game:

Anyway, hope you check it out, and let me know what you think in the replies!

I have some advice! Itch is also a social platform. Just play other peoples games and comment on them (without promoting your game) and then they might be like "oh i wonder what this guy has made" and check out your game. Who knows you might find new players. 

Also, if you think your game is good enough for say, youtube, maybe email a youtuber. Also, definetly promote on discord (be sure to check first if the discord you are in has no rule against it.)  Also most discord servers i'm in have self promotion channels. Just dont be spammy about it.

Also, other social media, tweet about your games on twitter etc.

Marketting is hard. But eventually you will gain some audience.

I think its just my monitor probably.

honestly still too bright for me. 

Just in time for my friday build :D

Thanks Leafo :

Hey there, started running into an issue with the "choose file from dropbox" button on my game's page the other night.

I can choose the files from dropbox, but then they do not upload.

This error appears in the console:

I like it.