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I like the concept of it! could be a fun game idea!

thank you! i started it late so i wasnt able to get a whole tutorial in haha

Thank you!

I got to it late but i love it! the art is beautiful!

yeah that’s the hard bit haha one thing I can think of is just having a couple tutorial levels that take the player step by step. Make a menu button that will load the player into the tutorial levels so they can have a sense of control when they want to use them or not. Then after the tutorial maybe some sort of easy generated level to help the player practice whenever the click the tutorial button. So if they finished tutorial but want some easy practice they still have access to it.

I wanted to have it keep track but I kept breaking it haha 

thank you!!

I think adding some text so the player knows whats happening would help, But the out of control part was there!

I like that one second, I am working then next I'm taking a gun to the bosses house.

I am not smart enough for this game but I like the idea!

Thank you!

The crosshair didnt seem accurate but I love how you used the sprites in a 3d space!

I like the idea, the background made it hard to tell my character was moving around

Was confused at first but I like it!

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I liked the idea that the red blocks are the places the camera follows. Maybe have a controls screen.

also w would not let you jump. Arrow keys did.

Maybe slow down the instructions or have a button to continue to the next instruction. I love how the game looks though!

would be a good mobile game!

I like the little story atleast!

I like it! Very Fun!

So, update from the last time, I have added cel shading!

It might not feel like a lot of progress was made, and for some part that true. School projects take up a majority of my time, so whenever I had gotten a break, I went in and tried something new. A lot of the new things I learned had to do with editing models outside of unreal, best ways to import things, cleaning up broken materials, and trying to make but eventually getting a post processing that does wonderful cel shading!

These things did take me a while to learn, and again, maybe I should have focused more on game play then the look of everything, But I think if I am learning new things, then its worth it!

So yeah, short but sweet! Here is a progress picture!

this is such a great game! you ever consider putting it on mobile as well?

Hey There,

This is a Devlog! I'm super excited to make this! 

So I guess I should start by saying what I'm making. We are making a game where the narrative and Metroid style exploration is the focus. The game takes place on a space station and the player will have to unlock different section by finding these gems. There will be a soft faction system in the game and some combat, but you know, just started and all so still fleshing out ideas. 

Now these gems are going to serve a lot of functions. The gems are going to be associated with the faction the player will look like along with what weapon they are currently using. This will help the player explore this space station in a MetroidVania style (where new gems may be needed for this section of the station, but the base of the station is open to go and see).

Its a 3D game, so we are currently learning Blender and animations, while also finding assets in the unreal marketplace and making sure they are good to use, from a design aspect and a "are we aloud to use this and sell the game).

After a couple of us graduate in a month, we are gonna start ramping up production more and more, but we are excited to get started on this! 

Also here is a screenshot of the player ship/player hub area we have started constructing with the placeholder model and some dope AF static meshes (I am sorry for saying dope af)! Not much to see but you know, fun times!

Thank you for joining us while we attempt our first indie game! Have a great day!