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Hey Itch, DreadXP, and Worthy Of Better,

I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to organize and handle all of this. I know it takes a lot of work and time to set up these bundles, curate, and moderate everything. Sincerely, Thank you for your time, effort, and power.

Hey Sinreal, 

Ah, good catch on the mouse moving when you type things in game. As for the hitch, we still need more logging on it. If you could use this exe: while running the game it then send your most recent starlog it will go along way.


Michael Brune

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Go here:

Under external links Click browse games then get a 404 because it sent you to instead of

So clearly if you could add an s to that URL you should but I think this brings up an interesting point.

I would redirect 404 to (or have it include some games for sale) Why?

1) It's what a few stores do and as a user it makes sense because I am going to the link because I want to see games on a store page. A 404 without any games for sale is a missed shot for all developers.

2) there ain't nothing to do on the 404. The 404 error page could be improved in general but I'd love to see people looking for games, find games. Even a small featured game on the 404 pages would be interesting. Maybe like some web embed game that the staff picks or so?

3) lastly, this is a big one you don't even need to remove the 404 page, just modify it to also have elements from the home page. Keeping in mind the user might not be logged in, display games that you think are relevant to the user. Exposing "On Sale Picks" or "Latest Featured Games" might just be enough on the 404 page to keep people browsing.

Either way, hopefully, the link gets resolved.

Hey BlkoutStudios,

This is an amazing little game that clearly had a lot of work go into it. I love the story and choice you make at the end. Additionally, the style of the game is awesome. I love the low poly mixture of assets, some are clearly asset packages but they blend in well together.

In short, I have to say, well done. This is a wonderful sci-fi adventure.


Michael Brune

Hey Keron,

We've not updated the game since last October. This might be the reason our downloads are in the hundreds a day for no reason. Although I've not seen this bug myself.

That's a good idea, I'll see if that's something we can patch in this year.


Michael Brune

For those having performance issues I would like to direct you to which is an exe only of the game (it must be placed in the game install folder.) which will add logging. This logging will automatically be added to version 2.13 (it may be under a program argument, see future changelog for more info.). You will not see this logging if for some reason you do not clear 100 Milliseconds of wait time.

Interesting, can you email your logs to You should be able to find a button to the folder in the options menu.

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Interesting. I am testing on a Ryzen 3900x and am not seeing any issues at all. Can you open your resource monitor through the task manager in windows, is there something there that is maxing out? I guess I am trying to figure out if it's an IO issue or not. Would you happen to have an HDD? Or are you on SSDs?

try adding --no-shader to the launch arguments/options.

They are the same game. Lost Exodus is a free update to the base game.

Hey Uzra47, Could you email with an image of the symbol, any logs (which you can access the log folder via the options menu) and any dmp files within the root of the install directory. This will give us a lot more information in order to track this issue down.

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Very awesome I certainly will check it out. Thank you for the kind words.

The main story is static planets. So the overarching story is the same, but we have side missions that change every time as well as in game events that you might not see every time.

👋 Thank you so much for your kind words. It's certainly a hard to make sure the player knows what to do and feel the agency to do it. As for font size I think the best you could is play the game in windowed mode and use the magnifier tool to enlarge it. We've been looking into what it'd take the make font sizes bigger with the game and even buttons and etc. Not much progress and it's looking like a large task but a very requested one.

That's where it's processing and generating a new sector. What sort of CPU do you have?

I believe a recent patch should have fixed it. What version of the game are you experiencing this on?

Can you email If you can open %appdata%/theawayteam and email all the logs to us this might help us understand what's going on further. Also can you let us know your PC specs and OS?

Oh sorry, I didn't see this until now. I believe you got a non-challenge ending. There are only 4 endings to get a challenge unlocked at the end. (two per planet)

Hey Cy-Res, have you tried to download and install msvc++ 2015: it also might fix the issue with 0x000007b

That is unique... That's a new bug :D

So could you help us by emailing with logs from %appdata%/TheAwayTeam/Logs as well as any DMP files in the game's root folder? located typically at %appdata%/itch/apps/the-away-team


Michael Brune

Interesting, can you email your operating system and if you are on windows and logs from %appdata%/TheAwayTeam/Logs

OpenAL is the Open Audio Library. It's an open source audio library that the open source library I use uses. Which I use SFML which is the Simple, Fast, Multimedia, Library. Does things like inputs, rendering, and sounds. So from what I found is installing this will typically fix that bug. If not you could try installing MSVC++ redist 2015. If you are launching through the itch client you should no longer have issues with either of these things.

very happy to hear that. :D let me know if you have any more issues.

Download and install:

Can you email any logs in %appdata%/TheAwayTeam/ as well as any files in saved/ and any dmp files found in the root of the game? I'm not entirely sure why it'd crash there, that's a new one for us.

Oh, interesting terribly sorry but looking at the DLL that comes from 2015. this confuses me because I've not been on 2015 for some time. Never the less that should work this time. 🤞

Are you downloading the game directly or installing it through the itch client? if through the itch client itch should attempt to install which is seen on microsoft's official site: under redistributables

Downloading and installing should fix this issue. Can you confirm?

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did you try downloading/installing openal. From what I reproed that seemed to work.

Could you email the details of the crash to Things like OS and any .dmp files in the folder's root and any logs from %appdata%\TheAwayTeam\logs (assuming your on some version of windows)

Newer builds no longer have these issues. OpenAL comes with itch and itch now extracts the game correctly.

We are currently missing the dll from the current build and are working to get a build with it packaged together. For now I recommend downloading openal from directly. Install the windows installer version and relaunch the game.

Great to see you working on this. I love the aesthetic. Missing content but it's the best shrub flattening simulator I've played. Car is a bit squirrelly but I got it going 190-ish MPH... I think. The speedometer is hard to read. Either way keep up the progress! :D

Hello Itchers!

We are excited to share The Away Team: Lost Exodus with everyone! We add a ton of new gameplay features, steam workshop support and lots of new content! Our itch page is  As well check out our awesome release trailer below.

We are really excited to be continuously pushing out to Itch. While the Steam Workshop integrationisn't available for DRM-free copies we are looking into supporting Additionally character files have been reformatted to better support DRM-free sharing specifically to support the itch community. We dump the image to json and push everything in to the character json file. Which is pretty exciting stuff.

What is The Away Team: Lost Exodus?

What we call a space explorative text adventure. We pride ourselves on creating a fast number of worlds that will be formed within your imagination, created perhaps even slightly differently by your own brain and the various paths in the game. Visited by different crew each time you play as the ship AI in a trek across the universe to save the last of humanity.

 Additionally for the next 15 hours we have a giveaway going on here:

What does Lost Exodus bring to The Away Team?

The Lost Exodus update includes all for FREE:

  • Expanded story, increasing the game's mission content to over 120,000 words
  • Enhanced sector exploration with new random event missions and asteroid fields
  • A new crew role experience system
  • A new unlockable character with their own story arc to explore
  • Over 50 “memento” items for crewmembers to collect
  • 11 new Steam achievements
  • A new character editor with Steam Workshop integration
  • Improved sprite rendering
  • Clearer text and an optional dyslexic-friendly font

Game Site:
Steam Page:

Dev Blog:
Mailing List:

a good example of 3 would be bards tale of course! :D

That said I would love a mix. Give me a Rude humor sci-fi or a suspense with light horror in light fantasy.

(1 edit) should work to install openal. Steam automatically install openAL to those launching the game but I will make sure that openal redist + dll is in the next itch drm-free build. 

Hey All,

Following up with what cheeseness said. I would love to know which DLL was missing. I will immediately fix this issue. I am so sorry there was a DLL missing. I'm going to guess it's probably the C++ redist DLL. On steam it installs some redists for us. On itch we don't have that option. I should package all third party dlls with the itch version and I thought I did... But maybe the C++ redist dll is missing. It may also be openal although I thought I got that DLL.

Lastly my email is always open for support issues at (this goes to my personal email so don't think you are sending an email into a support void. I usually respond within 16 hours business hours (48 hours real time).

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This was really fun. Is there any source to this? 

Edit: found it at:

John, this is really well written, clean and amazing. You did a really a good job.

As a developer who didn't do this. I went the other way and gave people steam keys anyway. I want to ensure you that this is the right choice. Dealing with scammers and people who clearly just want to support places like g2a and their own wallets over playing a wonderful game. I fully regret allowing my own steam keys to run rampant even though it felt like the "right" thing at the time, the real right thing is to be protected from scammers.

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Hey All,

The away team is now on! It's an Interactive Adventure game. Very choose your own adventure with some 2D elements. In this interactive sci-fi adventure novel, you are the AI pilot of Earth's last interstellar ship, tasked with finding a home for your crew—the last remnants of humanity. Your choices will determine their fate, and your own. At the end, who is to say the humans have any humanity left to save?

Our first devlog hit the community as well: which I would love as much feedback as possible from the community.

Each purchase comes with a steam key as well so you can play on the platform of your choice with the OS of your choice (Win, Mac, Lin)

Also check out and for more information.