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(1 edit) should work to install openal. Steam automatically install openAL to those launching the game but I will make sure that openal redist + dll is in the next itch drm-free build. 

Hey All,

Following up with what cheeseness said. I would love to know which DLL was missing. I will immediately fix this issue. I am so sorry there was a DLL missing. I'm going to guess it's probably the C++ redist DLL. On steam it installs some redists for us. On itch we don't have that option. I should package all third party dlls with the itch version and I thought I did... But maybe the C++ redist dll is missing. It may also be openal although I thought I got that DLL.

Lastly my email is always open for support issues at (this goes to my personal email so don't think you are sending an email into a support void. I usually respond within 16 hours business hours (48 hours real time).

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This was really fun. Is there any source to this? 

Edit: found it at:

John, this is really well written, clean and amazing. You did a really a good job.

As a developer who didn't do this. I went the other way and gave people steam keys anyway. I want to ensure you that this is the right choice. Dealing with scammers and people who clearly just want to support places like g2a and their own wallets over playing a wonderful game. I fully regret allowing my own steam keys to run rampant even though it felt like the "right" thing at the time, the real right thing is to be protected from scammers.

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Hey All,

The away team is now on! It's an Interactive Adventure game. Very choose your own adventure with some 2D elements. In this interactive sci-fi adventure novel, you are the AI pilot of Earth's last interstellar ship, tasked with finding a home for your crew—the last remnants of humanity. Your choices will determine their fate, and your own. At the end, who is to say the humans have any humanity left to save?

Our first devlog hit the community as well: which I would love as much feedback as possible from the community.

Each purchase comes with a steam key as well so you can play on the platform of your choice with the OS of your choice (Win, Mac, Lin)

Also check out and for more information.

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Webroot marks the installed version of this game as a virus.