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Thank you and thank you for the feedback! Yeah, definitely the difficulty ramp is problematic! Thanks for the idea of mousewheel for knobs, it’s been years since I used a DAW.

This was a beautiful experience. Thank you. If there’s some nitpicks, I would say improve the transitions, especially to dark, fade it properly without stopping the music, and fade out the music at the end. This would make the transitions less awkward and more impactful. I really loved this though!

Cute and funny little game! It was fun while it lasted. Damn horny rabbits. My biggest complaint would be that the game ramps up too slowly. At the start of the game so much time was spent dragging bunnies when there was very little challenge! Also maybe would be good if the bunnies “scrambled” a bit before multiplying, which would give you some timeframe to split the bunnies from lovemaking. Overall, had some fun. Great job!

Nice idea! Needs some music and sfx. The random event/whatnot could have some timer to show when it’s gonna change. Good job!

Really love the concept, and had fun! But eventually found the mechanic to frustrating (I stopped at the level detailing methods/habits to stop/prevent RLS). I feel that the tight level design doesn’t really fit the jumpiness and travel of the character well. Overall though, it was fun and I liked the minimal presentation. Good job!

Nice concept and art! However the wonky physics make it really frustrating, especially when running at a wall and jumping. Overall good job!

Firstly, great atmosphere! The music works really well. On the other hand I’m quite conflicted – I was really lost playing this game, and felt like all the actions were ineffective. Is the goal to stay alive as long as possible, or is there no goal at all? Overall, I really like the idea, and there’s definitely potential.

Thank you for the feedback! :) As I’ve told several people, I wish I made it easier :( Thanks for playing! I really appreciate it.

Solid idea but don’t really see any strategy involved in placing the ships. Great work for 3h tho! Has potential.

Such a wonderful experience! Thank you for the game.

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Interesting concept! Needs more feedback and sounds. If the recoil is so great why is the weapon so weak?!?! I like the art though. Good job!

Interesting concept, had some fun but needs an “execute immediately” button. I also found the arrow showing the current move quite confusing. Great presentation though!

Cute little hilarious game! Wish it had more stuff.

Nice concept! It was shaping up to be fun at first until I was forced to rebind my controls for every single level – very annoying!!

Nice concept of regions for gravity. Agree with commenter below that it needs some extra juice and music. Really wanted to have more fun with it but it was too difficult for me! And to be clear – I love difficult games, but something about this was too frustrating for me.

Brilliant concept, haha. I like that it becomes a game of quickly figuring out what to delete and what to keep.

I wish you had more fweets and variations in sentences, which would make it even more confusing when it starts to go faster. Personally, I found the typing quite annoying, as you have to let go of your mouse and hence can’t clear stuff on screen while typing.

I feel that the idea of just moderating fweets is a great idea and I hope you explore that idea further. (eg. what if all you had to do was delete fweets, and eventually you have to make your own filters because there’s just so many… idk)

Overall good job tho!

Interesting idea! Decent fun. Could use a little more juice! I wish you incorporated the theme into the gameplay, rather than just the setting. Good job!

Interesting take on the theme! (Though stretching it a little). I liked the concept though, and had a lot of fun playing it. Simple, but well executed. Great job!

Cute art. I thought the idea of a drunk witch is pretty clever! I like the movement; it was fluid but precise. Have to go along with the guy below in saying that the collider should be smaller. My biggest nitpick is why place the witch in the middle? She is flying rightways, and if she can go so fast, having only half a screen for reaction time is quite difficult.

Love the concept! Reminds me of an old flash game… Graphics are minimal but consistent; I really like the sounds and music. I liked that your ghost becomes fatter platforms, haha. Wished there was a way to reset your current life without resetting the entire level. I also wish the ghost didn’t disappear so fast. One last nitpick is maybe not use the E key for the door as it is conveniently beside the R key (hit it by accident once). Overall though, I had a lot of fun playing this game. Good job!

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Funny concept, wish it had some audio. I wished there was more gameplay or mechanics, because the keys flying away actually works against the gameplay experience, imo. After awhile I found it frustrating to just type. Overall nice work though!

Love the idea! Art, sfx, feedback is great but gameplay is slow and a bit lacking.

Great puzzle game, I really love the mechanic. Had a lot of fun! The music and sfx was pretty good as well. One tiny complaint is I wished that the progression was ramped up slightly as I felt the levels got rather monotonous.

Great little cute puzzle game, loved the art. I managed to finish it. I kind of wish the puzzles were less convoluted; when you have many steps, it gets hard to figure out what you have to do. ie. less steps, more brain

Nice game! Enemies overwhelm you pretty fast. The art is great though. I wish there was better feedback on when you lose control so it’s less confusing.

As a puzzle game lover, I really loved the concept. However, I feel that sometimes I solved, or had to solve, with luck of the draw. The larger levels also tend to feel tedious, and puzzles feel solved in small chunks rather than as a whole picture.

Interesting little game, kinda wish there was more to do. While the art style is great, felt it was lacking contrast a little bit; hard to discern what's going on.

Very innovative concept. I loved the music! Super chill game. My only complaint is I wish that the fairy could fly past the bonsai. Pretty annoying when I want to cut the other side.

This was pretty hilarious! Loved every second of it.

Interesting little concept, basic but consistent art. I wish the gameplay was less monotonous tho, as the only change through the game was just difficulty. One thing I didn't like was the increase in keys was based on a timer, as it might suddenly increase as you're gonna do a jump. I feel it'd be better if you increase whenever you cross a spike or something.

Nice game, but had to stop playing for my sanity. It was frustrating at first because I didn't really understand the controls, but I guess the point was the difficulty in controlling the character. It gets confusing when you want to spin a direction, but unable to (I guess because the player can't move?). And so many levels was completed just trying to spin to win, often haphazardly and praying it works.

I thought the music was pretty good and chill, and the use of clay was interesting.

Were you stuck somewhere?

Thank you for the detailed comments, I really appreciate it.

FREQ is really just the base velocity. So twisting it just makes the curve go up and down.

The original ideas I had (still related) definitely was less complicated, but I felt that it wouldn't match the theme too much, and so I kind of stumbled my way onto this synthesizer thing.

For the jump controls, maybe I should have had a super long jump level to really show how the curve affects you jump. I do wish it was more accessible, and I wish it wasn't as difficult. But such is the nature of game jams; no time to get feedback. Just gotta bank on the levels you made and nothing else to say other than "i'll do better next time."

That was really interesting! I do wish the sentences were more varied though: a lot of them were structured the same way. Also, I tend to forget where I am. Also, I found that really bright color change was a little jarring on my eyes. All in all I think it was a good effort, and should definitely be finished :)

Interesting idea, but I just felt like it was really difficult to play. The color changes were also kinda jarring, since it just changes the color of the entire screen. I felt like the matches I made were more from luck than any strategy at all.

Love the idea. One thing I got confused about was at level 4 (iirc) where there were many black tiles and for the longest time I thought the player couldn't move