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Umbrella Terms

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Really enjoyed the game!  I like how your games subvert the horror in interesting ways. [Analysis/Thoughts Below. Subtitles are available!]

I played through it again and was able to get the second end state!

[Spoilers] So once I got sucked up by the light, I waited a bit, paused and unpaused multiple times, and then the music video played, switched to the fmv, and the credits. So I guess it worked as intended then. Thanks for the hint!

Thanks for replying!

I checked the load option again, so here's what happens in more detail: When I click on load, it shows the load screen, but then nothing happens after that, even leaving it on for several minutes. The back option cannot be highlighted/selected, but it I move the analog stick you can hear the sound of the cursor moving. Pressing any buttons does nothing.

[Spoilers] Just to be sure, the ending is putting the stickers on the door and going through it right?

Oh and one more:

[Spoilers] If you don't get the flowers before the paper lantern things drop, they can sometimes block the flower so that you can't pick them up and must restart the game.

Just wanted to make sure these things weren't bugs (I was using PS4 controller):

1. Is the load option actually supposed to do anything, since it didn't actually load anything and it wouldn't let me back out, so I had to alt-tab out of the game and restart it.

2. [Spoilers] When I put the white flower into the bottle, a ray of light pulled me above, and while holding r2 kept me to the ground, it would leave me in a free fall state. Once I let it take me all the way up, I wasn't able to go back down anymore. I had to restart the game.

That was it. Anyways really enjoyed the game despite those problems!

Enjoyed the game!
[Review Below. Subtitles are available.]

Really enjoyed this game! [Review below]

Enjoyed the game!

Great game! Excited to see where the series goes next!

Great game!

I loved this game!

This was a really great game!

Great game!

Thanks for the comment and rating! Yeah, I should've communicated better to the player what effect rationing, funding, and talking to heads does so they can better make choices. I probably could've done it in the submit screen with an extra screen to say the effect of your actions.  My goal was to have a high number of variables to deal with so the player can't perfectly lay out their plan, and instead push things in the direction they wanted and then deal with the consequences that come. Despite that, I should've explained how actions helped influence things so the player could actually influence things the way they wanted to.

Simple but works. I like how I had to think about where I killed an enemy, lest I get myself stuck with a cluster of them. The controls just felt a little stiff.

Interesting mechanic by switching objects. With a little more polish and added scenarios, this could be a full game!

Good job! I loved the art style, and the idea to tie the player's dash/health to the torch was excellent. Outside of adding enemy variety, it would be nice if the enemies were more aggressive or agile, as I was able to funnel them one by one pretty easily.