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Thanks for replying!

I checked the load option again, so here's what happens in more detail: When I click on load, it shows the load screen, but then nothing happens after that, even leaving it on for several minutes. The back option cannot be highlighted/selected, but it I move the analog stick you can hear the sound of the cursor moving. Pressing any buttons does nothing.

[Spoilers] Just to be sure, the ending is putting the stickers on the door and going through it right?


That's definitely not working as intended then, maybe somehow the button prompts are breaking. I'll have a look at it next time I'm looking over the game, thanks. And thanks for saying you enjoyed it.

[Spoilers] There are two end states, one is triggered by going through the door once stickified, and the other is being sucked up by the light and following that, triggering the final state. You should get an end credit sequence and a percentage count after finishing either state, however there is a known bug with 1.1 where the load screen wont come up once you move through the door, which results in a very long load on some machines with no immediate feedback that it's loading. 


I played through it again and was able to get the second end state!

[Spoilers] So once I got sucked up by the light, I waited a bit, paused and unpaused multiple times, and then the music video played, switched to the fmv, and the credits. So I guess it worked as intended then. Thanks for the hint!