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Probably my favorite game out of this jam. Reminds me of the SNES era in the best way possible.

I've been interested in doing something with vehicles so when I get the time I will look into it.

I would have to learn Godot as I've only really used it once. Maybe in the future, I will make a few things on there.

Thanks! I also found out that the game files for this game are on my computer in Florida. I won't be back there for at least 6 days. When I do get back I will make sure to publish them.

Absolutely! it'll take me a little bit to organize the code better though.

Possibly the best game on here

Amazing game overall. I would suggest making it so the character slides less as it made it feel as though I was fighting the player. I also found the color of the falling enemies and spikes to blend in too much with the background.

Amazing game, really fun to ride those gators :)

Game Link:


If you play the game PLEASE join the discord so that you may share feedback.

Thanks, I will definitely add that!

Anything I should add to the tile set? (Graves, Lamps, Vegetation, etc.)

Lots of Martians is our brand new Mars Simulator!

Get it HERE FREE until July 30th 2020

5 Martians make it to Mars... One of them is sick. Can you colonize Mars with a plague going around?

It's completely up to you to choose how to colonize Mars. You can mine all of the ores and become an expert merchant or you could build many rooms and have thousands of residents. If you want, you can blow everything up, including Martians!

This was a fun platformer! I like the use of the theme, it is very clearly presented in the game. You did a great job making this game and should continue to make a lot more! Platformers are difficult to make as the player is very hard to create. Acceleration, top speed, and deceleration are key roles in making a character feel smooth. Adding variables such as friction, gravity, etc. can have a huge impact on how you can manipulate the player.

The puzzles were very interesting to complete and the concept and execution of the robot was very cool! Overall, great job!


Add text explaining the controls in the first level.

This game was quite fun and challenging to play. Overall, great job.


Make a screen to show why you got the level right.

If possible include a hint button that appears after x number of incorrect answers.

101 HOURS JAM #2 community · Created a new topic Jam Page

I am really curious as to how you did the jam page. It just looks so good!

The theme changes twice a day, with challenges that earn you extra points. Winners receive special discord roles. 

Join here -

Q: What do I put when I submit?

A: You will be asked to state the challenges and themes you did as well as if you used any provided art.

Q: Can I make a text based game?

A: Go for it! Any game type can be made and any engine can be used as long as at least 1 theme is used.

This game was so fun! I didn't realize we both did the quarantine jam too!

The screen shake is super smooth!

(1 edit) - This one doesn't expire

It has been fixed. Thanks for the feedback

Q: What platform should it be published to?

A: Games should be published to windows or browser.

Q: What Game Engine can I use?

A: Any... As long as you have a playable game.

Q: Teams?

A: Yes you can have a team with any number of people. Make sure to credit all of your teammates 

Thinkable Jam community · Created a new topic Suggestions
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Any Theme suggestions? Challenge suggestions? Ways to improve the server? Comment them here!

The most popular themes get picked.

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Q :  How many themes?

A:  We estimate a total of 6 or more. It really just depends on the judges.

Thinkable Jam community · Created a new topic FAQ

Reply to this with any questions OR visit the discord server

-> <-

In need of Jammers and judges to participate in my latest game jam!

This is my first game jam. Every hour the theme changes making you really "think." The jam needs more judges and participants, so feel free to join! There are challenges that are given out every 2 hours. These earn you even higher points. Winners get a special discord role and get to provide the next themes. <- for those interested <- Discord (for those who have questions/need teams/etc

The movement is sooooo smooth! I wish there was more color. Other than that, solid game!

Thanks for telling us, it has been fixed.

It's finally here... for FREE... for now