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Thanks and totally agree, with more time I would have liked to add those things implement and challenge new features. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for feedback, yeah it was tough to find a good balance between too easy and too hard but totally would liked to look into that with more time

I liked the simple graphics of the game and feels super polished. The different effects were also a nice choice!

I liked the game a lot and liked the variety with the upgrades. I feel like the 1 hit kill was a bit tough but also understand that you had only 3 days to implement all these mechanics and still thought you did a very good job!


Thank you so much! I totally agree and if I would have had more time I would have loved to add them

Thank you!

I really liked it and the checkpoints were definitely a nice way to reduce the difficulty. I thought it played well and was a clever idea of interpreting the theme but was pretty harsh at times.

Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree with you and if I had more time I would love to implement those.

Thanks for the feedback and playing!

I like the game a lot and the art and sound are awesome, but I thought it was kinda hard but still a great interpretation of the theme.

I like the attack with the arrow keys and the movement with awsd. I gameplay could be speed up overtime though in order to make it more challengin.

I like the retro style a lot and was a good way to use the theme.

I like the retro style a lot and was a good way to use to theme.

I really liked the game and thought it looked really polished.


Thanks for the feedback and I totally agree!

Really solid game, I loved the art style and thought it was cute and snappy. The generation system was fun and interesting for multiple playthroughs.

Awesome Game, I liked the take on the theme and the art with such a restricted palette was really cool.

I really liked the game and thought the addition of spikes was cool and made the gameplay a lot more challenging.

I really had fun with this game and I loved the minimalist art style.

Thanks for the feedback!

I really liked the game, the art style with the shaders created a cool experience that felt arcade like but modern. I thought the swing animation was a bit slow and unresponsive at times but other than that great game, I had a lot of fun good game!

The art is amazing and the environment feels so alive. I really like the movement with the mouse and thought it was a nice option instead of aswd. I was a bit confused how to play at first but really enjoyed the game.

The game took me a bit to pickup but when I did it was very fun. The art is very good and impressive that you can pull off that with only 4 colors. Good Game!

I really liked the art style and the gameplay idea. I love the game learn to fly and this reminded me of it. The only problem I would say is that it can take a while to get going but is still a super fun experience which I enjoyed a lot!

Fun idea but a little rough around the edges. Still impressive what you did in 3 days, Good Game!

I totally understand lol, still really impressive with everything you implemented in only 3 days.

Very cool game, I liked the mechanics a lot. This idea has a lot of potential if you can incorporate some cool art with it too. Good work!

The lighting is cool and it is impressive to see a bunch of cool mechanics created in such a small amount of time.

The graphics are awesome and the boss fight had fun attacks and was challenging without being annoying.

I love the style of this game and the mechanics feel so polished and fun. Only problem I had was when I was moving the player around he went off screen and I lost control of him.

Very good art, crazy what you can do in 3 days

I liked the game a lot and the music was so good, the background was kind of hard on the eyes while moving around but it had a limit of 4 colors so I understand completely.

I liked it and the art was cool, but kind of confused what do at times

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Cool Game with a bunch of polish pretty cool to see what you can do in 3 days

Cool Game, I like the effects like the camera shake and parallax scrolling the background

Super Polished and Fun Expirence

I thought there were multiple I just killed mine off the start ;(((