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Saw this on reddit. Very creative!

Hey, we just used one of these in our game jam last week!

Thanks a lot!

This game is SUPER FUN! I'd love to see this realized as a full game with a longer dev time! At first I was confused because I didn't realise you can only drop totems on grass, but after that it was all strategy. Very hard game.

Whatever these little characters are. They're great!

dude, me too

Very Cool! The music was good, and the parallax effect was really nice to play around with.

Honestly, 5 stars. I like how you went for a more emotional interpretation of the theme!

Haha not planned. It's either because you stopped moving, which turns off collision and lets the boulder fall, I could've done one way collision but didn't think about it. Or because you actually touched and the game decided to run the collision as a physics object rather than what I told it to do. First time using physics, there are a LOT of bugs. If I could do it again, I'd just figure out how to code in inclines myself.

Honestly, that's interesting. I don't know why the enemies would stop dying. Yeah, a reset button is way to easy to implement to not have lol.

This was fun!

Fun little thing. The generation mechanic mixed with lives is very interesting. If this were a full game, it'd be cool to see some elements of mutation perhaps, rather than being objectively better each time. Idk how that would work though. Good game nonetheless.

With some polish and actual level design, I could see this as a fun game to speedrun.

Good game. Using the respawn to get places faster was great!

I love the art

Very interesting concept.

This game is LONG. Very well done

lol. 1. It wasn't supposed to be possible, so I didn't think about it too much. 2. There's a lot in this game that i actually want to come back and polish.

Very fun! The process reminds me of those old boss battles, where you just keep dying, but the patterns start to reveal themselves and bake into your muscle memory. 

I love puzzle games!! 5 stars, this fit the theme really well!

The balance of getting hit and not dying is very interesting. The visuals are great as well. 

"An emotional dice-rolling game" is a pretty good description of this. The art reminds me of old Newgrounds games, and that's nice, I miss those days. The music is another nice touch.

The answer to your question is that I made this in like 2 hours and didn't stop to think about it lol. For sure!

If games like this can be made in 72 hours, then there's a lot in the world to be excited for!

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Extremely polished game! Who did the sound design? Like th sfx, were those auto too?

This was wonderful! For a while, I was like, is this even possible? But when I figured it out, I recognized that this was great! You should make more levels and release it for mobile!

This was interesting! I knew a roguelike would make it here. Also, great presentation, that's difficult to think about for jam games.

Thanks, I will!

I was supposed to kill the snake? OOOOH! I figured that out reading the comments. Yeah, that changes a lot.

Thanks! Yeah, I kinda just rushed this out. But the basic concept was that you're real goal is to push the boulder up the hill. But the enemies running after you needed to be crushed by the boulder or you'll die. So you let go. So you'd fail, but maybe you'll get lucky if you try again? It is random after all.

I don't feel comfortable rating it, because I worked on this too! But it really was a nice visual novel

Thank you!

The game is cool man. 

this is really fun, it gives a kinda gamecube vibe somehow. Like animal crossing and chibi robo

Really fun, some good replay value too. Consider procedurally generating an endless runner!

Haha, this is fun! It felt kinda like tearaway or Yoshi Wooly World. With some okami in there.

This game inspired me to step forward and face my destiny as intimately as your beautiful story.

Wow! this game is extremely similar to mine. I took a different approach though, when I submit it you should try it out! Nice work!