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this was delightful! i can't remember the last time a game had me tearing up like that. the mood of it was distinctive and really entrancing... what a beautifully told story

hey, sorry for the late reply! i wouldn't mind talking about it a bit. do you have a portfolio or anything i can check out in the meantime?

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hi there! sorry for the late response, i'm glad you liked the game though! if you wanna email me i'm *********** (i'm also on

i spent much of silus trying to figure what corris' deal was, wondering if she'd ever join my party. i figured it out eventually, but it's still really exciting to finally have her on my team!

ps. i left the sky palace to resupply, but the boat back won't work anymore. i say "yes" when it asks if i want to fly there, but nothing happens.

this was fun and i loved the vibe, especially the subtlety of the audio. i'm glad i persevered to improve my score, it was rewarding to practice at, just the right difficulty for me and my tastes. here's my final score

aw i love this!!! great concept, i love the chaos of it, i love having all the different little windows, i love the doink of the meteor at the end and i love what a complete and satisfying experience this is for the 2 minutes it took me to complete. good game!

love the mood of this, thanks for sharing :3

this game is a delight, it was fun and rewarding to poke at the system and see my curiosity pay off and i loved getting to know this cast of characters from so many different angles. thank you for making this!

this might be super old news at this point, but i got a better-than-perfect clear on level 18 by breaking the first block and killing the enemy with one stab, then charging + jumping through the blocks and across the gaps. i had a great time exploring the mechanics, thank you for making this game!

i wrote a review for facets over on RMN! the tl;dr is, it was a very cool and particular experience and i'd love to play more games like it

wow, your team really went all out! the lighting & environment are really quite lovely, makes me wanna voyage off on my own pirate radio ship. was totally surprised by the presence of voice acting, too - felt really natural and well performed

i really liked (among other things) the use of different text sizes & styles btwn characters and situations, on top of the strength of the script i thought it effectively conveyed a lot. skillfully written the whole way through

really dig all the ways in which this game embodies "living space". i got a pretty robust sense of place & character from exploring the ship and looking through all the windows and examining all the objects. ty for the lovely experience

hey, this rules! thanks for sharing this, i can't wait to see what you make next

hey this was a lot of fun! mimi-chan's controls felt really smooth and responsive, the animations were polished and natural, and the levels were really satisfying to complete. my biggest wish is that zoom didn't reset between shots as i like to stay all the way out for max visibility, but this didn't stop me from having a great time. also the bgm fuckin slaps

really liked this as a deconstruction of the elements of the pokemon world that fall apart as soon as you opt out of the gender binary. big fan of the art and UI too, i'd love to see & spend more time in this world

hey, i know it's incomplete, but this game is rad as hell. tons of style, great cutscenes, all the art used to tell the story? wins big points from me on presentation. played through to the start of the 3rd level and was delighted. i'm glad you released this, even in its incomplete form

also, there's a piano version of crystal silence in the music folder and i'm completely in love with it. like the kind where you're afraid to relisten too many times lest you spoil it. big ok fingers emoji from me