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Thanks! Also, 40.27! Wow that's pretty good!

WOAH! Did you actually make this game in a week? This is so cool! Add a bit more variety and this game would be complete.

You have to go fullscreen to see that stuff, lol sorry.

Thanks, I'll work on the bullet mechanics.

It had great graphics and sound effects! If you made more variety, this could be a full on game!

Honestly a solid game. With a bit more variety and some sfx, it could be even better.

This was a great game, honestly just please make more levels!

I liked it! A bit more variety would be nice and when I zoom in the bottom is hidden for some reason, but other than that, super cool!

This was a very interesting game. I really liked the pixel art, the only thing was the UI was a bit confusing I didn't get it for the first few minutes. With a bit of polish it could be a really good game!


Thanks! Ya, I don't have as much time with school and al that to make games so it wasn't as polished as I'd have liked it to be. The spawners were basically just a quick fix that I'll probably be removing and replacing with preset levels.

Thanks for the feedback!


Yes, I wasn't able to make sound, I'll try to add that in a future update.

Wow! This game is really cool! 

I found it confusing. I liked the first few levels but the game needs some polish and bug fixing, good job though!

no problem.

I can relate. Good job though!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely add some more polish and variety!


Thanks, lol

Lol, I'm definitely going to be fixing that.

Thanks! I'll make sure to add that.

I loved this game! It's got really good graphics and a cool system. If you made it more obvious at first what to do, that'd be my only suggestion, maybe make it so the 1. 2. 3. thing glows? Other than that, it's great!

it didn't load );

I can see a bunch of potential here if you make some more variety. I like the concept! 

I really liked the graphics and feel of the game, however it was hard to tell what to do at first. I think if you make it more obvious and a bit easier to click the little squares, you're game will feel a lot better!

this was a fun game! The graphics were really cool and the puzzles seemed interesting! Good job!

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I got 43.1! How fast can you go?

finally! I beat the last guy with no shots against me!

I totally understand as it is a short amount of time to make a game. Good job anyways!

I'll make sure to do an update to add more levels soon!

Nice game, it took awhile for me to find out that the sword actually did anything though

Nice Game! I couldn't get passed the second level though...

Thanks! I will definitely make some more levels.

Thanks so much for playing the game! I will have an update with more levels soon.


It's fun! Make some more levels and make it a little easier and I think this could be a really good full out game!

Nice game, I really liked the art and it was fun, but the turrets killed me to fast. I found it a bit to difficult but other than that its good!

Thanks for playing! I know the concept was kind of a stretch for the theme so I'll try to update it to match it a bit better.