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Trying to code...

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just that good

this game is actually amazing. I hate it so much

it's good

it means your game is the best

that was actually quite funny

WHAT IS THIS GAME (⁵ ˢᵗᵃʳ ʳᵃᵗᶦⁿᵍ)

good game!

this game is actually pretty fun

This is a really good game

the game is uhh.... it's something alright. I like how many levels there are.

35k score. Fun little game.

can't wait! The main trouble I had was the jumping, it didn't feel consistent.

it's so hard );

will do

Amazing game.

the atmosphere is great!

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Yeah.... I definitely have a cat and that's definitely why I did that...

That'd be funny

this game is fun! Personally I find it quite balanced, although maybe making more enemies spawn at once sometimes could make you feel some difficulty spikes.


Great game!

Yeah, now that I was able to play, this is a cool game! 


the game didn't start for some reason... I don't know why:

that was fun.

That's super useful! Thanks for trying it out! There is a way to equip the weapons you buy but I should probably make that more obvious. Also I will make sure to add a quit button, sorry lol. Also the machine guns were bugged out here, I'm going to investigate this.

The reason this game is viewed more is because it is more responsive I think. The other one, player 2 is really hard to control. But either way good job this game is fun!

Thanks! I will definitely make the acid glow in the dark. I really like these suggestions! The stair problem is something I found annoying as well so maybe you'll have to shoot the stairs before entering? Idk, but to respond to the resolution scale, you must press the blue scale up button, which will allow you to view the game in full screen.

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Shadow Walker:

Your music looks great but unfortunately I have no cash. Thanks for offering though!

I'm planning on making it 10$ but putting it on sale a lot. You should be able to get it for around 2-4$ during one of those. 

Hey! I'm making a new game and the demo is out! I basically want feedback on the entire thing, what should be changed, improved, or added. If you like or dislike it and why. Anything is appreciated! 

Link -- Shadow Walker

Looks really cool!

Hey! I've got a top down 2d game for anyone interested. You play as a little boy trying to fight your way through 3 biomes. The full game is going to be released on steam, but for now you can play the free demo here:

Shadow Walker

this is so cool!

this is so cool!

this would make a good movie

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I think you must go to school to see it