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hehe thanks a lot!

you can feel it

well, that's true, i guess i wasn't looking at it that way

thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it

thanks, that means a lot!

yeah I noticed, it's fun to see how different games with similar premises can be


i was hurting inside each time i got hit, very immersive

oooooh thanks a lot! i'm glad you had fun with it

poor neutrons they're just chilling...

that was very fun to play! nice game

hehe, incremental difficulty.

yeah i had the pleasure to work with some other talented individuals for the graphics and music! 

thanks!!! yeah, those just block the way

This is my first jam and i'd love some feedback

funky, i loved the aesthetic

keep it up, cool game, would like to see it finished

it got me cracking up a little, fun game

a little buggy but cool

nice hotline miami vibes!

cool concept, but the clicking ruined the immersion a bit because the sound was too loud and the camera shake was inevitable

crazy that you did this in such a short time, it's almost a full game!

good job

you did this in two weeks? what???????

insane job

everybody gangsta until the bugs start using military tactics against you

i will never forget what these little bastards did to the artifact!

great game, there's not a single thing i didn't like about it!

i could see this being released as a professional project! very good, i would purchase it on mobile even.

just for the sake of improving it, if you complete a level, there's a small window where you can keep walking and end up with a game over. also i think it would be more fluid if you could hold down the movement key to keep moving.

this game goes hard, may i screenshot?

oooh, what this could have been with more time...

please keep developing it!

fug, i updated the info to clarify! thanks for telling me


thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! i'm glad you liked it (i liked your too hehe)

yeah, i was positively surprised by the quality of what dieck was capable of producing

very cool art and nice mechanics. i would expect to push the boxes when i'm already moving towards it tho

good one, it kinda felt like the first spore stage hehe. if you improved the controls it would be even better!

neat idea, a little buggy but it's alright

i loved this, i would complain about how the controls are a little finnicky or things like the lightbulb but the concept is nice and honestly for 2 weeks of development this is very solid! 

please continue it!!!!!

very cool game! it scared the hell out of me the first time tho.

one thing i would improve is marking the mine's range.

wow the backstory is dark as heck.

cool visuals, nice concept, if you decide to continue developing it could make for a nice tycoon game!

The game is cool, but is hard as hell to line jumps to kill the enemy, it seems like the enemy collision box is too big!

well i appreciate the feedback and i'm glad you liked despite that

glad you liked it!