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Wait. Also pay attention to updates.

And Karlson. (You can should wishlist on steam btw)

Lets gooooooo

Dani the minecraft speed runner???????????????????

Mr. Slitherss





The wawsps seem to be invasive so they should exist in every biome.

Is signy made out of plywood?


True enough.

Wearing the wawsp queens head in the ant hill causes her to tell the ant queen yo mama jokes

She hates the ant queen.


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Be silent. This game does not need multiplayer. Not yet.

No problem!

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Not cool.

I wonder if he got the idea from this.

NPCs should have different text when an event is happening. Signy could be like the guide in terraria and tell you what's going on. For example, for the Azure lights event, Signy could say "Your going to have a bad time" "Azure lights in the sky makes skeletons really angry. Like, so angry that they catch on fire." And the old man could say something like, "I'd go outside to watch the stars, but i'd rather stay here. Also my feet are stuck to the floor."

There should also be an event (maybe azure lights, maybe the asteroid event) that causes the sky to become filled with stars, like it is falling from juice school and in the main menu.

Thats really cool man. Glad to inspire you!




I beat the clog. took me a while.

Maybe they would show up if you weren't playing as them but wouldn't be that important.

Yeah now that I think about it time scale attacks should have an option to be turned off. It would be best if there was a "speed run mode" that came with both a timer and certain other things. Then again, I wonder how speed runners would react to the time scale changes. Would they find other ways to get juice, or would they just deal with it and lose some time? If it only happened to elite monsters then I think they could avoid it. I really like the idea of comets. Maybe it spawns an item where it lands and you have to find it. It would be cool if it turned the land around it blue. Maybe there could be different moons, blood moon blue moon or green moon. They could also show up at different times, because as you said it is a juice galaxy. Blue moons could cause it to rain plungers, or that could be an event on its own. Blood moons could turn all enemies into elite enemies. Green moons could lower the gravity, and maybe spawn some monster accustomed to the low gravity or even a rare boss like in terraria.

Although this is a pretty good idea, I think it would be both easiest and best for the game if the other players were juice kids. I mean, if a player chose signy then it would have to hide all the other signs in the game, which is 5. The way I see it, a player could host a game, other players could join and then it would set up their characters. I think that the NPCs should remain NPCs, maybe there could be new characters that could be used in multiplayer.


This would be cool.

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Here are some of my ideas for the game. Please consider them.


Blacksmith hoagan says, "Im trying to level up my smithing. I'll do it for free if you have the juice" which leads us to believe that juice is more of an element than a currency. So what if there was a currency? Jewels could be dropped by enemy and earned in other ways. You could spend them at the Old mans house and get some good weapons. Or you could trade them for juice somewhere else.

Time scale weapons and spells.

There should be weapons and spells that adjust the time scale in some way. Maybe it could be a sword or hammer that slows down time when you swing it, or this could happen with all weapons when you defeat an elite monster. There could also be a spell that slows time and boosts the players speed, and also maybe change the colors on screen.

Day and night cycles.

This would be cool, although I don't know how it would work with the fog. Certain enemies could only appear during the night and some during the day. Night time enemies would be more difficult than daytime enemies. You could spend juice, (Or jewels I'm just saying) at an inn to skip to day time.

Treasure caches

You could get a scroll or something from the old man or that would lead you to a treasure chest. Inside would be some items and another scroll that you could return for juice or jewels.

Custom items

If an item is rare enough, it should be given a name, just like elite monsters.

Better ideas:

There should be rounds and when you die you are teleported to an area and given juice and loot depending on how many rounds you finished.


I think it would be better if there were presets in the character customization tab. They could have names but you could change them.

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lets go.

Maybe after multiplayer is added.

I would be cool. Maybe swirly d would turn to good? or maybe he would just be possessed or something. Yeah that sounds more likely.


What about xbox?