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thank you very much for the feedback!

its a cheap laugh but i love it lmao

looks nice, plays nice. but you can just keep dragging the mouse in circles to go on forever. so that gets boring after a while

the visuals of this really remind me of hyper light drifter, i hope the gameplay is just as great lol

Aight so i think ive seen everything there is so far, now for some feedback:
- the flashlight thing is pretty neat
- its a simple but nice idea

- the sounds for jumping / dying are extremely loud, dont fit the visual style i think
- the controls feel a little weird, especially when sliding on the "platforms" so much
- there is no goal / objective atm

some improvement ideas:
- use unity's Platform Effectors so you can jump through platforms from below and land on them
- add more variation to the objects/shapes in the levels, and avoid having the same group of spikes floating around all over

cute penguin ówò

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()? : ;


its late, but its so smooth omg, i love this

1000/10 - IGN

its the impossible quiz, but less fun

the camera angle and controls are a little weird to get used to

this is cute. i like this.

its painful tbh lol

cool game, reviewed on stream, but way too hard. asteroids spawn frequency too damn high.
good job dude! keep it up, proud of you.


k famsquad

no w

reminds me a lot of super meat boy actually. nice job there bud!

its black&white u stupid nibba luuk.

my favourite quote ever from the prequels

ay mate, if youre down to it, i would continue this for a bit more.
would be a great entry to my portfolio :D (since i wanna study game design u know)

ouh thanks! :D
should have more content if we were to release it on the PlayStore or wherever tho lol

Seems very much like a VR game. Do a port for VR in the future ! :D

not stopping when jumping for example ^^
also camera movement with the mouse is always nice to have

Well i did the animations and im pretty much only a programmer xD so forgive me

weird how your logo looks so great and the ingame sprites dont oof
pretty creative but i dont think it fits the theme of the gamejam very well.

Reminds me a lot of that one Tank box game for the Wii (good old times lol)
its fun, but not as creative

it really looks cool !
but i have seen such a game before :P so only 1 star for creativity from me

honestly its a fun concept. but it would be better suited for a casual mobile game than a pc game :D

it looks pretty good.
but spawning 10000 enemies that kill you in one hit in the first level is bs

these animations are so realistic. i will include it in my top 10 AAA games of 2018

it looks pretty nice, but the controls are very hard to get used to


Please answer me.

Make memes about making games that feature memes.