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This awesome! I always love seeing reactions and playthroughs of the game, especially when played start to finish. Cheers!

Def a little hiccup. Glad you did. I"m authoring a fix that fixes that and some grammatical errors as we speak.

When I make things I just start making them which is really bad advice. Bitsy requires little programming knowledge if any at all so it was a fun experiment in just making a narrative. I started with the tiles, made my first room, and just took it from there, the story is something I pulled from my own life experience and losses as an artist/person. I hope this helps and sorry I did not see this earlier. Create on!

Oh dear, I will take a look at that, for now refreshing the page or rebooting the game will fix. :) Thanks for the heads up Laura!

Thank you! I am making another larger Bitsy project stay tuned!

I actually replayed about an hour ago showing someone Bitsy and got the other ending. DOPE!!!

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I enjoy using Bitsy for smaller narratives/ideas. The restriction gives scope and I'm not staring as massive scripts/sprite-sheets all day. It is a change of pace for the game dev which is relaxing and stress-free. I'll be issuing a patch tonight and will post when it is live.

I know there's a work around, but Bitsy does not have sound tools even for importing. I will implement the work around and update the HTML file. :) 

Just played, outstanding use of the engine! The mood, atmosphere, and lighting comes together to create a place, an actual place. I found myself visiting the burnt house to drop things into the basket more than my own, a very engaging game that is well thought out and not too long. Superb work.

I figured it out, I'll need too reinstall Unity, and install the build modules for Mac, as well as Linux, I'll keep you guys posted.

Due to an error, this log's content has accidentally been deleted. 

I would love too!

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Ask and you shall receive in the valley. :)

The only bug I am aware of is the same type, and it happens on Friday before finale, will drop a hotfix today for sure I've been meaning too, been busy with work.

I will upload a quick fix soon. :)

The Friday loop is being fixed atm, the collision issue I've loked at and cannot find anything that would make an isTrigger collider have collision, I've been crazy busy and things have gotten more complicated with a roommate, but I'll issue something soon.

It has been it just seems it happens on a different day, which scene in specific?

At least it's down to text oddities, I've only had one person report a looping day. And I've personally played to completion myself. Progress haha!

I've been working on a save implementation here recently, it's meant to be played through in a sitting but I realize this may not have been the smartest thing, especially for those that don't have the time or quit halfway through. My apologies and just know I read and work to alleviate all of these.

Hey man no worries, completely understandable. I can't be sorry enough and will investigate. I played through start to finish on my PC no issues. Being as it's Unity I don't understand how your setup could be causing the issue either. I will renable and rework the dev console so level warping and stuff can be a thing. I sincerely apologize and will have a look tonight.

I just got done playing it in it's entirety myself, please btw, keep an eye on our next project:

It is much more a proper  game, with the same level of atmospheric content.

Patch has been issued to alleviate issues.

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While I can't build to Mac from Windows, I have a Mac laptop running OS 10 I was going to check out and see if it's a thing. A couple of others have requested a Mac build

The game is fixed and available for download now. Sorry for an inconvenience. :D

Issues resolved, patched version uploaded! See post above.

At the moment the game is not downloadable, I had trouble uploading this morning, I've mailed itch suport and am working to resolve the isuse.

I am having issues uploading to, I've emailed support and hopefully it will be resolved soon! :D

Wow I'm a bad dev, I passed out in my chair last night, morning atm  and it's currently building and getting zipped up, ready for upload!

I'll be issuing a patch later tonight, here very soon that will clear up any issues anyone is having. My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience to streamers or players in general.

Patch is still in bound have had a busy day, expect soon. :)

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The 1.3.4 patch for TIE just hit, get it while it's hot!

UPDATE v1.3.4

-Disabled dev console.

- Fixes game loop.

-Fixed some interactions overlapping.

-Fixed collision issues.

I will sticky this thread for future reference.

Hi there, I really appreciate your feedback, its means a lot too the team and myself. Doing this kind of game was a weird trail and error process, it isn't a 'game' game in the traditional sense, so we struggled a lot with having elements that were too gamey in. 

1. Interactions, I'd like to go back too these and make them more obvious.

2. Zoom, we added this as a way to see the levels in their entirety and is strictly a view mode, maybe I can do something to disable interacts when in this mode.

Never fear, a patch drops today.

Can you please specify the scene this happens during for you. The game keeps reseting despite level strings all being correct. Could using build settings then switching to Unity's new scene management be an issue? Do you think it retains any old meta data?

I don't understand why this is happening or why I fix the same bug 4-5 times, Unity just doesn't recognize the changes in build or eeditor after reboot. Atm my paypal has been locked and I have no way of paying for anything in the real world, dealing with lot but I will issue a patch later today if I am able too.

Version 1.3.3 Change-Log:

-Fixed collision issues/lack of on the aforementioned map, "Tuesday_Morning_Mon".

-Fixed Thursday waking up and it's Tuesday.

-Renabled dev console in case anyone has any unseen/unreported issues with the game.

Will fix prompty. It seem a collider is missing from this side of the office level for that day, I'll look into the level loading and respond back shortly.

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That is the first time I've heard of this, I uploaded what would be the last patch yesterday. I'll look into this however. Try the latest and see if the issue persists, I can get past it okay but that doesn't mean all is well. The game can be played start to finish with no issues after the last patch. Thank you for showing such interested in TIE, it means alot.

The bugs are fixed but I am not able to build to Mac from Windows in Unity anymore? I have an old Macbook somewhere that I'll install Unity on and build a Mac version soon.

Yeah I'm definitely working on a patch to resolve some issues you ran into. Watching you play was also awesome feedback, I think I can make some adjustments. Thanks for the cool vid!

I planned to build to all once I got the bugs ironed out. :)