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TIE - A Game About Depression

Experience existential dread as the void beckons for you in this short atmospheric narrative about depression. · By TonyNowak, darithorn

Bugs and game is looping

A topic by jericjan created May 12, 2018 Views: 372 Replies: 3
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I encountered a bug in the workplace where if you keep going left, you go beyond the workplace and go into darkness.

And the game keeps looping. The games gets darker and glitchy then for some reason, it restarts to the beginning where everything is all happy. 
Is that supposed to happen?


Can you please specify the scene this happens during for you. The game keeps reseting despite level strings all being correct. Could using build settings then switching to Unity's new scene management be an issue? Do you think it retains any old meta data?

It happens on the second day I go to work and if I just keep going left after working, I go through the wall. I don't really know anything about Unity so I can't really help you on that one.

I also have my day looped, but it's friday. This game is not a regular one, so I can't tell what is supposed to be here and what's a bug