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I didn't know so much could be conveyed in 3 minute with no words. Bravo!

I decided to download this game because it was free for a limited time, and I was not expecting to go through such a journey. You really aced the "feeling" part of it. I can't believe some people are actually going through this every day of their lives. Thank you so much for creating this. This has really changed my perspective on many things.

It would be nice to have saves but the game is pretty short. It took me around 30 minutes to get to the boss battle.

You press right-click

The first few times I died, it wasn't really noticeable. But, because of how insanely hard this boss battle is, I died a lot of times and this bug just happens. I think what is supposed to be the background is just in the foreground and is rising every time I die.

It happens on the second day I go to work and if I just keep going left after working, I go through the wall. I don't really know anything about Unity so I can't really help you on that one.

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I encountered a bug in the workplace where if you keep going left, you go beyond the workplace and go into darkness.

And the game keeps looping. The games gets darker and glitchy then for some reason, it restarts to the beginning where everything is all happy. 
Is that supposed to happen?