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TIE - A Game About Depression

Experience existential dread as the void beckons for you in this short atmospheric narrative about depression. · By TonyNowak, darithorn

Feedback about TIE

A topic by hoggle created May 13, 2018 Views: 195 Replies: 1
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Hello! I really liked the visuals, music and atmosphere of this. As someone who has struggled with depression in the past, I am always interested in interactive attempts to show what it's like, and the oppressive and bleakness TIE evokes is familiar and effective. I hope you don't mind a few negatives too: I don't know why there is a mouse pointer. I initially tried to play it like a point and click, but it doesn't work like that. I tried clicking on things, but the character needs to be next to the object too. Maybe the spacebar as 'interact' button is a better option. The game didn't communicate very well whether I had activated an object or was near enough to interact with it. I managed to get on the bus, but never quite understood how. Maybe if the object highlights to show that if you press the button something will definitely happen now. I'm not sure why you can zoom in and out, and when you zoom out the text becomes very small and hard to read. Maybe zoom out automatically if you want to show the player something - ie. how small they are in the world, the oppressive cityscape in the background - and keep the text size the same at every zoom level. Or if the zoom doesn't serve the gameplay maybe drop it.

I'd love to make my own game at some point, but I haven't quite got round to learning basic Python yet! One day soon. Your game has inspired me to perhaps have a go at dealing with similar issues in an interactive format. Please keep at it. You're clearly very talented.

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Hi there, I really appreciate your feedback, its means a lot too the team and myself. Doing this kind of game was a weird trail and error process, it isn't a 'game' game in the traditional sense, so we struggled a lot with having elements that were too gamey in. 

1. Interactions, I'd like to go back too these and make them more obvious.

2. Zoom, we added this as a way to see the levels in their entirety and is strictly a view mode, maybe I can do something to disable interacts when in this mode.

Never fear, a patch drops today.