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TIE - A Game About Depression

Experience existential dread as the void beckons for you in this short atmospheric narrative about depression. · By TonyNowak, darithorn

TIE v1.3.4 Inbound Today Sticky

A topic by TonyNowak created May 13, 2018 Views: 462 Replies: 10
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Developer (2 edits)

The 1.3.4 patch for TIE just hit, get it while it's hot!

UPDATE v1.3.4

-Disabled dev console.

- Fixes game loop.

-Fixed some interactions overlapping.

-Fixed collision issues.

I will sticky this thread for future reference.


Patch is still in bound have had a busy day, expect soon. :)


Wow I'm a bad dev, I passed out in my chair last night, morning atm  and it's currently building and getting zipped up, ready for upload!


I am having issues uploading to, I've emailed support and hopefully it will be resolved soon! :D

Issues resolved, patched version uploaded! See post above.

Unfortunately, the game looping problem has NOT been resolved. I'm stuck on Friday and it keeps repeating itself over and over.


It has been it just seems it happens on a different day, which scene in specific?

It happens on Friday's scene where you return home. Upon going to bed, the day just loops eternally. You go through the motions: go to work, go home, get to the bed, and then wake up and it's Friday again.


I will upload a quick fix soon. :)

You're awesome, Tony. ^^    Thanks, man~


The only bug I am aware of is the same type, and it happens on Friday before finale, will drop a hotfix today for sure I've been meaning too, been busy with work.