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TIE - A Game About Depression

Experience existential dread as the void beckons for you in this short atmospheric narrative about depression. · By TonyNowak, darithorn


A topic by CoalFire created Apr 16, 2018 Views: 822 Replies: 12
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I really love the representation you've made for living with depression, but I think I ran into a bug that caused the same day to loop over itself and double up the player character. If that was intended, then my apologies for quitting early, it just didn't seem right at all. I'll be back to give this another go though!


Yeah I'm definitely working on a patch to resolve some issues you ran into. Watching you play was also awesome feedback, I think I can make some adjustments. Thanks for the cool vid!

Any updates on the bug fixes? I'm still excited to see where this goes!

I tried out the new build, was unable to progress the first day because "Clock In" would not trigger.

Developer (2 edits)

That is the first time I've heard of this, I uploaded what would be the last patch yesterday. I'll look into this however. Try the latest and see if the issue persists, I can get past it okay but that doesn't mean all is well. The game can be played start to finish with no issues after the last patch. Thank you for showing such interested in TIE, it means alot.


I'm having trouble getting on the bus on Wednesday, but watching CoalFire play, it's probably me not clicking in the right place. BTW I'm playing this in Wine on a Linux laptop no problem, graphics are amazing.


Patch has been issued to alleviate issues.

Awesome! I was just looking for something to play for tomorrow!


I just got done playing it in it's entirety myself, please btw, keep an eye on our next project:

It is much more a proper  game, with the same level of atmospheric content.

That art looks awesome! Keep me in the loop on that one! I'll let you know when the new video in Tie is up!

Man, I'm sorry. I think it must be something on my end at this point. I made it to the corrupted morning and coudn't clock in to progress. I really want to see how this ends for myself but I think your game just doesn't like me. The added fact you have to start over each time makes the problems doubly frustrating but I think I have to resign myself to not finishing this one.


Hey man no worries, completely understandable. I can't be sorry enough and will investigate. I played through start to finish on my PC no issues. Being as it's Unity I don't understand how your setup could be causing the issue either. I will renable and rework the dev console so level warping and stuff can be a thing. I sincerely apologize and will have a look tonight.

HI, Tony Nowak, here are some issues i found while playing the game: 

1- I get stuck in an infinite loop on friday, i don't know if it's meant to be like that or not, but i gave up after 5 or 6 times because it was becoming boring.

2- There are some places like the front part of the bus or your house on the second day where you can get out of bounds and walk away from the place on an empty space. (Is it an easter egg?)

3- This is not exactly a glitch, but you can walk between the bus driver and his seat, it looks weird.

4- I'm not sure if i'm able to check in or not, because i hear the sound but it is still shining after that. I also don't know where to press exactly to trigger it.

5- The texts get on top of each other not allowing me to read what they say; i have to wait a long time for the texts to vanish to read the message. There's also some misspelled words like "beleive" instead of "believe" so you'd rather check them out.

I played on version 1.3.4, which i think is the latest. By the way, i don't know how to finish the game, and nobody talks about it on the internet. There's just one youtube video from someone who reached the end through some kind of glitch where the main character duplicated. 

This game seems amazing but i feel like it's unfinished or full of glitches. I hope you find a solution to the issues mentioned. I'll stay updated!