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Hello! My name is Tom-Olivier Martin and I am a Narrative Designer with many years of industry experience.

I'm currently looking to contribute my writing skills to projects requiring a writer. I have experience writing lore, descriptions, in-game dialogue, and scripts requiring voice-acting. I can write in many different styles and voices and craft stories to fit different genres and themes. For example, I've written for a game that was science-fiction/crime/comedy, a game that was fairy-tale/horror, and another that was educational/dating-sim/sexy. You can check out my portfolio here:

Currently, I'm prioritizing paid offers (meaning payment either up-front and/or upon delivery, in addition to a share in future revenue -- actual figures are negotiable).

Feel free to PM me with questions!

Awesome! Thanks!

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My Pet Kingdom, originally designed for the #Lowrezjam 2016, has been improved with music, sound, a save/load system, and new structures and resources to discover! The game is now technically 64x74 pixels, but I couldn't have done it without that jam!

You start with nothing, but by collecting resources and placing them in different places and on different structures, you can soon build up a small town! The challenge is to build a tower, a church, a well, and some roads. The game is endless and is meant to be something you come back to every now and then. Enjoy discovering what everything does!

The demo version and the paid version are almost identical; the only difference is the save feature only works on the paid version.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I agree with everything you've said and I do plan on making something a bit more developed than this. This was originally created for a game jam, so it's mostly just a brain dump of an idea, but I do hope to make something a little more user-friendly in the future!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@clemonades Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was my first time doing pixel art on such a small scale (on any scale, actually) but I'm pleased with the results!

Very smooth! Nice, clear design with a bit of depth! I quite enjoyed it!

@JackOatley Thanks for the feedback and screenshot! It's good to see how far people actually manage to get!

@okaybenji Will do as soon as I get my hands on a mac!

If you are using GameMaker and wish to zoom in while avoiding having your pixels blur, do the following:

In your project, go to: Global Settings > Windows (or whatever your platform) > Graphics > Check "Interpolate colors between pixels" off