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My Pet Kingdom Released!

A topic by T.O.M. created Aug 05, 2018 Views: 363 Replies: 2
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My Pet Kingdom, originally designed for the #Lowrezjam 2016, has been improved with music, sound, a save/load system, and new structures and resources to discover! The game is now technically 64x74 pixels, but I couldn't have done it without that jam!

You start with nothing, but by collecting resources and placing them in different places and on different structures, you can soon build up a small town! The challenge is to build a tower, a church, a well, and some roads. The game is endless and is meant to be something you come back to every now and then. Enjoy discovering what everything does!

The demo version and the paid version are almost identical; the only difference is the save feature only works on the paid version.


Nice update, I've put you up on the fresh games section on the homepage.

Awesome! Thanks!

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