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Oof yeah, did not consider that in the design! My apologies

This is really great, loved the theme, the feeling, the writing, the art.

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Holy shit, this is absolutely incredible.  The idea, the art, the physics, the mechanics, the story, and of course the FEELING.  Easily one of my favorite games in my jam, and maybe one of my favorite game experiences period.  Bravo.  

Really neat idea, also love the style and readability of the art and interface, 

The art and concept of this is unbelievably cute 😭 loved it!!

Ah!! That is a huge compliment, I was definitely going for that sort of experimentalism and I love that era of games.  Also if you're curious about the solution to the puzzle I just uploaded a walkthrough showing the answer if you're curious 

I'll definitely check it out, thanks for giving my game a shot! (Also I'm so glad you got that that was the young doctor, so many people didn't catch that!!)  If you happen to be curious about the solution to the puzzle i just uploaded a video showing the solution 

Thanks for giving it a shot and for the kind words!  If you're curious of the solution I just now made a video showing the answer, you're right that the shark park is important ; )

Holy shit I have absolutely no idea how you accomplished this technically but it's AWESOME, like I genuinely couldn't believe it was working, it felt like magic.  Also super relaxing and fun, a great break from the other games in the jam.  A+ 

Really interesting concept, and I love the fun of the physics.  Also love the lighting and camera.

love the art and concept, really cool!

I LOVE the idea of this game, very different from everything else in the jam but absolutely fits the feeling of our of control (ugh the feeling of seeing the notifications stack up gave me real life stress haha)

This is super interesting!  The visual distortion and the environments really give a creepy and mysterious atmosphere

This is super fun!  The sense of "Out of Control" was really fun and wacky, I really felt like I was on a crashing ship.

This was super fun!! I'm extremely curious about how the AI works, it felt really natural

The idea for this game is SO CUTE and SO CLEVER, I love it!!!

The mechanic is really interesting, definitely more challenging than I originally thought!

I truly cannot believe I'm the first to comment on this game, it's GREAT!  I love the theme and the art and the animation, it's all super clever and fun.  And the gameplay is a really fun idea!  Losing controls for health and panickedly trying to piece myself back together again was such a unique and challenging feeling.  A+ y'all!

I loved everything about this game, down to the 3 "Ready... GO" signs.  Hilarious and original and really fun idea, A+

Wow I LOVE this game!!  The art and animation and the FEEL are all super slick and the concept and execution are so so so interesting and unique and challenging while also being fun.  Had a blast trying to master this.  A+, one of my favorite games in the jam so far!

fun idea and love the art!  I'm curious what the logic/AI is for the car because it felt really natural.

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interesting idea!  And very unique to design it mobile first so kudos for that!

Wow!!! The the jump from 2D to 3D literally made me say "whooaaa" out loud.  Love the art of the little dudes, and super fun to explore in 3D.  Great job!

Ahhhh, makes sense!  Wow I hadn't even considered that the cats and enemies might share AI mechanics, but in retrospect, duh why not reuse it.  It always amazes me how a little bit of logic can feel so complex.

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The art style to this was awesome, just the idea of a sky cave is super fun.  And the rotation mechanic was really interesting, it's wild how much it fundamentally changes a wasd platformer!

I loved this!!! Super super cute and super fun to corral a bunch of little sweetos who don't know what's good for them (very true to real life with cats).  Also I'm super curious about the enemy AI!  The way they just wait in the darkness and then RUN was so creepy.

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WOW.  This game is so clever and whimsical, I love it!  Movement is buttery smooth and super fun, UI is gorgeous (not always the case in jam games lol) and I don't know why but I absolutely love the little goober of a character, A+ to whoever designed them.  Also the first time it rotated 45 degrees i was like "oh SHIT".  Super fun and clever, very well done y'all

Wow the FEEL of this game is INSANE for what is literally just a white square, it really makes me feel like I'm a ninja or something.  Also all the powerups (or... powerdowns) were all really clever and always made me go "oh noooooo"


Holy hell this is incredible.  Love the blend of 2d physics and 3d pixel art.  The style, the feel, the gameplay all blends together and it's such a fun and clever idea.  Well done!  

WOW!  This is easily one of my favorite games in the jam so far.  The chaotic physics of it all really made me feel the theme (and also was insanely fun to play around in).  Also loved the theme/setting and the art.  A+ y'all.

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Made me chuckle more than once, a super fun and interesting idea!

The style is super duper fun, and the changes are truly wacky to deal with!

Movement in this is suuuuper slick!  Love the wall jumping and how physics based it is, that surprised me.  Also that tension of "please don't freeze please don't freeze" was super well executed haha

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Super interesting puzzle idea, and the art style and polish are really out of this world!

Really interesting, definitely got the feeling of drunkenness after a while haha.  Super curious about the AI because it feels pretty natural the way everything moves.

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This is a really really interesting concept. I especially love the way that you "acquire" the "abilities" by actually getting hit purposefully.  A super fun introduction to the mechanic.  I think there's a few technical kinks (possibly some issues with Keyboard Ghosting) but the idea and the theme and the art and the visual effects and music are all... Airtight ; )

Wow I love love love the art and feel and concept of the game!  I've never seen anything like it.

The movement and game feel is suuuper smooth, even when it's disorienting.  Great job with this!

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This is a brilliant idea for a game and a beautiful execution.  By the time I hit level 3 I had the "ohhhhhh" moment.  Really cute and clean design and a surprising amount of content.  You will find yourself swearing and swerving backwards into a goal saying "... I totally meant to do that". 

Also a fellow LÖVE developer!! Whoo!

Love the design and execution (and the Evangelion reference)!  Also love the feeling of the cursor panning and needing to quickly be like "IS THIS RIGHT? IS THIS BAD? AH"