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Thank you!

Very cool was fun playing!

I love the graphics and the concept looks awesome and fun, but it's too buggy and I can't play it. (I got beyond the play button, but then theres a map in front of the level that doesn't go away.)

Such a creative game, enjoyed the clever use of mechanics very much

Of course the Icarus guys are under this game haha

Awesome! Love the concept and these chefs had it comming

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Funny Idea, but it feels quite tedious with these loading screens and all that. But hell did you reverse the roles

Very fun, I could do this for hours. Art and music are also very fun!

I turned into a squid

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The concept is simple and effective. pretty fun! Level 4 is way too hard in my opinion though

Simple but awesome, this plays incredibly well and the music is super cool

Cool concept and phenomenal art and music. Gets a bit monotonous after a few round of play though. Still an awesome entry

Super cool! Love the cartoonish animations only bad thing is that the stupid hero always wins

Everything amazing, the music is great, the art is great, the concept is super funny and grabbing a little dude with your big dude and throwing them is just super fun. Great game!

Very cute especially the apples

As fun as disgusting! Great game!

Everything about this is grandiose! Art, Music, Concept! Such a simple game so well executed

Very clever and fun, also like the music very much

Very fun puzzle game! Love it

the animation of the dogs legs has sold me on this

This is incredibly frustrating so I think it's doing what it's supposed to do. I will scream into a pillow now

Takes a bit getting used to it, but then it's surprisingly fun! Cool game!

This was a lot of fun, but I can't solve level 6 which makes me angry

Awesome little point and click adventure! Love it!

I played this against myself, which actually worked quite well and was fun. Nice pong clone!

Awesome! I love the music and the atmosphere!

Gotta say sometimes it's a bit frustrating though, because the paddle moves so slowly and it's impossible to reach the ball in time

Very fun! I love the atmosphere and the music

Oh man it's pretty hard playing two paddles at once, but I did manage to defeat myself

Ah, you're right it's definately more than unfair - the opponent is actually unbeatable. So it's a little bit different than pong because it's more of a sqash sort of pong, like you're playing against the wall. The goal is more to beat your own high score before you innevitably lose, haha. 

(I should probably comunicate that somewhere - in the next iteration I guess.)

That's partly because I'm too incompetent to make an "AI" that can lose, but also partly because I just liked that gameplay.

Doing Babysteps here, I did this as part of the 20 game challenge( )

Anyhow, thank you very much both for playing and for your feedback!

Now thinking about it, I'm quite unsure if this is actually a bug or if it was a stylistic decision to make the forrest more trippy and confusing. Anyhow, I hear two pieces playing at the same time. Or well one piece that is bitonal in an absolutely jarring way. I don't know. It does sound like it's two pieces playing at the same time.

Quite a cute little game, with quite an unexpected story twist. Awesome. The music in the forrest is absolutely horrible though.

Awesome game, was a lot of fun! :)

Very cute game! The style is great

Super cute game, I love the graphics and the music. Also very creative and interesting mechanic

Super cute and super fun, wish it had music, and wish I had better luck, anyhow awesome game!

Loved the graphics and the music, very cool concept

As a fan of the movie cube and generally of sci-fi vibes I enjoyed this very much, cool music too

didn't start

this game goes to the moon, but it won't start for me

Fun game