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This is a great concept and I can see it being a great high tension game when its finished! Good job!

Cool idea! The art is great and the connection between the movement attack and defence is very clever!

Really cool concept and great execution! The aesthetic is great and I love how you cant control the lasers too well, only the nodes, makes for tense and fast paced gameplay! Well done!

Nice game! I like how chaotic it is to control the trolleys, just like in real life. 

Amazing art! I love the boss fight! This would be awesome as a boss rush game if you wanted to expand on it in the future!

great game! fits the theme very well and the art is charming.

great game! I loved that the music changed when you changed the channel, but it was always the same tune.

wonderful game! the art is gorgeous and the concept is very cute!

I love this! its a great take on the theme and very creative!

Great game! I love the concept and fits the theme nicely. 

Very cool game! I love the sound effects and it is very satisfying to attack other blobs

Very nice game! I love the concept and the art is very nice!

Great concept! I love the art and mechanics are solid!

cool game! I managed to pull the pusher out of the ground on the first level, but other than that, its a great concept!

Funny game! I love the splitting and joining mechanic!

The game looks amazing! There are some issues with the hitboxes but other than that, its a clever interpretation of the theme and very fun!

Great depth and complicated puzzles, I love the graphics and the way the game progresses

cool puzzles! I love the aesthetic of it, but it seems like theres a steep learning curve to get over to beat it. Great job :)

I love the graphics! The rng could use some tweaking, but this is a unique take on the theme!

beautiful game! I love the concept and the alterations are very fun!

the shooting feels great and the building of the robot is a great mechanic :)

great game! I love how unique it is from other games. matching the couples is fun and its great how you have to use all of the information you have.

Great game, the camera is a bit jumpy, a slide effect may make it less jarring, but the challenge is great and the mechanics are solid :)

Great game! I love that you have to keep the plant alive, and the game looks charming :)

Gorgeous game! i love the colors! The controls are a little slidy and hard to control, but the voice acting is very cool and adds alot.

Super cool idea! I love the aesthetic and idea of hypnotising the enemies.

Super cool mechanic! I love the art

Very charming game! I love the unfolding mechanic!

This is great! I love how addictive it is! and it looks very good!

Very interesting, its a cool story! I like the ambience of it.

Very nice music! its an interesting concept and has good execution

Very nice concept! I love the aesthetic

Very Difficult, but also very cool to play! Interesting little tower defence game!

very addictive and fun! I like the colour scheme and the designs of the enemies & player

cool design! nice and minimalisitc

Very good looking game and great level design :)

Very cool looking game with great sound design! I love the variation in the enemy types!

Very cool aesthetic and good puzzles :)

Very cute! I love the colours. The controls are a little slidy, but other than very solid :)

Very cute platformer!