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Yea, sorry. We were a lil late

Yes, you can. (But I definitly support XtremerXtr comment, make one!)

Sorry, we had a lil delay with the theme. Hope you can enjoy it anyway. 

The THEME :  Seek 'n Catch


Also, I added one extra hour to the jam. :)

Wish y'all a great christmas and a happy new year!


Awesome textures! I really like them. Fighting is way too hard. I only could beat one enemy D; 

The music and sound effects fit in the game :)

Also dont use the same box-puzzle again, only one time and then harder and diffrent.  

You used the theme and the extra very well :D

Good Job :)

I like the concept of the game, but sometimes it is boring. maybe add some more enemies aswell as some bones if an enemy dies, so you know where you've been. Also some of your textures arent sharp, you should change that. 
Good Work :)

i couldnt find the last block :(
maybe add diffrent typed of tiles, wich could do diffrent things.
but its definitly a nice game :)

pls change the font. it is hard to read. and turn down the "sharp" sounds. they fit well, but they r too loud. but its a very nice game i luv it

this is a very cool game, love it, but maybe add some more stuff to do, its boring if u collected all egg types ;)

Wow I love the Art Style, Gameplay and the Music.

But I'm missing a Attack Sound from Kirito :(

Anyway best SAO Fan Game. Please make an other one for SAO Underworld!

Thank you!


I like your interpretation of the theme!

The artstyle is also awesome, but make it more uniform.

PS: check out my game too :)

It's a very short story, but i like it. The sound effects at the end maked me laughing :)

i dont like the clouds, make them move faster or slower and bigger or smaller. But the simple design of the background, foreground and the player is nice.

PS: check out my game :)

Cool mini game! I love the simple artstyle and the theme is nice interpreted!

this is so cool!