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For anybody wondering what happens after 99 ... the square expands

Hey Joshua.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give the game a chance!

To clarify what happened - you were hitting repeatedly "go back" in a 3 rooms corridor. With every successful move the character turns (except when going forward). So 2 times "go back" is effectively making a circle.

I believe this confusion can be easily avoided by adding more spoken feedback.

Honestly, I never played an audio game and would love to study any good examples if you can recommend such.

Thank you for the kind words. Your video motivates me to continue working on this project.


Thank you for the kind words!

And thank you for organizing this jam! It was very inspirational for me!

I have to admit that coding was more exhausting than expected. I didn't have the energy to record all the messages that I wanted.

I know what you mean about the lacking audio feedback and it is something that I am going to finish very soon.

I think this concept has a lot of potential that deserves to be developed, but I also want to practice on other jams.

I wanted to show my friends in the pub what I am doing in my free time. Unfortunately the page is not optimized for mobile view. I know that not all phones support WEBGL, but I think it is kind of easy to set up anyway.

These settings in the game page work fine for me.

If that is not enough, changing the UI canvas default viewport and scaling in Unity should do the trick.

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You call that cheating? It is strategizing. It is a different (unofficial) game mode.

You should start using the #MyTinyIslands hashtag.

It will be easier to compare daily scores between players. Also, I think it helps the developer with building a trend or something.

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I looove optimization games. This one really tickles my brain.

I have the feeling that the size of islands should be scored as well. There should be a difference if you use all your pencil or have tiles to spare at the end.

Do you think that you could add a counter for the number of attempts made?

Today I did exactly 10.

Your screen resolution is probably as low as mine. The links like "rate this game" have bigger boxes than what is visible.

Weirdly enough, if you reduce the width further (resize your browser window) the menu will be moved and you should be able to use the corner

I have been playing the last hour and a half trying to improve on this design.

This is my personal high score.

.... I think it is time for me to stop now.

...See you tomorrow.

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Very enjoyable game.

I consistently have problems placing anything on the tile which is on second row furthest to the right.

edit: I found the reason why - my screen res is pretty low so the menu items like "rate this game" and "add to collection" have an invisible bounding box that overlaps with the game

(Firefox desktop)

My reaction at first was "Woohoo! Free towers!" it definitely came back to me in the worst possible way

A simple graphical marking of the numbers in the last column or a minus sign there would have been enough.

Great game!

Great game! I would love to see this continued after the jam with more levels