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amazing. So simple yet with much depth

I think I had enough for now :)

reaching 6th place in v.1.3.1 feels like an achievement :)

For me paladin is the best for reaching high scores. Guaranteed potions + good starting health + holy waters to remove curses. I try to avoid any and all skills that destroy tiles as those cause game over in late game. 

I was about lvl 110 when I started receiving curse options together with skills. Even with 10 gambler rerolls I started getting the same skills over and over again - I guess there is a limit on how many times you can get a certain skill.

It would be cool to be able to "forget" a skill every now and then. 

During one of the mass killings of monsters the sound and music completely disappeared. Such sound "clipping" happens from time to time, but it usually is temporary. At around 30-35 monsters it sound didn't come back at all.

There are multiple bugs with the tile movements. You can switch tiles places without matching (not related to skills) and some times there is a pause between input and board action, but those have their charm and can be considered tricks of the game.

I hope to see an update in the future :)

I love this game too much

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Would you be interested in collaborating with someone on it?

This is from the daily today:

Early in the game monsters bugged out and they stopped moving. My guess is that an explosion + level up happened at the same time. The only gameplay modifiers at the time were a wildcard (purple + red) and monsters acting slowly.

Cause of death:

I had active teleportation, so during one explosion while teleporting to a new piece, my increased multiplier caused more tiles to be destroyed - including the one I was teleporting to. This one is more of a feature than a bug, but would be a feature which I wouldn't miss :)

do you plan to work on this game further?

Hey, I have been following you from previous jams and am always curious to see your next game!

I might be missing some content as I only played around 5 levels, but I think it got repetitive very quickly.

Maybe a score counter could bring some sense of progression?

There doesn't seem to be any difference between a 4 beating a 3 and a 6 beating a 1.

Looking forward to your next game!

People who like this game, would definitely love Excavate!

It is a Flash game about archaeology management in Poland. Amazing experience from 2015.

@scriptwelder , if you have the possibility to port that game you will make many people happy.

Hey this comment is almost a year old. What is the current status of the Linux version?

I will upload a new/improved version after the voting period is done. Thank you again

Hey MGC,

Thank you for thaking the time to play my game.

You stumbled upon the bug where if you press X during the cutscene it skips to the platformer without enabling movement keys. I have fixed this in a new release, but in the current jam version you can only restart to fix it.

Very enjoyable game. I like the little hat animation and it is getting very challenging after 5-7 points.

I love the music and would prefer to have it transition more smoothly between respawns. This could be either with fade-out/fade-in effect , use a different sound/music when dying or even just keep playing the music without restarting.

It is fun because the idea is ridiculous. I love the cute animations. It would be nice if there was a turn around animation and the bunny was facing the direction it was moving to even when going to the right.

Games about flying score high on my list!

As another user mentioned. There is a bug where pressing X before the end of the dialog changes the scene, but doesn't enable the movement. I already fixed it in my new build, but I won't upload that until the end of the voting stage.

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Hey thank you for the very valuable feedback! It never occurred to me the idea to press X before the end of the dialog. I will release a fixed build after the voting is over.

I keep making the same mistake with my games - I dedicate 70-80 % of the time for one game mechanic and then rush all the rest. The dialog bubbles suffered from this.

I love the randomness of it all. Definitely fun idea to become a wizard apprentice "am I going to heal myself or turn into a chicken with this next spell?".

I suffer from performance issues, either my computer is not strong enough for this kind of 3d games or the controls are buggy.

Every idea in this game is great! I think each animal character in a video gamecshould have a dedicated sound button

I love the "Congratulations ... what are you looking at" screen :)

This shows great imagination. I agree with JK5000 that I would have enjoyed one or two of these games in a more finished state rather than have 4 games that don't have all the desired features.

My favourite was the white walkers game

Jeff, according to this page , if I make a development build you could access some information that is available in the browser console...

Honestly that will take way longer than watching the youtube video of the 3 minutes game.

I don't know how to debug this.

May I ask you to send a screenshot of the moment where you are stuck?

You are the second person who says this. Are you using Opera by any chance?

Very well drawn! I was taken by surprise by the bunny's mouth at the end.

It took me some time to notice the health bar at the top and there was no other feedback if I am dealing damage. Using a more contrasting or bright color for the bar might have helped or a different sound between swinging and hitting.

Just an idea for the controls: if you have SHIFT for attack and SPACE for dash you can use those in both WASD mode and arrows mode

Hey, thank you for the great feedback.

The voice over for the sound effects is a great idea and I should have done it!

The screen spacebar is a non consistent bug that I left there as I was pressured by time

I love your character animations definitely makes the game much more engaging!

I don't know what to advise you. The game is super short. I made a let's play video and it is 3 minutes long :)

Nice little game.

I always have problems with the UI on different screen sizes. Could it be that in full screen you are still missing the bar on the bottom that shows which keys are available to you? Have you tried pressing "X"?

I want to see a video of the developer solving this

this game needs music to set the mood

I was using the touchpad on my laptop plus the LMB to get the clicks needed.

I reached 91% table coverage, but nothing else happened.

I love the graphics, I really enjoyed the initial menu

Hey, I reached 239 after several attempts.

It could have been 244 if I filled the empty tiles with roads. There appears to be no downside to using roads to fill in blanks.
This puzzle looks very promising as an entry to machine learning. The board can be represented as a base-9 42 digits number.
Although Unity has some machine-learning module, I think this would be faster done outside of it.

I found your game looking for high score puzzle games. It is pretty neat!

Hey Yeeteth, your game was reviewed by miziziziz! How lucky is that?! (skip to 4 hours and 51 minutes)

Ah I see. Well that really changes things.

I have been going for following suits, but if you do 4 Aces, followed by 4 2s, followed by 4 3s all the way to 4 Kings that would definitely break the leaderboard ... if you can pull it off

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How I got 14,239 points you ask?

It is very "easy"

  1. Keep restarting the game until you find a good map. A good map doesn't have blocked regions or dead-ends. You should be able to pass as many squares as possible before you reach the target. There are 52 cards in total. You want to have the longest streak of a single walk around the map before you reach the target. There are always 11 blocked squares out of the 63 grid map. If you have more than 3-4 squares that you can't pass through on your way to the target, you should restart.
  2. Cheating time! Draw the map in a spreadsheet. I use Libre Office.
  3. Draw your snake-like zig-zag movements along the map in your spreadsheet. Remember that making U-turns will be difficult. Use different colors to reflect the places where you need to use different card suits in order to follow the desired direction.
  4. Draft the suits that you think that will be needed in every region. Remember that there are 13 cards per suit, so if you have 2 very big regions you will want them to be different suits. If you can't satisfy the 13 cards rule, you need to rearrange your regions by a square or two. Don't try to make everything perfect from the get go, the cards you draw will require you to make adjustments on the go.
  5. Start actually playing
  6. When it comes to placing cards remember that, due to the ever increasing points multiplier you want your highest cards (Jack, Queen and King) to be at the end of the road and your lowest cards (Ace, 2, 3) at the beginning.
  7. I had to make many compromises to the above rule, because the cards are drawn at random and you can't place cards wherever you want - there are limitations.
  8. In the beginning it is a good idea to put cards in places that won't give you maximum points just so that more squares in the map become available. Perfect example of "maximize future freedom of action" strategy.
  9. Focusing on building the "bridges" between regions is good, although the random draw might mess up your plans
  10. Over time you will need to adjust your draft to the cards you have placed. Don't be afraid to break up your regions in smaller pieces. Just compare my final map with what I started with.
  11. U-turns using the same suit are possible. When faced with more than one option, the jumpy fellow chooses the next highest points card. In my screenshot you can see this used twice - top left where 10 of diamonds is taken before 2 of diamonds and a second time on the bottom row where 5 of hearts is followed by 6 of hearts instead of 2.
  12. Keep in mind that taking the target changes your multiplier to x10. This is worse compared to the x46, x47 until that point. I chose not to have a King on the last tile for this reason.
  13. When you mess up, just repeat the above 11 steps until you get it right.

As I said - easy!

I haven't done any mathematical models to prove the optimal order of cards and using some spreadsheet formulas I could get better numbers I suppose. This is definitely not the best map, so there is room for improvement 15k is definitely doable.

Around wave 4 they stop bothering with the treasure and just try to avenge their fallen comrades.

At wave 7 my game was getting sluggish.

At wave 10 my browser was unhappy.

Congratulations on your first jam submission!

I love this kind of games.

I died a few times on level 7, but the game continued with 2 enemies at the same time (no lost progress regarding level or gold)

Really high quality game. With easier controls I might have reached further.

WOW! Breakout themed as a dungeon rpg? Amazing!

The jagged walls make skelly's flying trajectory too random and frustrating for me. Figuring out how the portal works is enough of a challenge (at least in the first 5 levels)