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Really interesting concept, nice game !

hahaha yeah !

Just checked and no, I messed that up too sorry, it's supposed to be in the maze on the top right of the map

Thanks for the feedback ! Yeah I wasted too much time on dumb things and couldn't get add audio in the end ^^

There is no win/death screen sorry about that, forgot to rename 1 thing cause i'm dumb. Sorry for the inconvenience

Haha yeah didn't think about people using something else than a mouse ^^'

Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks ^^ (I'm bad too)

Thanks !

That was insane ! Went from 0 to 100 really fast haha, really had a blast playing it !

Really cool and challenging game ! I had a good time playing it

Cute and addictive ! Loved it

Glad you liked it ^^

Beautiful art, really good game but sadly no sounds but still really great !

Couldn't really see much of the game but the graphics are really cool, hitboxes are way too big though.

Thanks <3

Updated the game and added an item that recovers your life !

Gorgeous game, loved it !I would have prefered to have a thicker "ray" on the gun but everything else is perfect.

I liked it ! Reminds me of the wario games

Really cool game and concept !

One word : lovely

Hey ! Thanks for the feedback, I'm gonna make the timer go slower so the game we be easier if I'm allowed to update my submission. 

Didn't really realize the game is that hard, sorry about that !

Good game ! I had a bit of a hard time understanding exactly how red cubes worked but it's really fun !

The game is gorgeous and the music in really good ! Couldn't really feel the puzzle at first because I didn't understand I had to destroy everything in order to progress to the next level but now I get it !

Thanks a lot ! I was kind of worried I might have left some bugs out ^^

The game looks really great and has a lot of potential but for some reason the score you get looks pretty random, I got a 5 chickens row but it gave me 1 point, many times. Still got to finish the first level and upgrade my things, so yeah lots of potential !

Really great idea ! Loved playing the game !

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Good game even though a bit frustrating (cause I'm bad). Sounds and graphics are really cute and well made !

Cute but hard game, I enjoyed playing it !

Cool game, the concept is really great, would love to see a fully finished game using those mechanics.

Thanks a lot for the feedback ! Glad you enjoyed it !


The game is pretty cool itself but it's not a NES game, I would have enjoyed it if there was music and sounds too !

If you want to publish it but not be rated, you could just create an page for the game and share the link to it on the discord, I don't know either how to post it "in" this jam but at least we will be able to play it

Fixed the error @RealDoigt pointed out, you shouldn't have any problem using the How to play thing !

I added a gameplay video for those who can't who can't go past the zombie, at the end of my video i can basically keep pressing A and UP and farm score.

Wow 1 day, pretty insane, great job !

Yup, exactly as D3nX said, I would love to do another one too, having a discord sure is pretty handy to ask questions / share progress / etc..

As for the art I'm sure you could ask some people of the (potential) discord to help ^^

Thanks for the feedback ! You're right, I didn't think of doing the music as a 8-bit music and I was in a rush to finish it all before the deadline cause I wouldn't have had much time today to post the game. Moreover I'm a complete beginner in music making so it would have taken quite a long time for me to make a good 8-bit music.

Wow didn't notice at all, I checked and yeah I added one last "How to play" page and didn't change every variable that's linked to it so yeah, you still see the first page if you press B and can play the game in the "background" :/ Ima fix that asap, thanks for the feedback

Haha yeah it's quite challenging in the beginning. The best strategy is to buy 4 speed upgrades at the start then farm money / bonus rooms with a close to full light, then when you have something like 40 speed you can easily go past zombie/skeleton. Also don't forget to buy max health upgrades at the shop otherwise any monster will one shot you when reaching the darkest places.

Getting a "Drain" "Bite" "Throw" or "Heal" early also helps a lot